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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Honorable Kills
1Paladizia  Blackrock-EU685650Not updated
2Jâel queueBlackrock-EU526125Not updated
3Lissylein Blue MoonBlackrock-EU468107Not updated
4Edgàr  Blackrock-EU464095Not updated
5Exhauster Wir kommen in FriedenBlackrock-EU460852Not updated
6Côffin Kofferschlitz Brain GaryBlackrock-EU393215Not updated
7Craanky  Blackrock-EU386933Not updated
8Schokan BlutklingenpaktBlackrock-EU386674Not updated
9Summercookie Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU380482Not updated
10Xevv AdaptBlackrock-EU370415Not updated
11Kræven I NaXXaN IBlackrock-EU367944Not updated
12Averlon Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU364081Not updated
13Donlimpiô  Blackrock-EU363333Not updated
14Intentîon zARTcOrEBlackrock-EU361162Not updated
15Gwyra Die geilste Gurke von OGBlackrock-EU353209Not updated
16Chibiusà MortalTeamWorkBlackrock-EU330273Not updated
17Fírestartér  Blackrock-EU329167Not updated
18Scoôter guarDBlackrock-EU327723Not updated
19Brobarian LAUSBUAMBlackrock-EU327279Not updated
20Platusdion Battleground BastarÐsBlackrock-EU325018Not updated
21Canii NAVY SEALS XDBlackrock-EU319229Not updated
22Nøctîs  Blackrock-EU316014Not updated
23Breitenstein Der Schwarze PhönixBlackrock-EU310621Not updated
24Rimar RucksackträgerbandeBlackrock-EU308990Not updated
25Spliingg Battleground BastarÐsBlackrock-EU306641Not updated
26Ásux  Blackrock-EU296938Not updated
27Serthaz ManganBlackrock-EU294749Not updated
28Iksy ß Ø S SBlackrock-EU287164Not updated
29Savacus The UnnamedBlackrock-EU286380Not updated
30Vegettø pvpgoesrealBlackrock-EU285195Not updated
31Sickgirl  Blackrock-EU285005Not updated
32Hufenbart guarDBlackrock-EU284979Not updated
33Yokazzx PeKahBlackrock-EU277041Not updated
34Ellister Think DifferentBlackrock-EU276882Not updated
35Magîchunt  Blackrock-EU272286Not updated
36Fabeya  Blackrock-EU270923Not updated
37Craxton Unknown FateBlackrock-EU270505Not updated
38Àsmodai New Orc GankeesBlackrock-EU270497Not updated
39Testoboy  Blackrock-EU263285Not updated
40Nollii Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU262795Not updated
41Bizness Pwny ExpressBlackrock-EU262046Not updated
42Shamazing  Blackrock-EU260169Not updated
43Quatogo  Blackrock-EU257524Not updated
44Bolli  Blackrock-EU254800Not updated
45Shackleine RespawnBlackrock-EU253380Not updated
46Ladieslovez âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU252661Not updated
47Morgoz gereizt und bewaffnetBlackrock-EU252435Not updated
48Nardaph PæranoidBlackrock-EU251509Not updated
49Thissi FlohzirkusBlackrock-EU250384Not updated
50Grønn  Blackrock-EU250080Not updated
51Vontok so liciouzBlackrock-EU243943Not updated
52Kotêk  Blackrock-EU243495Not updated
53Ronaith FaZeBlackrock-EU243333Not updated
54Flauschy EasymodeBlackrock-EU242780Not updated
55Beezle TormentedBlackrock-EU239166Not updated
56Kôrdos POKEMONBlackrock-EU237999Not updated
57Carissana BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU236994Not updated
58Tîzø Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU236775Not updated
59Nydroxia Grafikbug IncBlackrock-EU236574Not updated
60Flemis  Blackrock-EU234543Not updated
61Cainè ALARMSTUFE KOTBlackrock-EU233963Not updated
62Chocice is playing harderBlackrock-EU233153Not updated
63Hardstyle Buris KinderBlackrock-EU230899Not updated
64Gianluigi WE LOVE SNACKS LIKE UBlackrock-EU230496Not updated
65Estas reverenceBlackrock-EU226173Not updated
66Jurguz Just in TimeBlackrock-EU225391Not updated
67Inthracis UsoppBlackrock-EU225229Not updated
68Dusted Sons of AnarchyBlackrock-EU223177Not updated
69Fiil de SadeBlackrock-EU219380Not updated
70Môusepâd rage againstBlackrock-EU216236Not updated
71Hârachte  Blackrock-EU216229Not updated
72Athènà  Blackrock-EU216181Not updated
73Tyfanni Burning ShadesBlackrock-EU215027Not updated
74Thunderstoné  Blackrock-EU214090Not updated
75Mordà  Blackrock-EU212892Not updated
76Donnalimpia  Blackrock-EU211193Not updated
77Pingui Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU210711Not updated
78Slomo Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU210552Not updated
79Larusan  Blackrock-EU209623Not updated
80Tanisha AdoriaBlackrock-EU208776Not updated
81Garâk WaffenbrüderBlackrock-EU208657Not updated
82Taijin FrostbringerBlackrock-EU208153Not updated
83Màgìc in geistiger UmnachtungBlackrock-EU207502Not updated
84Mayy JUNG BRUTAL GUTAUSSEHENDBlackrock-EU207316Not updated
85Babywind Pandaria Gank SquadBlackrock-EU206652Not updated
86Graffias Pwny ExpressBlackrock-EU206592Not updated
87Grarim  Blackrock-EU206358Not updated
88Nevuv PvP JûnkîesBlackrock-EU205534Not updated
89Loul  Blackrock-EU205286Not updated
90Abysmal RaidasylBlackrock-EU204314Not updated
91Kruush  Blackrock-EU204125Not updated
92Meagi EscapeBlackrock-EU203909Not updated
93Montar DevastationBlackrock-EU202978Not updated
94Tamagotchí Tribunal der HordeBlackrock-EU202418Not updated
95Zhenjia Empire of the SunBlackrock-EU202051Not updated
96Puddingwalzé  Blackrock-EU201888Not updated
97Nieshax  Blackrock-EU201170Not updated
98Foyle  Blackrock-EU200714Not updated
99Rashker ApøcalypseBlackrock-EU200358Not updated
100Rallo MonstersNeedTeddysTooBlackrock-EU199778Not updated

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