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Black Dragonflight-US Honorable Kills
1Hornybully  Black Dragonflight-US280566Not updated
2Knauxk Murderous IntentBlack Dragonflight-US275848
3Toen CoupBlack Dragonflight-US259008Not updated
4Miayr Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US232294Not updated
5Chekursix DAS BOOTBlack Dragonflight-US221229Not updated
6Minamenbull Legion of Half Moon GrimBlack Dragonflight-US203565Not updated
7Deathsnaps MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US193889
8Tádakatsu The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US190227Not updated
9Evena Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US185362Not updated
10Spud Basement VirginsBlack Dragonflight-US183481
11Legienz  Black Dragonflight-US182280Not updated
12Ærtai Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US181877
13Dups Basement VirginsBlack Dragonflight-US181199
14Maurius  Black Dragonflight-US180136Not updated
15Noseeds Lehman BrothersBlack Dragonflight-US180054Not updated
16Broyarliy  Black Dragonflight-US179377Not updated
17Yozshura EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US173506Not updated
18Xadie MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US171930
19Vonsfuhrer  Black Dragonflight-US171486Not updated
20Húgsç  Black Dragonflight-US165811Not updated
21Bezerkër HeartlessBlack Dragonflight-US163618Not updated
22Draztic is terribleBlack Dragonflight-US158263Not updated
23Malosia Fires of HeavenBlack Dragonflight-US157213Not updated
24Junebugg The GladiatorsBlack Dragonflight-US156311Not updated
25Mîké BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US155776
26Fadiballer Sea Of RedBlack Dragonflight-US154293Not updated
27Winnie Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US149276
28Nossa RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US142670Not updated
29Vannae PrimordialBlack Dragonflight-US141907Not updated
30Yecal Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US141634
31Potatowizard Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US140619Not updated
32Shadowolas  Black Dragonflight-US139402Not updated
33Vayron  Black Dragonflight-US139213Not updated
34Coolimpdude LARYS ganksquadBlack Dragonflight-US139124Not updated
35Peppii  Black Dragonflight-US137836Not updated
36Winnee  Black Dragonflight-US136210Not updated
37Reconviction EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US136168
38Wuwunibs Deux FacileBlack Dragonflight-US135307Not updated
39Calaway is ProBlack Dragonflight-US134028Not updated
40Arkhon  Black Dragonflight-US133152
41Kík  Black Dragonflight-US132192Not updated
42Arcangon EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US131661
43Vîzio Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US131106
44Violedesjuif  Black Dragonflight-US128304Not updated
45Quantum Death KnightsBlack Dragonflight-US128216
46Mydotskill Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US127268
47Iranga TombstoneBlack Dragonflight-US126886Not updated
48Crystalfyre MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US126372
49Plush RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US125797Not updated
50Mystryss  Black Dragonflight-US125537Not updated
51Robbyis  Black Dragonflight-US125367Not updated
52Senecaxl FHBlack Dragonflight-US124780
53Azargoth  Black Dragonflight-US123561Not updated
54Meleemadness ExplicitBlack Dragonflight-US123091Not updated
55Deadlyshott  Black Dragonflight-US123059Not updated
56Deji SupaHotFireBlack Dragonflight-US122645Not updated
57Lelele  Black Dragonflight-US122133Not updated
58Wucs The Cougar ClubBlack Dragonflight-US121858
59Baylifer  Black Dragonflight-US121741Not updated
60Itsokbro PIKACHU TAKE NOTESBlack Dragonflight-US121108Not updated
61Omgimadad divine explosionBlack Dragonflight-US121027Not updated
62Kintaro divine explosionBlack Dragonflight-US121009Not updated
63Yuricholda Caution TapeBlack Dragonflight-US120658Not updated
64Spigot Fires of HeavenBlack Dragonflight-US119411Not updated
65Lightbourne divine explosionBlack Dragonflight-US118962Not updated
66Retftl Seize The DayBlack Dragonflight-US118156Not updated
67Applebottom Fear of SmellBlack Dragonflight-US117930Not updated
68Creator is terribleBlack Dragonflight-US116358Not updated
69Vminority Lawn PiratesBlack Dragonflight-US116205
70Kenpowers JaegersBlack Dragonflight-US116052
71Marcell  Black Dragonflight-US115843Not updated
72Naygan  Black Dragonflight-US114533Not updated
73Velka  Black Dragonflight-US114367Not updated
74Ribo Hidden PowerBlack Dragonflight-US114361Not updated
75Bicep EkiaBlack Dragonflight-US113948Not updated
76Olman Unlikely HeroesBlack Dragonflight-US113794Not updated
77Ribz PrimordialBlack Dragonflight-US113729Not updated
78Smokintotems WarforgedBlack Dragonflight-US112978Not updated
79Nightthunder The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US112754
80Bowsnairow Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US112746
81Evinald FHBlack Dragonflight-US112088Not updated
82Sïrloin  Black Dragonflight-US111477Not updated
83Isalvtanks ExplicitBlack Dragonflight-US111416Not updated
84Fàlconpunch  Black Dragonflight-US111081Not updated
85Tova MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US110803
86Proctoripper  Black Dragonflight-US110076Not updated
87Rompecucu PwntangBlack Dragonflight-US109788Not updated
88Smashya IncompetentBlack Dragonflight-US109389
89Coffindncer Pain and AgonyBlack Dragonflight-US109196Not updated
90Bloodstarz divine explosionBlack Dragonflight-US108914Not updated
91Brodolf Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US108540
92Locktasticle MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US108334Not updated
93Shagoto FHBlack Dragonflight-US108284
94Aerivøre  Black Dragonflight-US108160Not updated
95Scarred  Black Dragonflight-US107869Not updated
96Riotlol  Black Dragonflight-US107791Not updated
97Paracles Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US107251
98Rubberz I AM SO DRY RIGHT NOWBlack Dragonflight-US106979Not updated
99Noskillz Lawn PiratesBlack Dragonflight-US106681Not updated
100Bellanima EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US105896

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