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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bronzebeard-US Honorable Kills
1Dalolane  Bronzebeard-US322816Not updated
2Tes  Bronzebeard-US321180Not updated
3Trapwize Violent BreedBronzebeard-US302846Not updated
4Shadowdm BlackoûtBronzebeard-US283567Not updated
5Woofy Grand Theft KodoBronzebeard-US270227Not updated
6Killabrew IcefallBronzebeard-US266966Not updated
7Baetari Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US266774Not updated
8Goldelocks  Bronzebeard-US250939Not updated
9Creiton Merciless FateBronzebeard-US229620Not updated
10Kurt Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US227701Not updated
11Blutar Electric JusticeBronzebeard-US216297Not updated
12Slitherin Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US213972Not updated
13Pegorah Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US211123Not updated
14Misslindy Sleepless KnightsBronzebeard-US208214Not updated
15Sinestra CascadersBronzebeard-US201493Not updated
16Rumanjuman Legion of LightBronzebeard-US197045Not updated
17Ubad The Dungeon MastersBronzebeard-US195730Not updated
18Lucicicia Higher CallingBronzebeard-US189790Not updated
19Ereynalas  Bronzebeard-US188429Not updated
20Brownsdaddy Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US176141Not updated
21Pamelia Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US172549Not updated
22Bulldung Evil DeadBronzebeard-US168817Not updated
23Bronk RadiationBronzebeard-US163258Not updated
24Khalix Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US160219Not updated
25Escarlet  Bronzebeard-US158738Not updated
26Synapz Electric JusticeBronzebeard-US158565Not updated
27Smashface RadiationBronzebeard-US156805Not updated
28Whendo Coconut WirelessBronzebeard-US156138Not updated
29Marejade Kníghts of the CrossBronzebeard-US154707Not updated
30Froztfang Bronzebeard PVPBronzebeard-US152398Not updated
31Omegaflame Owns YouBronzebeard-US151081Not updated
32Malkoran Bronzebeard PVPBronzebeard-US148370Not updated
33Cuculola Higher CallingBronzebeard-US144150Not updated
34Zentgraf Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US140231Not updated
35Dunkle Higher CallingBronzebeard-US139610Not updated
36Kutztown Grand Theft KodoBronzebeard-US139172Not updated
37Celsius CatalystBronzebeard-US137719Not updated
38Appolyin Disciples of The HordeBronzebeard-US137051Not updated
39Drizzom Paddys PubBronzebeard-US134470Not updated
40Yknits Violent BreedBronzebeard-US131026Not updated
41Johnnyvishus Sleepless KnightsBronzebeard-US130796Not updated
42Anomalous More ChaosBronzebeard-US130448Not updated
43Kudo DissonanceBronzebeard-US130139Not updated
44Ocean  Bronzebeard-US129807Not updated
45Darktesuras  Bronzebeard-US129766Not updated
46Pashmaq DissonanceBronzebeard-US127872Not updated
47Reliq Break the MoldBronzebeard-US127040Not updated
48Manhandle Running With The DevilBronzebeard-US126151Not updated
49Nepharius Evil DeadBronzebeard-US125970Not updated
50Studboy ApexBronzebeard-US123476Not updated
51Demonchildnv Killing TimeBronzebeard-US122893Not updated
52Mistymagic the predatorsBronzebeard-US122608Not updated
53Huskkiller InsidiousBronzebeard-US120499Not updated
54Buddyholly Miyagi TrainedBronzebeard-US120163Not updated
55Evilsaw  Bronzebeard-US119624Not updated
56Ata No Tears Only DreamsBronzebeard-US117993Not updated
57Darkrasul  Bronzebeard-US117238Not updated
58Hiddenfury Pwnapple ExpressBronzebeard-US116051Not updated
59Shamritzu  Bronzebeard-US116002Not updated
60Lasmin Miyagi TrainedBronzebeard-US115829Not updated
61Jigaboom Higher CallingBronzebeard-US114214Not updated
62Squeeze Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US114112Not updated
63Eriatarka SerenityBronzebeard-US113818Not updated
64Saiges InsidiousBronzebeard-US111818Not updated
65Prometheusx  Bronzebeard-US110394Not updated
66Ccue  Bronzebeard-US110274Not updated
67Ghoule  Bronzebeard-US110075Not updated
68Igman Killing TimeBronzebeard-US109625Not updated
69Handerbug Higher CallingBronzebeard-US109352Not updated
70Ravageknight Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US108542Not updated
71Murdinbronze IntoxicationBronzebeard-US108458Not updated
72Garhaan InvasionBronzebeard-US108433Not updated
73Cristalrubi  Bronzebeard-US107886Not updated
74Zaxar The Night WatchersBronzebeard-US106938Not updated
75Dremal WaRPeD MiNDsBronzebeard-US106043Not updated
76Mikk  Bronzebeard-US105745Not updated
77Ziye Life and Death BrigadeBronzebeard-US105477Not updated
78Snitchlol Disciples of The HordeBronzebeard-US105356Not updated
79Bannis  Bronzebeard-US104942Not updated
80Sixspeed Coconut WirelessBronzebeard-US104531Not updated
81Kathlol Milkshake FactoryBronzebeard-US102592Not updated
82Grunethok  Bronzebeard-US101642Not updated
83Thugg Angels on GuardBronzebeard-US101518Not updated
84Eviltotems  Bronzebeard-US101315Not updated
85Hulkksmash  Bronzebeard-US101054Not updated
86Kromgor  Bronzebeard-US100170Not updated
87Kephri The Good Bad OncesBronzebeard-US100045Not updated
88Ladilinch VexedBronzebeard-US99653Not updated
89Juiceboxlol  Bronzebeard-US98996Not updated
90Drgirlfriend Higher CallingBronzebeard-US98495Not updated
91Dreame Kníghts of the CrossBronzebeard-US98039Not updated
92Chichiri No Pancake MixBronzebeard-US96978Not updated
93Athu Unmitigated BadasseryBronzebeard-US96861Not updated
94Serendepth Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US96830Not updated
95Vlada Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US96056Not updated
96Devilonearth Fine Gentlemens ClubBronzebeard-US95228Not updated
97Shica  Bronzebeard-US95072Not updated
98Indomitable Higher CallingBronzebeard-US94394Not updated
99Thanatassa Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US93963Not updated
100Rönnie Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US93677Not updated

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