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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-KR Honorable Kills
1알자르카위  Azshara-KR820714Not updated
2다크포쓰  Azshara-KR548355Not updated
3Mnemic Dress up AvatarAzshara-KR543255Not updated
4페리카나치킨 어서와 평전커팅은 처음이지Azshara-KR525668Not updated
5Drakedog  Azshara-KR482156Not updated
6Lasalgul  Azshara-KR443243Not updated
7캄후  Azshara-KR397089Not updated
8대단한맷집 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR393395Not updated
9Rockcrash PendulumAzshara-KR383857Not updated
10Lemah  Azshara-KR379235Not updated
11바람타기 천사들의모임Azshara-KR376206Not updated
12와우사냥꾼와우 초악동Azshara-KR370118Not updated
13돌진교과서  Azshara-KR362317Not updated
14카타님  Azshara-KR358087Not updated
15Neilyos Another WorldAzshara-KR358078Not updated
16Dragonna 스위트하우스Azshara-KR356502Not updated
17영치기 AggressiveAzshara-KR346713Not updated
18죽은이  Azshara-KR342160Not updated
19태공삼식이 SoSoAzshara-KR335725Not updated
20타잔놈  Azshara-KR334518Not updated
21엠마씬  Azshara-KR331016Not updated
22Afreecatv 황제Azshara-KR322699Not updated
23Xxeun V AAzshara-KR322344Not updated
24Batcountry Dress up AvatarAzshara-KR321312Not updated
25Solareclips The Great BeyondAzshara-KR320021Not updated
26Superactionx The Return of The KingsAzshara-KR318651Not updated
27전투모병관 Vengeance For ZuljinAzshara-KR316925Not updated
28Algalon The Great BeyondAzshara-KR311231Not updated
29Mshadows Dress up AvatarAzshara-KR310828Not updated
30Tezor GOING DOWN LIKE TITANICAzshara-KR303732Not updated
31카운트스트라이크 황제Azshara-KR299432Not updated
32산토키 혼자있고싶어요Azshara-KR298600Not updated
33드라돈  Azshara-KR295730Not updated
34Hitz Dress up AvatarAzshara-KR292729Not updated
35Golkin The ValHalLaAzshara-KR290205Not updated
36유리토끼 Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR289096Not updated
37Euncheoll  Azshara-KR284934Not updated
38Namaksin  Azshara-KR284488Not updated
39Gaegul  Azshara-KR284408Not updated
40Inkburro  Azshara-KR284075Not updated
41수와 부활후유증Azshara-KR283432Not updated
42바이러스킬러 천하무적인봉구Azshara-KR282976Not updated
43Badbase Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR282554Not updated
44셉첸  Azshara-KR278886Not updated
45Nextwave 다가와줘 베이베Azshara-KR277407Not updated
46Risk 명 품Azshara-KR276462Not updated
47왕겐세이  Azshara-KR271907Not updated
48갓자 비 누Azshara-KR271571Not updated
49Ninehells  Azshara-KR271001Not updated
50묘목스핀  Azshara-KR270829Not updated
51Beyo V AAzshara-KR269306Not updated
52잠자는바우 OvertakeAzshara-KR268225Not updated
53Gif 어서와 평전커팅은 처음이지Azshara-KR267578Not updated
54Nikick  Azshara-KR266465Not updated
55세리자와 V AAzshara-KR265885Not updated
56Aimingpoint  Azshara-KR265205Not updated
57Badmind  Azshara-KR265173Not updated
58Windfury RattleSnakesAzshara-KR264971Not updated
59베리칩 I Spin You Right RoundAzshara-KR264750Not updated
60Vapour  Azshara-KR260504Not updated
61Silverblaze  Azshara-KR259944Not updated
62Rila On AirAzshara-KR259934Not updated
63빛의에이스  Azshara-KR258015Not updated
64최민소 SolitudeAzshara-KR257721Not updated
65엘지카드 Dragonball ZAzshara-KR257338Not updated
66드레나이 Dragonball ZAzshara-KR255517Not updated
67자두 OvertakeAzshara-KR255293Not updated
68아나키스트 UnmercyAzshara-KR254231Not updated
69쭉림  Azshara-KR253948Not updated
70초한지 A Knife Of HorrorAzshara-KR253466Not updated
71커피산책 E T E R N I T YAzshara-KR251651Not updated
72천사천사 RED EYEAzshara-KR250401Not updated
73Pegasii C o u p l e sAzshara-KR249670Not updated
74블소 SolitudeAzshara-KR246895Not updated
75Xcast plutocratsAzshara-KR243961Not updated
76Charters Enfants TerriblesAzshara-KR243573Not updated
77Flm  Azshara-KR242755Not updated
78보라색존슨 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR240533Not updated
79크리디컬 ShamelessAzshara-KR240246Not updated
80블러디라임 SolitudeAzshara-KR240068Not updated
81Enciel  Azshara-KR239349Not updated
82Ming The BloodthirstyAzshara-KR238836Not updated
83Katori 와우와 관련된 사진내용제목이 있어야 합니다Azshara-KR237847Not updated
84불패  Azshara-KR237734Not updated
85이죽찌질이  Azshara-KR233922Not updated
86Mirandorisa  Azshara-KR232884Not updated
87Gogandantes  Azshara-KR231416Not updated
88Alexonfire Monster EnergyAzshara-KR230636Not updated
89Whitebelt  Azshara-KR228094Not updated
90발라다쉬 Tiki TakaAzshara-KR226810Not updated
91꿈뚜  Azshara-KR226267Not updated
92Hutch PandariaAzshara-KR225520Not updated
93킹덤님 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR225156Not updated
94따손 이 방 인Azshara-KR224782Not updated
95은안 Tiki TakaAzshara-KR223937Not updated
96씸쓰 ParousiaAzshara-KR223664Not updated
97Drui OOAzshara-KR222797Not updated
98퇴마행 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR221908Not updated
99Romechaos The BloodthirstyAzshara-KR221663Not updated
100내분 돋 네Azshara-KR221633Not updated

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