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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackmoore-EU Honorable Kills
1Slayn ExercitusBlackmoore-EU850910Not updated
2Cøraxx Jung Attraktiv SuchtBlackmoore-EU422219Not updated
3Cút Dêadly CutBlackmoore-EU374351Not updated
4Emily I crit on first DateBlackmoore-EU353877Not updated
5Yurto eXpeditusBlackmoore-EU346630Not updated
6Nopaîn Till I collapseBlackmoore-EU328448Not updated
7Emz ExercitusBlackmoore-EU317091Not updated
8Selborn End of The LineBlackmoore-EU316908Not updated
9Warlocke DivinitasBlackmoore-EU292937Not updated
10Miazée Massive PvPBlackmoore-EU292700Not updated
11Mangoss Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU282285Not updated
12Ironic UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU281696Not updated
13Lodann Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU278222Not updated
14Nordaar  Blackmoore-EU276608Not updated
15Babytroyer Knockout InstinctBlackmoore-EU276123Not updated
16Blades Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU274380Not updated
17Telâr  Blackmoore-EU273087Not updated
18Darvinia ExercitusBlackmoore-EU271885Not updated
19Voyager  Blackmoore-EU271853Not updated
20Philbert Darkest DreamBlackmoore-EU266307Not updated
21Mcbath Armed and DangerousBlackmoore-EU259405Not updated
22Ajaxfreak Just HordeBlackmoore-EU258309Not updated
23Mórthar PitchBlackmoore-EU257841Not updated
24Medic Tempest LegendsBlackmoore-EU254920Not updated
25Aldah  Blackmoore-EU252529Not updated
26Viddi  Blackmoore-EU250816Not updated
27Crio Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU250204Not updated
28Semariane HypeBlackmoore-EU250196Not updated
29Lúgá Ehre und StaerkeBlackmoore-EU248698Not updated
30Darkwarden  Blackmoore-EU248086Not updated
31Sitri Peons HopeBlackmoore-EU245983Not updated
32Ínuyasha Glimmer of HopeBlackmoore-EU239925Not updated
33Selecta  Blackmoore-EU239701Not updated
34Anai OmenBlackmoore-EU239662Not updated
35Dexi Team ChaotixBlackmoore-EU236299Not updated
36Gîrlý Im Schatten der NachtBlackmoore-EU235827Not updated
37Desraf  Blackmoore-EU234987Not updated
38Ñòx BLOODLUSTBlackmoore-EU234065Not updated
39Retsusan KamikazeBlackmoore-EU233991Not updated
40Ñóx BLOODLUSTBlackmoore-EU233922Not updated
41Ñôx BLOODLUSTBlackmoore-EU233730Not updated
42Tjeey  Blackmoore-EU232800Not updated
43Worthlzz  Blackmoore-EU232641Not updated
44Ñøx BLOODLUSTBlackmoore-EU232506Not updated
45Olowain Army of HardcoreBlackmoore-EU228266Not updated
46Eypi  Blackmoore-EU226924Not updated
47Loumi ArroganceBlackmoore-EU225809Not updated
48Moordór Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU225320Not updated
49Auren Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU221671Not updated
50Jakull  Blackmoore-EU218821Not updated
51Orchide Tempest LegendsBlackmoore-EU218157Not updated
52Dexxz Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU216732Not updated
53Quijaha MythBlackmoore-EU215616Not updated
54Aranndor Kreis des BlutesBlackmoore-EU214814Not updated
55Catwealzel Hordentlich aufs MaulBlackmoore-EU212303Not updated
56Andurìl AvengerSBlackmoore-EU209038Not updated
57Galapo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU208413Not updated
58Salodun Söhne des DrachenBlackmoore-EU208323Not updated
59Shoeî LynXBlackmoore-EU208299Not updated
60Skynetmínor  Blackmoore-EU205235Not updated
61Willemone XineticBlackmoore-EU203459Not updated
62Sonis Burning MoonBlackmoore-EU202449Not updated
63Abraxis Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU202184Not updated
64Aerîe Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU201754Not updated
65Darkterion SchwarzdrachengardeBlackmoore-EU201045Not updated
66Mânda SlayerSBlackmoore-EU198507Not updated
67Larsdas V wie VendettaBlackmoore-EU198491Not updated
68Rumpelstylz I GG IBlackmoore-EU197897Not updated
69Xeldon  Blackmoore-EU196965Not updated
70Basil MaledictionBlackmoore-EU196540Not updated
71Sezgin  Blackmoore-EU195174Not updated
72Achteuronice  Blackmoore-EU194992Not updated
73Fischvodka TempestBlackmoore-EU192087Not updated
74Calîna EisWölfeBlackmoore-EU191619Not updated
75Manaslue Half Naked Almost FamousBlackmoore-EU191126Not updated
76Alalaska  Blackmoore-EU189736Not updated
77Bloodchico Knockout InstinctBlackmoore-EU189710Not updated
78Askn MaledictionBlackmoore-EU189496Not updated
79Arthi CrushedBlackmoore-EU188548Not updated
80Shârk  Blackmoore-EU187899Not updated
81Achíllès Coast BustersBlackmoore-EU187515Not updated
82Sulubrom ChilliCheeseChickenLoverBlackmoore-EU187336Not updated
83Heini Die NamenlosenBlackmoore-EU185420Not updated
84Ivyvl  Blackmoore-EU184519Not updated
85Müggi  Blackmoore-EU184430Not updated
86Jákita Boiling BloodBlackmoore-EU182806Not updated
87Farrox TempestBlackmoore-EU182782Not updated
88Kátsumoto Evil GeniusesBlackmoore-EU180415Not updated
89Fraga Rising RageBlackmoore-EU180273Not updated
90Neferate Tempest LegendsBlackmoore-EU180272Not updated
91Whitehead ParadoxumBlackmoore-EU180173Not updated
92Kenzó Blutige ZärtlichkeitBlackmoore-EU180031Not updated
93Lialin II Garde der Hoffnung IIBlackmoore-EU178482Not updated
94Kabri Mofaclub Heiße KetteBlackmoore-EU176634Not updated
95Pricesa ImaginaerumBlackmoore-EU175836Not updated
96Trri Sturmwinds HordenjägerBlackmoore-EU175423Not updated
97Hulks I Tetris war geiler IBlackmoore-EU174615Not updated
98Tivi Der Eiserne KernBlackmoore-EU174433Not updated
99Lup SchnitterBlackmoore-EU174382Not updated
100Leanderos Uncouth YouthBlackmoore-EU174178Not updated

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