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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodscalp-EU Honorable Kills
1Bump Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU376962Not updated
2Costello Murloc BuddiesBloodscalp-EU293461Not updated
3Oldfieryhand Stormwind Light InfantryBloodscalp-EU283634Not updated
4Nightchild Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU250846Not updated
5Hunbundy  Bloodscalp-EU222246Not updated
6Exa OpsBloodscalp-EU212323Not updated
7Moonthief CrusadersBloodscalp-EU212027Not updated
8Fragtah HunHordaBloodscalp-EU210375Not updated
9Hunsnake Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU198242Not updated
10Zerp ProphecyBloodscalp-EU187734Not updated
11Pepsy  Bloodscalp-EU182108Not updated
12Rohamlövész Stormwind Light InfantryBloodscalp-EU181239Not updated
13Plaguehun  Bloodscalp-EU178376Not updated
14Oldgrima Mind FlayersBloodscalp-EU177122Not updated
15Nightpriest Deus ExBloodscalp-EU175357Not updated
16Britsrule His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU174964Not updated
17Peyote Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU171654Not updated
18Flexness Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU170269Not updated
19Gy ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU169689Not updated
20Nomiss RevisedBloodscalp-EU169229Not updated
21Mekanik Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU168699Not updated
22Glanex ProphecyBloodscalp-EU160495Not updated
23Morgrin  Bloodscalp-EU158271Not updated
24Deadmanx  Bloodscalp-EU155946Not updated
25Jandith InfectionBloodscalp-EU153714Not updated
26Mastusxp Deus ExBloodscalp-EU153619Not updated
27Hadvezer The New GenerationBloodscalp-EU152176Not updated
28Oplan Wen Tzu EnclaveBloodscalp-EU150122Not updated
29Meroe The UndisputedBloodscalp-EU149329Not updated
30Serpentis ProphecyBloodscalp-EU144572Not updated
31Grenzstein  Bloodscalp-EU142876Not updated
32Kaprilla Deus ExBloodscalp-EU141290Not updated
33Skinatti SubstanceBloodscalp-EU140645Not updated
34Velasquez OpsBloodscalp-EU140436Not updated
35Juvena WipefestBloodscalp-EU137147Not updated
36Akuma  Bloodscalp-EU136584Not updated
37Polymo  Bloodscalp-EU135421Not updated
38Sólyomszem Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU133483Not updated
39Vrtx  Bloodscalp-EU133319Not updated
40Slammertime Hollands Bier TeamBloodscalp-EU132920Not updated
41Sepa Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU132076Not updated
42Lindsie  Bloodscalp-EU131774Not updated
43Hunterpower His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU131509Not updated
44Thorganthrag Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU130993Not updated
45Zyrae DamnationBloodscalp-EU130779Not updated
46Menzoberanza ErrorBloodscalp-EU128087Not updated
47Karhn Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU127278Not updated
48Capi EdgeBloodscalp-EU126424Not updated
49Devastator The RegimentBloodscalp-EU126241Not updated
50Twz OpsBloodscalp-EU126126Not updated
51Nirisz Gold TemplarsBloodscalp-EU125674Not updated
52Stormtrix Dont Make Me Get My MainBloodscalp-EU124807Not updated
53Xelentra  Bloodscalp-EU123924Not updated
54Rammilina NomNom TempleBloodscalp-EU123808Not updated
55Janeth  Bloodscalp-EU123646Not updated
56Warotar Damage IncBloodscalp-EU123430Not updated
57Atilianus JoszIPBloodscalp-EU123110Not updated
58Zyoh Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU122672Not updated
59Sávollt T R I A DBloodscalp-EU121908Not updated
60Kadya  Bloodscalp-EU121641Not updated
61Kiskopó YoU GoT KoPóWNDBloodscalp-EU120774Not updated
62Thorboo ReckoningBloodscalp-EU120575Not updated
63Bandiit His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU120137Not updated
64Asrah IntrudersBloodscalp-EU119876Not updated
65Etelehuba CRITICAL MASSBloodscalp-EU119766Not updated
66Moonstruck Az Utolsó LégióBloodscalp-EU117451Not updated
67Wrothag Orc of DoomBloodscalp-EU116659Not updated
68Raia  Bloodscalp-EU116654Not updated
69Unreal InfectionBloodscalp-EU115917Not updated
70Micmac Army Of DarknessBloodscalp-EU115761Not updated
71Mysticaly NimFaS CorPoRaTioNsBloodscalp-EU115594Not updated
72Yvi ComaBloodscalp-EU115254Not updated
73Raserin NimFaS CorPoRaTioNsBloodscalp-EU114833Not updated
74Ironbite  Bloodscalp-EU114589Not updated
75Qkacka MadnessBloodscalp-EU113878Not updated
76Vackor  Bloodscalp-EU113670Not updated
77Artemisz Limited EditionBloodscalp-EU113458Not updated
78Rhym Hollands Bier TeamBloodscalp-EU112108Not updated
79Spaceshaman Combat ZoneBloodscalp-EU111825Not updated
80Dracon SubstanceBloodscalp-EU111749Not updated
81Die  Bloodscalp-EU111508Not updated
82Yvori ConflictBloodscalp-EU111025Not updated
83Teebee PandemixBloodscalp-EU110809Not updated
84Tearofdragon The Furious FiveBloodscalp-EU110673Not updated
85Undaunted  Bloodscalp-EU109367Not updated
86Hokuspokus Shark attackBloodscalp-EU109207Not updated
87Maladyce Beyond HopeBloodscalp-EU107380Not updated
88Gab SubstanceBloodscalp-EU105909Not updated
89Harryy The RegimentBloodscalp-EU105825Not updated
90Ozirisz ContinuumBloodscalp-EU104560Not updated
91Bloodpanther Revenge Of The FallenBloodscalp-EU104437Not updated
92Herror CRITICAL MASSBloodscalp-EU103973Not updated
93Spherion Tears Of The DragonBloodscalp-EU103959Not updated
94Melarnagas DiscønnectedBloodscalp-EU103878Not updated
95Mitya ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU103811Not updated
96Amortias SillyhoodBloodscalp-EU103560Not updated
97Zayle NimFaS CorPoRaTioNsBloodscalp-EU103155Not updated
98Shadowknife Az Utolsó LégióBloodscalp-EU102682Not updated
99Frozenpie The RegimentBloodscalp-EU102541Not updated
100Ceka OpsBloodscalp-EU101878Not updated

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