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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Blade-US Honorable Kills
1Kysii Bloody VengeanceBurning Blade-US372657Not updated
2Muffinkat RiSEBurning Blade-US306400Not updated
3Soylent  Burning Blade-US304631Not updated
4Hitnrunjr Away TeamBurning Blade-US275672Not updated
5Natt DishonoredBurning Blade-US250067Not updated
6Awper Nethergard WatchBurning Blade-US231520Not updated
7Paratesteas Rune WordsBurning Blade-US224324Not updated
8Gawrek GottestempelBurning Blade-US224233Not updated
9Aléviltona AnaboliicBurning Blade-US221504Not updated
10Hontshadow  Burning Blade-US216428Not updated
11Jefa LeviathanBurning Blade-US203199Not updated
12Whammydog FlawlessBurning Blade-US200770Not updated
13Niku The KrakenBurning Blade-US198900Not updated
14Dblhelixatgc  Burning Blade-US196436Not updated
15Uce FlawlessBurning Blade-US188857Not updated
16Paratestiez  Burning Blade-US188499Not updated
17Gralla  Burning Blade-US187973Not updated
18Shreker HeroBurning Blade-US187516Not updated
19Materialize Warriors of DesolationBurning Blade-US187068Not updated
20Johnypunani Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US183758Not updated
21Wanderleí  Burning Blade-US178206Not updated
22Kodiak  Burning Blade-US176696Not updated
23Hasfire  Burning Blade-US175486Not updated
24Cerviel ÅbsolutionBurning Blade-US174876Not updated
25Hawairani Executive OrderBurning Blade-US172969Not updated
26Overpromiser  Burning Blade-US171322Not updated
27Platen AnnihilationBurning Blade-US170252Not updated
28Andorane AnnihilationBurning Blade-US166903Not updated
29Finalchapter  Burning Blade-US165317Not updated
30Iflow  Burning Blade-US159538Not updated
31Xazael TitansBurning Blade-US158061Not updated
32Fearmez For HireBurning Blade-US157639Not updated
33Jeremyz Real Men of GeniusBurning Blade-US154648Not updated
34Krovkah  Burning Blade-US154597Not updated
35Glutamate Poppin CooliesBurning Blade-US152843Not updated
36Lichoverlord MercilessBurning Blade-US151845Not updated
37Serration  Burning Blade-US151692Not updated
38Shadowilla  Burning Blade-US151116Not updated
39Rigalol  Burning Blade-US150458Not updated
40Imorc  Burning Blade-US149522Not updated
41Thundahthigh  Burning Blade-US149436Not updated
42Olestra  Burning Blade-US149149Not updated
43Alkaloid  Burning Blade-US147030Not updated
44Upsign Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US145173Not updated
45Darkdiety  Burning Blade-US143517Not updated
46Tícal  Burning Blade-US142777Not updated
47Kamina Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US140842Not updated
48Spasm  Burning Blade-US140418Not updated
49Mupdit Øriginal GankstersBurning Blade-US140187Not updated
50Avarí AnnihilationBurning Blade-US140123Not updated
51Cryt Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US140064Not updated
52Aelirina Borderline SuperheroesBurning Blade-US139966Not updated
53Rithius Away TeamBurning Blade-US139762Not updated
54Kashemo Pyrrhic VictoryBurning Blade-US139397Not updated
55Plasmak LeviathanBurning Blade-US139383Not updated
56Unadvertised  Burning Blade-US139289Not updated
57Echols Allied National GuardBurning Blade-US138329Not updated
58Apache Never MoreBurning Blade-US137955Not updated
59Duji Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US137742Not updated
60Kishy CRITSgoneWILDBurning Blade-US134998Not updated
61Gnuker DemiseBurning Blade-US134993Not updated
62Deonto Nethergard WatchBurning Blade-US133576Not updated
63Dactyl Team CODEBurning Blade-US133292Not updated
64Superhawk  Burning Blade-US132646Not updated
65Vixie  Burning Blade-US131819Not updated
66Musawarrior X TREMEBurning Blade-US129308Not updated
67Megamix destitute hobo beggarBurning Blade-US128749Not updated
68Nitrixx MercilessBurning Blade-US128609Not updated
69Goyard  Burning Blade-US128293Not updated
70Misdirekt  Burning Blade-US128195Not updated
71Aramec  Burning Blade-US128090Not updated
72Dogge Rune WordsBurning Blade-US128010Not updated
73Alliax HeroBurning Blade-US126648Not updated
74Görgöröth AnnihilationBurning Blade-US125800Not updated
75Kaiservond  Burning Blade-US124892Not updated
76Shadowstylez  Burning Blade-US124850Not updated
77Smokapotamus  Burning Blade-US124841Not updated
78Tjjoris Away TeamBurning Blade-US124631Not updated
79Darkminion Acadian BadassBurning Blade-US124096Not updated
80Waraila HeroBurning Blade-US123771Not updated
81Teh  Burning Blade-US123713Not updated
82Toecamel L E G I O NBurning Blade-US123315Not updated
83Looneytunez  Burning Blade-US122144Not updated
84Huuys The Fallen KingsBurning Blade-US122066Not updated
85Maganus Legion Of FireBurning Blade-US122046Not updated
86Rawrbury Snozzberry JuiceBurning Blade-US120906Not updated
87Fenrirous  Burning Blade-US120744Not updated
88Junpeimanaka MercilessBurning Blade-US119745Not updated
89Caspian  Burning Blade-US118691Not updated
90Shdwsnake ProdigyBurning Blade-US118184Not updated
91Worstroguebb  Burning Blade-US118138Not updated
92Dsy Eternal LifeBurning Blade-US118034Not updated
93Scooba  Burning Blade-US117758Not updated
94Keyker Sinister AwakeningBurning Blade-US117252Not updated
95Eàrth Shamanistic RageBurning Blade-US116666Not updated
96Fiveshot  Burning Blade-US116438Not updated
97Ponzonatron  Burning Blade-US115888Not updated
98Hozokimaru  Burning Blade-US115790Not updated
99Amazing Denied SocietyBurning Blade-US115074Not updated
100Ishtyreal  Burning Blade-US114756Not updated

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