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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Honorable Kills
1Lessy  Blackrock-US550217Not updated
2Ordayin FoundatîonBlackrock-US380991Not updated
3Sfgngjzhdfgz MikanBlackrock-US370300Not updated
4Bigpapï Standard DeviationBlackrock-US348916Not updated
5Twinklecat Molten Core VeteransBlackrock-US333917Not updated
6Nemisistic At Wars EndBlackrock-US327527Not updated
7Vinter VanguardBlackrock-US306332Not updated
8Huntù Hordes SecurityBlackrock-US299212Not updated
9Tzeenzch Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US285237Not updated
10Myme A Decade DedicatedBlackrock-US277947Not updated
11Kupukupus MikanBlackrock-US269520Not updated
12Knellox Insane Pain GameBlackrock-US268469Not updated
13Zalathas Chaos KnightzBlackrock-US268001Not updated
14Bananasplity At Wars EndBlackrock-US266600Not updated
15Matuy ParadigmBlackrock-US262374Not updated
16Noby Arcam Co LtdBlackrock-US258287Not updated
17Rushton Super FriendsBlackrock-US254618Not updated
18Geef OneBlackrock-US248259Not updated
19Luhix Friendship and RainbowsBlackrock-US244163Not updated
20Bigjuicyx  Blackrock-US243205Not updated
21Shadertweedo Death In Every WayBlackrock-US237916Not updated
22Kji F N ABlackrock-US232624Not updated
23Unsouled  Blackrock-US227982Not updated
24Lócke War Never ChangesBlackrock-US227595Not updated
25Paai WaBlackrock-US226613Not updated
26Threedio WaBlackrock-US219425Not updated
27Vietnamah  Blackrock-US218786Not updated
28Orfeo InquisitionBlackrock-US216940Not updated
29Bozzio JagabataBlackrock-US215453Not updated
30Tukio JagabataBlackrock-US214847Not updated
31Puwitsniffer Do Not DísturbBlackrock-US214396Not updated
32Darckli DefenestrateBlackrock-US210468Not updated
33Thagodfather  Blackrock-US209355Not updated
34Khara The Dark MinistryBlackrock-US207673Not updated
35Bumhurts  Blackrock-US206557Not updated
36Vègéta ImmortalBlackrock-US205491Not updated
37Nanzokoree Trust No OneBlackrock-US204788Not updated
38Shkode OlympusBlackrock-US203596Not updated
39Hândsofpower Apocalyptic ReignBlackrock-US203025Not updated
40Dade Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US202880Not updated
41Substantia Standard DeviationBlackrock-US201113Not updated
42Thizle VêndêttaBlackrock-US198793Not updated
43Weeddano  Blackrock-US197186Not updated
44Jordanq TherapistsBlackrock-US194426Not updated
45Kaoes DefenestrateBlackrock-US194087Not updated
46Owlskies SolaceBlackrock-US189855Not updated
47Dèl Death In Every WayBlackrock-US186272Not updated
48Veryvery Tan Do Li GaBlackrock-US186269Not updated
49Bläckflame  Blackrock-US184911Not updated
50Telhami IronbloodBlackrock-US182434Not updated
51Sithâri FixedBlackrock-US181823Not updated
52perféktion DefenestrateBlackrock-US181332Not updated
53Nisroc Lannister RedBlackrock-US180066Not updated
54Ashéz Memento MoriBlackrock-US179255Not updated
55Viletta DefenestrateBlackrock-US177176Not updated
56Tokyomadness wowbitinesBlackrock-US176186Not updated
57Vladja TherapistsBlackrock-US174536Not updated
58Shaula Team J AllianceBlackrock-US173686Not updated
59Stormlegacy Dead HorizonBlackrock-US173451Not updated
60Jalen  Blackrock-US172245Not updated
61Nastynate  Blackrock-US172143Not updated
62Icyflow Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US171844Not updated
63Miniskert CITYVIBEBlackrock-US170605Not updated
64Tomesan  Blackrock-US167464Not updated
65Kawaii LurkBlackrock-US167316Not updated
66Pocketwatch  Blackrock-US167291Not updated
67Niceguyfrank  Blackrock-US167130Not updated
68Ragincain InquisitionBlackrock-US166227Not updated
69Haøx TriboBlackrock-US165461Not updated
70Stealthizon Bleeding HollowBlackrock-US164880Not updated
71Hexaine  Blackrock-US163079Not updated
72Pomidorowa  Blackrock-US162700Not updated
73Arcañeangel HordecóreBlackrock-US162238Not updated
74Tenny PandamoniumBlackrock-US162007Not updated
75Ahhch At Wars EndBlackrock-US161799Not updated
76Micpriest  Blackrock-US161738Not updated
77Keishuna  Blackrock-US161068Not updated
78Magikoopa Death In Every WayBlackrock-US159638Not updated
79Talydow  Blackrock-US159283Not updated
80Brk Tan Do Li GaBlackrock-US159195Not updated
81Formia In CahootsBlackrock-US158402Not updated
82Mysticalxm Karazhan Chess TeamBlackrock-US158290Not updated
83Beefzilla MutinyBlackrock-US158074Not updated
84Nekoxx Tan Do Li GaBlackrock-US157468Not updated
85Bigntasty  Blackrock-US156245Not updated
86Fuana A to ZBlackrock-US156155Not updated
87Dugiz  Blackrock-US155953Not updated
88Schibekolf TherapistsBlackrock-US155561Not updated
89Easyfreeze SymbioticBlackrock-US155197Not updated
90Coldnips VanguardBlackrock-US154949Not updated
91Xecutë  Blackrock-US154618Not updated
92Zarusky  Blackrock-US154280Not updated
93Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US154268Not updated
94Dreadphoenix  Blackrock-US154069Not updated
95Bratzy House of AltsBlackrock-US153162Not updated
96Cogneto Hot Aussie BlokesBlackrock-US152872Not updated
97Sipnotical  Blackrock-US152653Not updated
98Latestdesign Only Date GladsBlackrock-US151696Not updated
99Quinny Full MetalBlackrock-US151395Not updated
100Meytriks No MAAMBlackrock-US151294Not updated

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