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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Balnazzar-US Honorable Kills
1Timmage Free HonorBalnazzar-US285345Not updated
2Papazol CAP ClanBalnazzar-US172953Not updated
3Fuller  Balnazzar-US169609Not updated
4Meraji RETURN TO THE BATCAVEBalnazzar-US165488Not updated
5Necrock CAP ClanBalnazzar-US164254Not updated
6Beefshades  Balnazzar-US154454Not updated
7Jahbless Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US153871Not updated
8Bragar IngenuityBalnazzar-US148316Not updated
9Bloodyroar  Balnazzar-US135900Not updated
10Iamnotalie  Balnazzar-US129960Not updated
11Laddie Half Baked LegendsBalnazzar-US128530Not updated
12Pepsimachine  Balnazzar-US121493Not updated
13Kkyle  Balnazzar-US118009Not updated
14Volrik  Balnazzar-US117647Not updated
15Cavence RETURN TO THE BATCAVEBalnazzar-US116163Not updated
16Shanog  Balnazzar-US115588Not updated
17Bigghead  Balnazzar-US113815Not updated
18Kalynda FusiønBalnazzar-US109744Not updated
19Ninjagaiden Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US108721Not updated
20Khayno  Balnazzar-US104027Not updated
21Andeh  Balnazzar-US100044Not updated
22Hexmix  Balnazzar-US99353Not updated
23Bulleta Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US99179Not updated
24Allyhandrat Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US96745Not updated
25Shadostrike Free HonorBalnazzar-US96053Not updated
26Phosphorella  Balnazzar-US95741Not updated
27Ronoh  Balnazzar-US94889Not updated
28Zulario Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US93402Not updated
29Creator Up In SmokeBalnazzar-US92347Not updated
30Peacetaker Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US91606Not updated
31Fairyfrost IngenuityBalnazzar-US90848Not updated
32Battlewitch Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US89253Not updated
33Zinger Half Baked LegendsBalnazzar-US87253Not updated
34Stunomatic  Balnazzar-US85683Not updated
35Havenblaster kronic abuseBalnazzar-US84821Not updated
36Majinmeraji RETURN TO THE BATCAVEBalnazzar-US84473Not updated
37Evelindia  Balnazzar-US84263Not updated
38Skullknight  Balnazzar-US83969Not updated
39Iocaine Nerd FuryBalnazzar-US83581Not updated
40Pwnasorus InfamousBalnazzar-US82182Not updated
41Pinkton  Balnazzar-US81860Not updated
42Lejuee  Balnazzar-US78823Not updated
43Athanasia Nerd FuryBalnazzar-US77201Not updated
44Flonase IngenuityBalnazzar-US76614Not updated
45Mizzu Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US76605Not updated
46Phesti Free HugsBalnazzar-US76186Not updated
47Gauluk Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US74517Not updated
48Zabrewski Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US73790Not updated
49Lysdexic Free HugsBalnazzar-US73739Not updated
50Extìnct CAP ClanBalnazzar-US72702Not updated
51Asystoli  Balnazzar-US72663Not updated
52Sicko  Balnazzar-US72095Not updated
53Rigirmortis  Balnazzar-US72003Not updated
54Ihuntsalot FoEBalnazzar-US71781Not updated
55Occulte Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US71761Not updated
56Råydåyz  Balnazzar-US69388Not updated
57Freezingmoon  Balnazzar-US67074Not updated
58Zzemog  Balnazzar-US66814Not updated
59Touchie Free HonorBalnazzar-US66687Not updated
60Threat  Balnazzar-US65272Not updated
61Jahcobie  Balnazzar-US65056Not updated
62Hans  Balnazzar-US64867Not updated
63Playdough  Balnazzar-US64654Not updated
64Rufieo Dark AsylumBalnazzar-US63751Not updated
65Datsig  Balnazzar-US63590Not updated
66Slapchop Darkonn CorpsBalnazzar-US62904Not updated
67Thegreatdeku RETURN TO THE BATCAVEBalnazzar-US62796Not updated
68Axwell Grip and SipBalnazzar-US62442Not updated
69Sealomatic  Balnazzar-US61989Not updated
70Razorclaw  Balnazzar-US61907Not updated
71Krongle Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US61511Not updated
72Lifepack  Balnazzar-US60996Not updated
73Jadisette CAP ClanBalnazzar-US60607Not updated
74Irron  Balnazzar-US60278Not updated
75Landagne Das LegendBalnazzar-US60022Not updated
76Lazarus Sticky KeysBalnazzar-US59835Not updated
77Warhund Das LegendBalnazzar-US59213Not updated
78Kerokides Half Baked LegendsBalnazzar-US59144Not updated
79Featherede Grip and SipBalnazzar-US58307Not updated
80Lookhere The Shoe FactoryBalnazzar-US57216Not updated
81Bloodskinner  Balnazzar-US56934Not updated
82Verminard  Balnazzar-US56841Not updated
83Flux  Balnazzar-US56568Not updated
84Ðøøm  Balnazzar-US56545Not updated
85Kaxt Status QuoBalnazzar-US56510Not updated
86Suffokate KVWN News TeamBalnazzar-US56454Not updated
87Ultramagnus Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US56304Not updated
88Kleever Uncle Leeroys ChickenBalnazzar-US56144Not updated
89Tehsituation  Balnazzar-US56083Not updated
90Swawmmee Dark AsylumBalnazzar-US55800Not updated
91Pajamaparty Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US55227Not updated
92Zebulba kronic abuseBalnazzar-US55189Not updated
93Sladenthorn  Balnazzar-US55106Not updated
94Samooraijack CAP ClanBalnazzar-US54700Not updated
95Thunja Free HonorBalnazzar-US54395Not updated
96Shoemaker The Shoe FactoryBalnazzar-US54295Not updated
97Deadlylupine  Balnazzar-US54060Not updated
98Rifle  Balnazzar-US53789Not updated
99Aitherne  Balnazzar-US53702Not updated
100Zuigi Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US53661Not updated

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