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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-US Honorable Kills
1Eïd GenesisBurning Legion-US571463Not updated
2Potluck Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US531311Not updated
3Getm PretensionBurning Legion-US294511Not updated
4Desmoduss Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US278827Not updated
5Luccullus  Burning Legion-US277996Not updated
6Lothran Iron ShadowBurning Legion-US242635Not updated
7Zorganoth JAGDBurning Legion-US205994Not updated
8Lorrey AttritionBurning Legion-US200686Not updated
9Crug Kenyan Javelin TeamBurning Legion-US194548Not updated
10Madmon SanctityBurning Legion-US192845Not updated
11Realoldpries  Burning Legion-US189465Not updated
12Duthore justusBurning Legion-US177380Not updated
13Peacemonger RenewalBurning Legion-US177039Not updated
14Celleria Pew Pew TrainBurning Legion-US172396Not updated
15Vanolden Valrûth FëarimBurning Legion-US169719Not updated
16Qeroca You Coulda had GladBurning Legion-US169088Not updated
17Popsmoke DedicatedBurning Legion-US167416Not updated
18Khazmodain PainbringersBurning Legion-US162699Not updated
19Thagsolot  Burning Legion-US162074Not updated
20Secretariat  Burning Legion-US162032Not updated
21Redbonè Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US159843Not updated
22Malike AksarbenBurning Legion-US154042Not updated
23Duffman OgBurning Legion-US153065Not updated
24Sepulcrus  Burning Legion-US152953Not updated
25Yisthat Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US150864Not updated
26Axorra Mercenaries for SaleBurning Legion-US150349Not updated
27Ganthiena Pew Pew TrainBurning Legion-US150247Not updated
28Sgtmenie  Burning Legion-US147179Not updated
29Tizzlewump ElysiumBurning Legion-US141539Not updated
30Lomana OgBurning Legion-US138647Not updated
31Fairix  Burning Legion-US137878Not updated
32Gamelyn Age of AspectsBurning Legion-US135786Not updated
33Yodaime FuriesBurning Legion-US135359Not updated
34Santapants OgBurning Legion-US134668Not updated
35Heirogliphix IRONFISTBurning Legion-US133950Not updated
36Excîsîon Shattered EchoesBurning Legion-US133931Not updated
37Jaron Sorry Baby Im On CDBurning Legion-US133576Not updated
38Magiguru  Burning Legion-US133093Not updated
39Katence HCBurning Legion-US132033Not updated
40Obu  Burning Legion-US128628Not updated
41Parmenio  Burning Legion-US127991Not updated
42Maximá WHERE MY PURPS ATBurning Legion-US127577Not updated
43Peach How Do Magnets WorkBurning Legion-US126585Not updated
44Teppo Into the MistsBurning Legion-US125685Not updated
45Vitalitie  Burning Legion-US125504Not updated
46Zulama Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US124959Not updated
47Boston  Burning Legion-US123420Not updated
48Irommas  Burning Legion-US123213Not updated
49Demello Wait Lemme Take A SelfieBurning Legion-US122967Not updated
50Azliashane Burnout LegionBurning Legion-US122449Not updated
51Healathrilla OwnsBurning Legion-US122227Not updated
52Climatiseur CrossbonesBurning Legion-US121914Not updated
53Skizzles Malicious IntentBurning Legion-US120829Not updated
54Taurus Keepers of the ShadowBurning Legion-US119473Not updated
55Ginna Phalanx of CerberusBurning Legion-US119435Not updated
56Chunknorriz DedicatedBurning Legion-US118355Not updated
57Pont ItS GoOd to wOrK AgAiNBurning Legion-US117450Not updated
58Ðeathshade  Burning Legion-US117126Not updated
59Drakkos RagnarökBurning Legion-US116809Not updated
60Vegeta Killer InstinctBurning Legion-US115615Not updated
61Msasi Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US114706Not updated
62Fatspice RagnarökBurning Legion-US114520Not updated
63Waimanalo ApothicBurning Legion-US113508Not updated
64Drekari HavocBurning Legion-US113286Not updated
65Solarsassy  Burning Legion-US113285Not updated
66Ryle IRONFISTBurning Legion-US112961Not updated
67Turboman Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US112609Not updated
68Holycowss  Burning Legion-US111761Not updated
69Mata RagnarökBurning Legion-US111081Not updated
70Slayerage Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US111040Not updated
71Olybrius  Burning Legion-US108780Not updated
72Miráculous NephilimBurning Legion-US108652Not updated
73Dyë  Burning Legion-US108570Not updated
74Balcrog  Burning Legion-US108479Not updated
75Theodorable Dead Eyed and StompyBurning Legion-US107945Not updated
76Rorlic Phalanx of CerberusBurning Legion-US107674Not updated
77Mortammer  Burning Legion-US106966Not updated
78Revenantrage  Burning Legion-US106912Not updated
79Voodoochilde  Burning Legion-US106803Not updated
80Dethstroyer JAGDBurning Legion-US106398Not updated
81Skylightleo AcheronBurning Legion-US105703Not updated
82Elliwynn DeathDealerZBurning Legion-US105039Not updated
83Chopping HCBurning Legion-US104508Not updated
84Rorshac  Burning Legion-US104496Not updated
85Roggan  Burning Legion-US104453Not updated
86Timewarp Age of AspectsBurning Legion-US104451Not updated
87Farmergregor ReanimatedBurning Legion-US104445Not updated
88Chuk FuriesBurning Legion-US104367Not updated
89Crepitus  Burning Legion-US103833Not updated
90Dominatetrix  Burning Legion-US103595Not updated
91Gigaorc Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US103419Not updated
92Axxel  Burning Legion-US102911Not updated
93Kabeto Blades EdgeBurning Legion-US102165Not updated
94Bluddrunk Ðeath ÐealersBurning Legion-US101547Not updated
95Zei U CANT PAUSE ARENAS MOMBurning Legion-US101436Not updated
96Ellesîme ElysiumBurning Legion-US101420Not updated
97Korvex Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US101009Not updated
98Alphá  Burning Legion-US101002Not updated
99Doucmenow Reborn in FlameBurning Legion-US100712Not updated
100Wek  Burning Legion-US100199Not updated

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