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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Honorable Kills
1Hasï Corona MortisBlackrock-EU141713Not updated
2Sphînxo Corona MortisBlackrock-EU90679Not updated
3Dantanalas Corona MortisBlackrock-EU90368Not updated
4Mixo Corona MortisBlackrock-EU82335Not updated
5Stahlnagel Corona MortisBlackrock-EU53821Not updated
6Ðinozzo Corona MortisBlackrock-EU46164Not updated
7Xarosh Corona MortisBlackrock-EU44464Not updated
8Lêêders Corona MortisBlackrock-EU40010Not updated
9Aspanu Corona MortisBlackrock-EU35669Not updated
10Ambòss Corona MortisBlackrock-EU35665Not updated
11Cyric Corona MortisBlackrock-EU34679Not updated
12Danarian Corona MortisBlackrock-EU34547Not updated
13Hypocritical Corona MortisBlackrock-EU32697Not updated
14Guerillalord Corona MortisBlackrock-EU28676Not updated
15Anaxibîa Corona MortisBlackrock-EU27641Not updated
16Ferotos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU27636Not updated
17Kasatkina Corona MortisBlackrock-EU25398Not updated
18Èlektra Corona MortisBlackrock-EU23134Not updated
19Sýline Corona MortisBlackrock-EU22009Not updated
20Vlane Corona MortisBlackrock-EU21031Not updated
21Ðucky Corona MortisBlackrock-EU20396Not updated
22Gidameas Corona MortisBlackrock-EU19932Not updated
23Orl Corona MortisBlackrock-EU18841Not updated
24Oblîvîon Corona MortisBlackrock-EU17430Not updated
25Phélan Corona MortisBlackrock-EU16675Not updated
26Xelaith Corona MortisBlackrock-EU15671Not updated
27Cyllie Corona MortisBlackrock-EU14715Not updated
28Feorax Corona MortisBlackrock-EU13986Not updated
29Uram Corona MortisBlackrock-EU13610Not updated
30Haste Corona MortisBlackrock-EU12258Not updated
31Bodysnatcher Corona MortisBlackrock-EU11900Not updated
32Tiheno Corona MortisBlackrock-EU11837Not updated
33Sháné Corona MortisBlackrock-EU11548Not updated
34Ârasia Corona MortisBlackrock-EU11546Not updated
35Kïara Corona MortisBlackrock-EU11200Not updated
36Ametius Corona MortisBlackrock-EU9655Not updated
37Ditscho Corona MortisBlackrock-EU9245Not updated
38Amphitryon Corona MortisBlackrock-EU9244Not updated
39Ðemetrius Corona MortisBlackrock-EU8845Not updated
40Frânky Corona MortisBlackrock-EU8296Not updated
41Fonßi Corona MortisBlackrock-EU8261Not updated
42Höllenængel Corona MortisBlackrock-EU8167Not updated
43Amalïa Corona MortisBlackrock-EU8154Not updated
44Influ Corona MortisBlackrock-EU8105Not updated
45Murebos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU7821Not updated
46Ameos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU7260Not updated
47Djc Corona MortisBlackrock-EU6768Not updated
48Sihley Corona MortisBlackrock-EU6563Not updated
49Kramdusa Corona MortisBlackrock-EU6270Not updated
50Totemshnabak Corona MortisBlackrock-EU6143Not updated
51Ðakil Corona MortisBlackrock-EU6025Not updated
52Bluesrock Corona MortisBlackrock-EU5987Not updated
53Nekrosis Corona MortisBlackrock-EU5549Not updated
54Cândis Corona MortisBlackrock-EU5044Not updated
55Arganai Corona MortisBlackrock-EU4467Not updated
56Elesleba Corona MortisBlackrock-EU4180Not updated
57Kugor Corona MortisBlackrock-EU3686Not updated
58Valkrinar Corona MortisBlackrock-EU3281Not updated
59Setotuk Corona MortisBlackrock-EU3275Not updated
60Furzbart Corona MortisBlackrock-EU2850Not updated
61Güppel Corona MortisBlackrock-EU2379Not updated
62Brakolos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU2149Not updated
62Gorinor Corona MortisBlackrock-EU2149Not updated
64Gundie Corona MortisBlackrock-EU2065Not updated
65Trixxie Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1886Not updated
66Crisisorc Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1667Not updated
67Thêophanu Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1654Not updated
68Leelu Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1399Not updated
69Kraltos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1396Not updated
70Dalïah Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1274Not updated
71Nostalgia Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1072Not updated
72Schockî Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1063Not updated
73Ðailong Corona MortisBlackrock-EU1020Not updated
74Aeternalis Corona MortisBlackrock-EU936Not updated
75Dilanï Corona MortisBlackrock-EU918Not updated
76Trealox Corona MortisBlackrock-EU812Not updated
77Methos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU805Not updated
78Laremos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU771Not updated
79Runeshnabak Corona MortisBlackrock-EU711Not updated
80Karambos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU625Not updated
81Kakkeru Corona MortisBlackrock-EU573Not updated
82Panu Corona MortisBlackrock-EU534Not updated
83Ariakhan Corona MortisBlackrock-EU500Not updated
84Crîtical Corona MortisBlackrock-EU457Not updated
85Ãsgard Corona MortisBlackrock-EU320Not updated
86Pyladés Corona MortisBlackrock-EU303Not updated
87Hermolos Corona MortisBlackrock-EU296Not updated
88Werwôlf Corona MortisBlackrock-EU279Not updated
89Omnipunch Corona MortisBlackrock-EU262Not updated
90Gorgun Corona MortisBlackrock-EU217Not updated
91Schwengel Corona MortisBlackrock-EU198Not updated
92Noxzta Corona MortisBlackrock-EU179Not updated
93Chîarà Corona MortisBlackrock-EU178Not updated
94Ïnara Corona MortisBlackrock-EU160Not updated
95Deflectus Corona MortisBlackrock-EU148Not updated
96Kardîg Corona MortisBlackrock-EU123Not updated
96Volleule Corona MortisBlackrock-EU123Not updated
98Yukkiko Corona MortisBlackrock-EU119Not updated
99Lotiga Corona MortisBlackrock-EU118Not updated
100Taòtaós Corona MortisBlackrock-EU117Not updated

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