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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Barthilas-US Honorable Kills
1Cybergrind Brick SquadBarthilas-US479458Not updated
2Tokio illuminåtiBarthilas-US313265Not updated
3Lowlife  Barthilas-US276689Not updated
4Executiepie syndicate of sinisterxBarthilas-US260784Not updated
5Mcshooty  Barthilas-US256702Not updated
6Wham  Barthilas-US244295Not updated
7Abusedgoat AscensionBarthilas-US240175Not updated
8Gigglywigg ResolveBarthilas-US237734Not updated
9Mattee  Barthilas-US236231Not updated
10Koowwee Evil Bears AnonymousBarthilas-US235757Not updated
11Dumps  Barthilas-US226152Not updated
12Ogreatsmita Slippery When WetBarthilas-US225822Not updated
13Kerangi  Barthilas-US217865Not updated
14Hieronymus Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US216870Not updated
15Zigzor Fallen AngelsBarthilas-US209966Not updated
16Pdk illuminåtiBarthilas-US209233Not updated
17Miranora  Barthilas-US205596Not updated
18Monashdude you no take candleBarthilas-US204841Not updated
19Parahalu  Barthilas-US203324Not updated
20Beety MookaBarthilas-US193110Not updated
21Bfast  Barthilas-US192688Not updated
22Aristiel Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US192399Not updated
23Garlynn DefenestrationBarthilas-US190311Not updated
24Waimatoa  Barthilas-US189186Not updated
25Zenamar DefiantBarthilas-US188857Not updated
26Niceandeep Australia MateBarthilas-US188726Not updated
27Arthemiz ToleranceBarthilas-US187407Not updated
28Saphiria The EndlessBarthilas-US187158Not updated
29Honshu illuminåtiBarthilas-US186911Not updated
30Chelseä  Barthilas-US186611Not updated
31Omgqq EASY MODEBarthilas-US184457Not updated
32Brutalìus ImpactBarthilas-US184339Not updated
33Emelian When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US184181Not updated
34Lightwåll Deus Ex MachinaBarthilas-US181472Not updated
35Deathspeak AscensionBarthilas-US181238Not updated
36Justwannatlk  Barthilas-US173265Not updated
37Reavered Samurai SupplementoBarthilas-US173212Not updated
38Amaylis dim sumBarthilas-US172955Not updated
39Xinhuan  Barthilas-US170039Not updated
40Offguts  Barthilas-US169776Not updated
41Fujiyama  Barthilas-US164967Not updated
42Krixooks When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US161740Not updated
43Saralonde When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US157711Not updated
44Camia Dead Cats Tell No TailsBarthilas-US157258Not updated
45Flintstone When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US157201Not updated
46Momoboom  Barthilas-US156648Not updated
47Tahamoot VertigoBarthilas-US156447Not updated
48Bigntasty Swims in LavaBarthilas-US156387Not updated
49Oroka ToleranceBarthilas-US156129Not updated
50Pastorthug  Barthilas-US155793Not updated
51Gladiatus Eternal ChäosBarthilas-US154879Not updated
52Faye  Barthilas-US153814Not updated
53Jaandar InfusedBarthilas-US153018Not updated
54Ogreatshocka Slippery When WetBarthilas-US152514Not updated
55Algrumm AudacityBarthilas-US151339Not updated
56Tweaker SB CrewBarthilas-US151187Not updated
57Rams RatsBarthilas-US150526Not updated
58Tevez  Barthilas-US150084Not updated
59Upinyagrillz NMBBarthilas-US149910Not updated
60Iamfood SymbiosisBarthilas-US149750Not updated
61Skoggus Warlocks of DraenorBarthilas-US148874Not updated
62Blinkdeath In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US148711Not updated
63Ultimage BloodlustBarthilas-US148615Not updated
64Athanatoz ExemplarBarthilas-US148598Not updated
65Tonner  Barthilas-US147683Not updated
66Olbleh Guild of ThronesBarthilas-US147290Not updated
67Bullsëyë  Barthilas-US147280Not updated
68Ozziehunter The EndlessBarthilas-US147173Not updated
69Attom  Barthilas-US146494Not updated
70Skuxone  Barthilas-US146263Not updated
71Deanomac NMBBarthilas-US146195Not updated
72Mqstar Hard CoresBarthilas-US146094Not updated
73Hocuspocus The EndlessBarthilas-US145964Not updated
74Chrysogonus When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US145825Not updated
75Dotmonster  Barthilas-US145670Not updated
76Dallandrah Blue LabelBarthilas-US144993Not updated
77Killtruck TorturedBarthilas-US144960Not updated
78Temuchin  Barthilas-US144789Not updated
79Darcon CensoredBarthilas-US144615Not updated
80Bonnieparkr Slippery When WetBarthilas-US143604Not updated
81Trollestia  Barthilas-US143542Not updated
82Afkäy Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US143541Not updated
83Tzara eSports TibetBarthilas-US143460Not updated
84Ghrizz Flawless VictoryBarthilas-US143378Not updated
85Supergaga PrIvAtEBarthilas-US143370Not updated
86Critco  Barthilas-US143133Not updated
87Vvispor FractureBarthilas-US142513Not updated
88Genix SmashedBarthilas-US141145Not updated
89Cybee NewbeeBarthilas-US140431Not updated
90Crossea When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US139950Not updated
91Zany Controlled KaosBarthilas-US139542Not updated
92Trueborn Controlled KaosBarthilas-US139295Not updated
93Amazingdora Blue LabelBarthilas-US139115Not updated
94Leandra Fury of the ExiledBarthilas-US138440Not updated
95Monarchking Red Headed StepchildBarthilas-US138180Not updated
96Valdro Blue LabelBarthilas-US138006Not updated
97Kyokuti Honorless TargetBarthilas-US137780Not updated
98Quahneah ExemplarBarthilas-US136938Not updated
99Arrmù Blue LabelBarthilas-US136426Not updated
100Wyldecat UntouchableBarthilas-US135858Not updated

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