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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

C'Thun-EU Honorable Kills
1Astrack RuneC'Thun-EU330895Not updated
2Namida Nightfall WrathC'Thun-EU329308Not updated
3Nestorcete Raising HellC'Thun-EU312119Not updated
4Scox Soul LegionC'Thun-EU306890Not updated
5Darkkanimal EESC'Thun-EU293861Not updated
6Mortar AdictøsC'Thun-EU284005Not updated
7Jejeje RuneC'Thun-EU281540Not updated
8Rogmul IMMORTALSC'Thun-EU268476Not updated
9Vacder IGNOREC'Thun-EU266786Not updated
10Ryø RuneC'Thun-EU265205Not updated
11Kherel InceptionC'Thun-EU263368Not updated
12Rohidin Make YourselfC'Thun-EU249719Not updated
13Canker El Equipo GñéC'Thun-EU244351Not updated
14Astërion The Best InmortalsC'Thun-EU235536Not updated
15Agomar Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU231428Not updated
16Damlúúg IshtarC'Thun-EU230947Not updated
17Ktkazo ÆrøX IVXC'Thun-EU225779Not updated
18Breogan FreedomC'Thun-EU225359Not updated
19Loanz Héroes OlvidadosC'Thun-EU217835Not updated
20Drayana Ruthless basttardsC'Thun-EU213392Not updated
21Jumerlin El Eslabón más DébilC'Thun-EU211854Not updated
22Orzoweix DoomguardsC'Thun-EU206501Not updated
23Yåga MERMAOS PVPC'Thun-EU205834Not updated
24Eselvirus Los defensores de ThrallC'Thun-EU205299Not updated
25Treadstone HiperiónC'Thun-EU200753Not updated
26Elogro MohankeC'Thun-EU191369Not updated
27Valkya Héroes OlvidadosC'Thun-EU190247Not updated
28Jakon Metro Goblin MayerC'Thun-EU189717Not updated
29Koqui TRY TO RAIDC'Thun-EU186619Not updated
30Káled Guardianes de OrgrimarC'Thun-EU185767Not updated
31Bergas RenegadeC'Thun-EU182451Not updated
32Pabels Random Text HereC'Thun-EU181677Not updated
33Dutrex MERMAOS PVPC'Thun-EU179609Not updated
34Amanohara  C'Thun-EU179271Not updated
35Sorbius Veni Vidi ViciC'Thun-EU176631Not updated
36Rasiel TAKE NO PRISONERSC'Thun-EU174717Not updated
37Eiru Unlimited TryingC'Thun-EU174489Not updated
38Blizzy  C'Thun-EU174288Not updated
39Tokøro Los defensores de ThrallC'Thun-EU174097Not updated
40Xavichungor EntertainmentC'Thun-EU172771Not updated
41Joli RenegadeC'Thun-EU172709Not updated
42Kâôs Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU171983Not updated
43Nefthiss  C'Thun-EU166823Not updated
44Belit Wild BunchC'Thun-EU165517Not updated
45Tphchico  C'Thun-EU163849Not updated
46Absenthor  C'Thun-EU162878Not updated
47Anicha  C'Thun-EU162789Not updated
48Ulaia Attain itC'Thun-EU161844Not updated
49Doomgard HisteriaC'Thun-EU161362Not updated
50Diâblâ Ruthless basttardsC'Thun-EU160936Not updated
51Anï Fake Me NowC'Thun-EU157118Not updated
52Arrasatorr Dark DevilC'Thun-EU156750Not updated
53Aminara ComScanC'Thun-EU154870Not updated
54Sikomantis EESC'Thun-EU154495Not updated
55Anthorio ClockworkC'Thun-EU153754Not updated
56Katiuscas  C'Thun-EU152515Not updated
57Dureck Exiliados de AlAkirC'Thun-EU152506Not updated
58Dranjoy Nothingness Is EternalC'Thun-EU150521Not updated
59Rorcod SÚN TZUC'Thun-EU150400Not updated
60Bastiòn WAR AND BLOODC'Thun-EU150322Not updated
61Deathaku Reapers of SoulsC'Thun-EU148477Not updated
62Warrjandor MERMAOS PVPC'Thun-EU147688Not updated
63Polakotoo  C'Thun-EU147593Not updated
64Dráqula  C'Thun-EU146966Not updated
65Naole TAKE NO PRISONERSC'Thun-EU146760Not updated
66Skelfren NothingToLoseC'Thun-EU145443Not updated
67Renkör  C'Thun-EU145212Not updated
68Sniperkill  C'Thun-EU145197Not updated
69Abigey Material DefectuosoC'Thun-EU144511Not updated
70Skrymer  C'Thun-EU143729Not updated
71Eledhuven DoomguardsC'Thun-EU142336Not updated
72Hhalex RuneC'Thun-EU141696Not updated
73Bakaret RuneC'Thun-EU141524Not updated
74Setromix SacrilegiusC'Thun-EU140852Not updated
75Gomorÿ  C'Thun-EU140826Not updated
76Etxebe No me pises lo fregaoC'Thun-EU140005Not updated
77Ratsot Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU139957Not updated
78Elitest Dream TeamC'Thun-EU139822Not updated
79Strud ØrionC'Thun-EU139763Not updated
80Proktorius el porrazo de la hordaC'Thun-EU138812Not updated
81Ragnär High QualityC'Thun-EU138687Not updated
82Pobeself Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU138654Not updated
83Sévën Make YourselfC'Thun-EU137732Not updated
84Veltron ØrionC'Thun-EU137453Not updated
85Ifri DoomguardsC'Thun-EU136454Not updated
86Eyron HipsterlandC'Thun-EU135502Not updated
87Wuinston Ludo Ergo SumC'Thun-EU135322Not updated
88Cidwel PREMADESC'Thun-EU135293Not updated
89Masacon Nerf ThisC'Thun-EU135175Not updated
90Sandecar Vanguardia de la AlianzaC'Thun-EU134930Not updated
91Kítty ArrakisC'Thun-EU134177Not updated
92Sargos High QualityC'Thun-EU133837Not updated
93Neelaa RuneC'Thun-EU133420Not updated
94Ryøt Never Walk Alone PvPC'Thun-EU133366Not updated
95Arïakan Nerf ThisC'Thun-EU133273Not updated
96Galenn Héroes OlvidadosC'Thun-EU131668Not updated
97Kasaßian  C'Thun-EU131096Not updated
98Pachino MERMAOS PVPC'Thun-EU131075Not updated
99Smoke Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU130589Not updated
100Órco  C'Thun-EU130229Not updated

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