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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Bloodhoof-US Honorable Kills
1Naxos GloryBloodhoof-US468080Not updated
2Etrughul Dark PactBloodhoof-US259688
3Aellîas Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US233284
4Hammerss  Bloodhoof-US231801Not updated
5Leocin RevolutionBloodhoof-US226725
6Lilsqeeky Generation NowBloodhoof-US225254Not updated
7Amartas Båd KårmåBloodhoof-US221867Not updated
8Moonslayer The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US212789
9Baconface Weak and PowerlessBloodhoof-US208513
10Maagius The Farm TeamBloodhoof-US203963Not updated
11Ramblinon  Bloodhoof-US201886Not updated
12Ayumixena Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US199449
13Thanathos NightmareBloodhoof-US193054Not updated
14Wagee Ring of FireBloodhoof-US190149
15Bohica Team BBloodhoof-US183691Not updated
16Iccarrus Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US181118
17Bloodspot Ring of FireBloodhoof-US179184
18Soulrage Dark PactBloodhoof-US175263
19Erehwon Steam Tonk ControllerBloodhoof-US174436
20Minos Mad MayhemBloodhoof-US173271Not updated
21Sallos  Bloodhoof-US170856Not updated
22Riki SovereignBloodhoof-US170829Not updated
23Sickpup Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US169611Not updated
24Skylarks DownfallBloodhoof-US162940Not updated
25Syrancce Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US155389Not updated
26Dreamstealer OutrageousBloodhoof-US154347Not updated
27Stabyn AddictedBloodhoof-US153802
28Valura DownfallBloodhoof-US153785Not updated
29Kamoniwanna Retro RaidersBloodhoof-US152607
30Lifetakr The Stars FuryBloodhoof-US150141Not updated
31Rheyanna Golden TigersBloodhoof-US145525Not updated
32Heretiç UltraoneBloodhoof-US143560Not updated
33Baturen Dark PactBloodhoof-US141828Not updated
34Whichdr SovereignBloodhoof-US140532Not updated
35Dethali Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US139626
36Mein  Bloodhoof-US139269Not updated
37Geffen Ring of FireBloodhoof-US138223Not updated
38Brommbatin Last ChanceBloodhoof-US136791Not updated
39Armistead The DarkknightsBloodhoof-US136372
40Sickwidit SovereignBloodhoof-US135988
41Ustadbaba Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US134964
42Rob Harvest ClanBloodhoof-US132922Not updated
43Hìzzouse InconceivableBloodhoof-US131305Not updated
44Cager SovereignBloodhoof-US131167
45Rubixcube  Bloodhoof-US130123Not updated
46Exterminator End GameBloodhoof-US128790
47Kainqull Weak and PowerlessBloodhoof-US128566Not updated
48Fecx EncoreBloodhoof-US128413Not updated
49Paleguy Champions of DoomBloodhoof-US123408Not updated
50Torrit THE HATEDBloodhoof-US121016Not updated
51Kalaise EncoreBloodhoof-US120922Not updated
52Posionivy Dark TwilightBloodhoof-US120630Not updated
53Paluris RevolutionBloodhoof-US120495Not updated
54Angryspaz Ring of FireBloodhoof-US119804
55Dunkami Wolfe Pack ClanBloodhoof-US116452Not updated
56Jinn Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US115072Not updated
57Injure Final AspectBloodhoof-US112843
58Rabidone End GameBloodhoof-US111973Not updated
59Lilwean Forgotten OnesBloodhoof-US110212Not updated
60Mahunriad Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US108445Not updated
61Ledpoison THE HATEDBloodhoof-US107123
62Angelspell Ring of FireBloodhoof-US106673Not updated
63Zadai So ColdBloodhoof-US105885Not updated
64Bloodngutts Ring of FireBloodhoof-US104707
65Nekrul  Bloodhoof-US104303Not updated
66Rammah Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US103307Not updated
67Keplar The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US102904Not updated
68Magicrhino Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US102092
69Veolet RaptureBloodhoof-US101861Not updated
70Lubu The DarkknightsBloodhoof-US101657Not updated
71Zerreisser The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US100954
72Lamashtu The Farm TeamBloodhoof-US100862Not updated
73Fowler The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US100637
74Trolla Dark PactBloodhoof-US100541
75Suby Ring of FireBloodhoof-US100488Not updated
76Kolot Ring of FireBloodhoof-US100453
77Dungies Team BBloodhoof-US99858Not updated
78Sweat Saint MassacreBloodhoof-US99439Not updated
79Papwoo Team GurrenBloodhoof-US99237Not updated
80Iroc SubteraBloodhoof-US98918
81Lathuris Turbo Samurai KittiesBloodhoof-US97632Not updated
82Warfused Still BallinBloodhoof-US97535Not updated
83Baranur THE HATEDBloodhoof-US97518Not updated
84Fyluna NordiqueBloodhoof-US94241Not updated
85Wóódhouse Prestige WorldwideBloodhoof-US93720Not updated
86Quevven In Gold We TrustBloodhoof-US93009Not updated
87Beset XecuteBloodhoof-US92299Not updated
88Thelak SovereignBloodhoof-US90868
89Toritt THE HATEDBloodhoof-US90597Not updated
90Galidor Forgotten OnesBloodhoof-US89980Not updated
91Ravenlord InnateBloodhoof-US89648Not updated
92Nokar Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US89427
93Ill  Bloodhoof-US89201Not updated
94Ripnupguts Sinners n SkinnersBloodhoof-US89148Not updated
95Twøface  Bloodhoof-US88508Not updated
96Spudsmac InnateBloodhoof-US88406Not updated
97Adarcia Team BBloodhoof-US88391Not updated
98Fazil RevolutionBloodhoof-US87700Not updated
99Safid Ring of FireBloodhoof-US87143Not updated
100Bheran Elder TribunalBloodhoof-US86687Not updated

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