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Blackhand-EU Honorable Kills
1Kogato Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU46914Not updated
2Haktar Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU37998Not updated
3Leina Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU28757Not updated
4Ayme Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU22720Not updated
5Ketrey Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU15621Not updated
6Yvoprofen Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU13788Not updated
7Felanora Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU10515Not updated
8Mendês Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU8870Not updated
9Centtauer Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU8664Not updated
10Senteria Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU8496Not updated
11Poryes Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU8479Not updated
12Jestrüpp Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU7515Not updated
13Beefhoof Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU5642Not updated
14Gync Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU4752Not updated
15Crystallizé Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU4505Not updated
16Eisenhorst Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU4326Not updated
17Menthîs Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3951Not updated
18Silvais Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3830Not updated
19Quori Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3624Not updated
20Bhrorock Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3374Not updated
21Compound Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3326Not updated
22Zieche Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3102Not updated
23Mühviehstar Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU2872Not updated
24Baqonlover Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU2420Not updated
25Térrormage Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU2150Not updated
26Weeman Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1831Not updated
27Seradinea Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1817Not updated
28Fotso Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1328Not updated
29Divinitas Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1235Not updated
30Mimu Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1201Not updated
31Mcclain Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1166Not updated
32Temura Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1119Not updated
33Møira Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1115Not updated
34Beastspirit Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU868Not updated
35Darzag Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU861Not updated
36Rumskuh Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU709Not updated
37Urock Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU692Not updated
38Christheclaw Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU570Not updated
39Tyròn Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU438Not updated
40Onaga Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU336Not updated
41Snûs Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU283
42Pantaja Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU279Not updated
43Minimee Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU238Not updated
44Logân Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU104Not updated
45Kakpuh Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU98Not updated
46Louny Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU91Not updated
47Aliera Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU26Not updated
48Orangentoast Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU4Not updated
49Lucîffer Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU3Not updated
50Indiri Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU2
51Neiren Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU1Not updated
52Coronamortis Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU0Not updated
52Argaal Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU0Not updated
52Darthsalm Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU0Not updated
52Purepower Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU0Not updated
52Comunga Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU0Not updated
52Moat Eternal CrusadersBlackhand-EU0Not updated

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