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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Baelgun-US Honorable Kills
1Darkelfen flowerpowerBaelgun-US537616Not updated
2Trauque flowerpowerBaelgun-US356535Not updated
3Uvz CrispBaelgun-US265569Not updated
4Solaira CrispBaelgun-US257366Not updated
5Awesómesauce flowerpowerBaelgun-US250997Not updated
6Kneegrowth  Baelgun-US249567Not updated
7Jezter Harbingers of DeathBaelgun-US219788Not updated
8Stephiê SACREDBaelgun-US218960Not updated
9Motionz Knights of ShadowsBaelgun-US212696Not updated
10Konesky FuryBaelgun-US204257Not updated
11Loliwin  Baelgun-US199731Not updated
12Biarian flowerpowerBaelgun-US190703Not updated
13Velena CrispBaelgun-US186251Not updated
14Eatmyburrger DovikinwarriorsBaelgun-US185642Not updated
15Biodiesel Heavy MetalBaelgun-US172144Not updated
16Wandon FreshBaelgun-US170349Not updated
17Kolarr Circle SevenBaelgun-US170152Not updated
18Azamath CrispBaelgun-US168423Not updated
19Büeller Kings CrossBaelgun-US167722Not updated
20Tidbitz CrispBaelgun-US166382Not updated
21Smokintotems Id CRIT thatBaelgun-US165424Not updated
22Xmr HellscreamBaelgun-US164576Not updated
23Canofwoop Death PenaltyBaelgun-US164078Not updated
24Jameson SACREDBaelgun-US148466Not updated
25Hapyface  Baelgun-US142355Not updated
26Krayton Knights of ShadowsBaelgun-US141401Not updated
27Gihias Elite Royal CouncilBaelgun-US141072Not updated
28Calledshot Kiss Of DeathBaelgun-US139292Not updated
29Billsapriest HellsAngelsBaelgun-US139160Not updated
30Rube flowerpowerBaelgun-US138017Not updated
31Ripknight Murloc and LodeBaelgun-US136745Not updated
32Beval  Baelgun-US131236Not updated
33Kail Self Proclaimed NerdBaelgun-US129711Not updated
34Aún Council of EternityBaelgun-US128685Not updated
35Çephalus Freaks off the LeashBaelgun-US126628Not updated
36Hurtsie Homers HerosBaelgun-US125254Not updated
37Brakus  Baelgun-US125092Not updated
38Ozz InsomniumBaelgun-US122311Not updated
39Moxxy BloodlustBaelgun-US121495Not updated
40Skadirogue flowerpowerBaelgun-US120895Not updated
41Beautox UnionBaelgun-US120161Not updated
42Dominar Silent ThunderBaelgun-US118647Not updated
43Inemuri Self Proclaimed NerdBaelgun-US116052Not updated
44Zellious FuryBaelgun-US115652Not updated
45Fedz  Baelgun-US114540Not updated
46Uke  Baelgun-US114297Not updated
47Naaru Self Proclaimed NerdBaelgun-US113568Not updated
48Wzrd flowerpowerBaelgun-US111649Not updated
49Adramalech Circle SevenBaelgun-US111179Not updated
50Mcpain  Baelgun-US110994Not updated
51Darklegend MediocrityBaelgun-US110957Not updated
52Madkaz Of The HordeBaelgun-US110126Not updated
53Jur  Baelgun-US109402Not updated
54Grimmrepper DovikinwarriorsBaelgun-US108349Not updated
55Moor flowerpowerBaelgun-US108023Not updated
56Brutedog  Baelgun-US107873Not updated
57Jmsitka Self Proclaimed NerdBaelgun-US106993Not updated
58Fritzie CrispBaelgun-US106248Not updated
59Caper  Baelgun-US106167Not updated
60Edathol CrispBaelgun-US105966Not updated
61Damea Knights of ShadowsBaelgun-US103694Not updated
62Decapitator UncensoredBaelgun-US102455Not updated
63Notuagain  Baelgun-US102212Not updated
64Cynala CrispBaelgun-US102159Not updated
65Drashun véndéttaBaelgun-US102118Not updated
66Isaidfreeze FuryBaelgun-US101267Not updated
67Atréyu MementoMoriBaelgun-US101130Not updated
68Arceusis CrisisBaelgun-US100929Not updated
69Drogar BloodlustBaelgun-US100909Not updated
70Evony SACREDBaelgun-US100606Not updated
71Thorswind The Bloody ClansBaelgun-US100568Not updated
72Mylo InsomniumBaelgun-US99802Not updated
73Xooshiani BaneBaelgun-US99402Not updated
74Warluigix flowerpowerBaelgun-US99079Not updated
75Nampalicious  Baelgun-US98886Not updated
76Masstief FuryBaelgun-US98033Not updated
77Ragêr TaintBaelgun-US96811Not updated
78Murail SACREDBaelgun-US96429Not updated
79Cracksauce BloodlustBaelgun-US95000Not updated
80Tammerlane flowerpowerBaelgun-US94308Not updated
81Greakorac KOIBaelgun-US94022Not updated
82Thes Dark HavenBaelgun-US92788Not updated
83Smokescrêên  Baelgun-US92185Not updated
83Nightminx sinBaelgun-US92185Not updated
85Deerwolf flowerpowerBaelgun-US91918Not updated
86Budmiester Self Proclaimed NerdBaelgun-US91637Not updated
87Rage flowerpowerBaelgun-US91101Not updated
88Kidfrost  Baelgun-US90639Not updated
89Vicer  Baelgun-US90555Not updated
90Klix No FakeBaelgun-US89631Not updated
91Mudsloth Hordeland SecurityBaelgun-US89118Not updated
92Ardwynna  Baelgun-US88881Not updated
93Yourlife MementoMoriBaelgun-US88585Not updated
94Bubakar  Baelgun-US88208Not updated
95Redeyezz Army of DanknessBaelgun-US87312Not updated
96Cheeks Homers HerosBaelgun-US86922Not updated
97Sohkar Aces Of AzerothBaelgun-US86637Not updated
98Senethius Kings of The HordeBaelgun-US86203Not updated
99Toxxyn ShadowGuardBaelgun-US85765Not updated
100Majeure SACREDBaelgun-US85687Not updated

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