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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bladefist-US Honorable Kills
1Talthanis  Bladefist-US383273Not updated
2Houniao  Bladefist-US359990Not updated
3Ingnition BohicaBladefist-US306053Not updated
4Imooatyou CataclysmBladefist-US248062Not updated
5Tokyö InsurgencyBladefist-US245802Not updated
6Fodub SeraphymBladefist-US239944Not updated
7Cadeyrn HymnBladefist-US216604Not updated
8Zeutia  Bladefist-US211206Not updated
9Shaftslinger ThresholdBladefist-US203808Not updated
10Skaithe CataclysmBladefist-US197519Not updated
11Ünmask  Bladefist-US193666Not updated
12Blacktrini ForewarningBladefist-US192505Not updated
13Teo OutspokenBladefist-US184968Not updated
14Wolfsjoy Hells LegacyBladefist-US182798Not updated
15Panobad Enemy Number OneBladefist-US180605Not updated
16Betwix Dragon CoveBladefist-US180354Not updated
17Froztx CataclysmBladefist-US174380Not updated
18Layla Lightly RoastedBladefist-US171775Not updated
19Frigidjúdge Last RealmBladefist-US170811Not updated
20Thygra  Bladefist-US169733Not updated
21Rammbone Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US164396Not updated
22Daone Horns and FurBladefist-US162293Not updated
23Hackofwar ExiledBladefist-US159901Not updated
24Skybluesky UnleashedBladefist-US154742Not updated
25Huntingwolf Hells LegacyBladefist-US154288Not updated
26Pamm XterminatorsBladefist-US153643Not updated
27Nokdown  Bladefist-US150069Not updated
28Thefeared EternalBladefist-US149617Not updated
29Spellot Forgotten RealmBladefist-US142102Not updated
30Dommitras Number One StunnasBladefist-US138188Not updated
31Solain ForewarningBladefist-US136899Not updated
32Flantor  Bladefist-US135945Not updated
33Myrmez Angelic DemonsBladefist-US133968Not updated
34Hömp Salty SixBladefist-US132973Not updated
35Flx Saints of ExodarBladefist-US131689Not updated
36Crystalized  Bladefist-US130412Not updated
37Diamondjaxx Bladefist EmbassyBladefist-US127625Not updated
38Jato Knights of the TemplersBladefist-US127180Not updated
39Layuth CataclysmBladefist-US125185Not updated
40Deeptoot AllThings TootBladefist-US123940Not updated
41Xog Facta non VerbaBladefist-US123633Not updated
42Arcmyst  Bladefist-US122550Not updated
43Bonscotts Number One StunnasBladefist-US122407Not updated
44Ejo SynenergyBladefist-US121967Not updated
45Adaralyn ShinigamiBladefist-US121567Not updated
46Kyric InsurgencyBladefist-US120177Not updated
47Elspeth SynenergyBladefist-US120120Not updated
48Loralyn Hordified HeroesBladefist-US119621Not updated
49Honidas  Bladefist-US118359Not updated
50Dushne Brothers of the HordeBladefist-US117923Not updated
51Keark DefinitiveBladefist-US117729Not updated
52Toraadoom Horns and FurBladefist-US115293Not updated
53Sigbjorn The Waters of DelphiBladefist-US115106Not updated
54Cleo JourneyBladefist-US114687Not updated
55Tezcat  Bladefist-US113147Not updated
56Pugliese CataclysmBladefist-US112225Not updated
57Rÿan ForewarningBladefist-US111893Not updated
58Chargeher  Bladefist-US110690Not updated
59Zbik Eternal SovereignBladefist-US110367Not updated
60Mercury SalvationBladefist-US109999Not updated
61Moosedog  Bladefist-US109632Not updated
62Butterball Nerf HerdersBladefist-US108628Not updated
63Draxzon Blue Dragon RoguesBladefist-US108147Not updated
64Jucr The Waters of DelphiBladefist-US107971Not updated
65Kamelioe SeraphymBladefist-US107853Not updated
66Shockdapuss  Bladefist-US107744Not updated
67Mojogim Bladefist EmbassyBladefist-US106836Not updated
68Yahmon CataclysmBladefist-US106751Not updated
69Mancer Forty ThievesBladefist-US106695Not updated
70Gorkarp Knights of the TemplersBladefist-US106686Not updated
71Tyrealsmight  Bladefist-US105648Not updated
72Naroke Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US103674Not updated
73Dasto KnightsoftheLightBladefist-US102803Not updated
74Juker  Bladefist-US102434Not updated
75Rule Dragon CoveBladefist-US102151Not updated
76Solinarius Facta non VerbaBladefist-US101680Not updated
77Lucritzorye UnleashedBladefist-US101074Not updated
78Eliador Disce PatiBladefist-US100460Not updated
79Lowbo The Waters of DelphiBladefist-US100375Not updated
80Kalvus Spirits of the ImmortalBladefist-US99965Not updated
81Crucibolt UNITYBladefist-US99895Not updated
82Heavysword Hells LegacyBladefist-US99706Not updated
83Frow Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US99107Not updated
84Siwar ParadoxBladefist-US98480Not updated
85Roraigne  Bladefist-US98143Not updated
86Beastlyheals Wind Up Horde WreckersBladefist-US97660Not updated
87Khaava UnrestBladefist-US97402Not updated
88Killigark InsurgencyBladefist-US97165Not updated
89Ashleigh  Bladefist-US97074Not updated
89Onita InprintedBladefist-US97074Not updated
91Thornehead DEADLY FORCEBladefist-US96791Not updated
92Intro InsurgencyBladefist-US96150Not updated
93Sharifa SynenergyBladefist-US95868Not updated
94Hellmåster CatastropheBladefist-US95618Not updated
95Stamina  Bladefist-US95555Not updated
96Skirataado CataclysmBladefist-US95551Not updated
97Terrancid Facta non VerbaBladefist-US95526Not updated
98Stunningly CataclysmBladefist-US94926Not updated
99Sealofskillz  Bladefist-US94789Not updated
100Nucleardoom Saints of ExodarBladefist-US94283Not updated

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