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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-EU Honorable Kills
1Darkster Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU411580Not updated
2Sedit HarlekinZAzshara-EU346136Not updated
3Shizuko wasd lol i cant moveAzshara-EU341325Not updated
4Shakà CutAzshara-EU331056Not updated
5Thorock Glory BoundAzshara-EU319263Not updated
6Bonestripper Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU294729Not updated
7Recce  Azshara-EU293898Not updated
8Pyroblade Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU290643Not updated
9Roxeji NEVER SAY NOAzshara-EU287697Not updated
10Raffus Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU286010Not updated
11Raycudo  Azshara-EU282445Not updated
12Ninatron  Azshara-EU280707Not updated
13Noblesix The Nights WatchAzshara-EU279883Not updated
14Kîllertomate  Azshara-EU278470Not updated
15Enricobtch  Azshara-EU256133Not updated
16Albiss Ich komm über RampeAzshara-EU254350Not updated
17Kêfir Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU248514Not updated
18Schôckwâve NotaufnahmeAzshara-EU238166Not updated
19Aterso WaffenbrüderAzshara-EU237184Not updated
20Krushko  Azshara-EU236606Not updated
21Ere SignAzshara-EU232582Not updated
22Warriyo  Azshara-EU231776Not updated
23Dozahr Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU218850Not updated
24Odibärchen ChronosAzshara-EU217328Not updated
25Grognaz WolfsrudelAzshara-EU217277Not updated
26Anvarne Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU213747Not updated
27Sange Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU213651Not updated
28Tiak  Azshara-EU211020Not updated
29Sawasdee JuggernautAzshara-EU206286Not updated
30Daleron SilentwalkersAzshara-EU203763Not updated
31Tob SchlachtenbummlerAzshara-EU199516Not updated
32Doomhawk Black Rock ClanAzshara-EU197979Not updated
33Corsica CutiesAzshara-EU191324Not updated
34Caesae Monster PartyAzshara-EU188013Not updated
35Tacam Black Rock ClanAzshara-EU186352Not updated
36Mitchimitch  Azshara-EU186085Not updated
37Grya  Azshara-EU181936Not updated
38Afròózilla ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU181340Not updated
39Pyrros  Azshara-EU181196Not updated
40Jubaris  Azshara-EU181016Not updated
41Darejalol For the WinAzshara-EU179972Not updated
42Apollo Lupi NoctisAzshara-EU175182Not updated
43Scotney BetaAzshara-EU174876Not updated
44Sarchofa EnîgmaAzshara-EU173813Not updated
45Duk  Azshara-EU172861Not updated
46Ängel DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU172127Not updated
47Revz Cow And CurryAzshara-EU171829Not updated
48Taza  Azshara-EU171189Not updated
49Veexz The Nights WatchAzshara-EU168281Not updated
50Felidae  Azshara-EU167521Not updated
51Cruo Play Lame get FameAzshara-EU166595Not updated
52Grèed Secret of UúhkAzshara-EU165893Not updated
53Jesseblue DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU164793Not updated
54Krollgar MoonzlingeAzshara-EU164742Not updated
55Demonium German DreamAzshara-EU160855Not updated
56Fúro ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU160711Not updated
57Illeria  Azshara-EU160628Not updated
58Beek  Azshara-EU160574Not updated
59Magellan Windrunners WrathAzshara-EU159418Not updated
60Criplar VoidAzshara-EU158845Not updated
61Kriegbaro Glory BoundAzshara-EU157757Not updated
62Calina Zeal AllianceAzshara-EU156947Not updated
63Ariôna CutAzshara-EU156560Not updated
64Eislanzelol HARDKORE BUNNYZAzshara-EU156300Not updated
65Razeriel FeierabendheldenAzshara-EU155807Not updated
66Fastnfurious Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU155757Not updated
67Daon Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU155368Not updated
68Rakot EasyPlaYAzshara-EU155284Not updated
69Arrex I Minui ErthadAzshara-EU154665Not updated
70Lenîla MoonzlingeAzshara-EU154626Not updated
71Andossus  Azshara-EU153253Not updated
72Aleas Last ChancéAzshara-EU152136Not updated
73Namenloser The Horde CoutureAzshara-EU151802Not updated
74Tunoto CutAzshara-EU151076Not updated
75Neit SilentwalkersAzshara-EU149822Not updated
76Wikiwakiwoo RefresheDAzshara-EU149049Not updated
77Kerzhul Soul BouncerAzshara-EU148762Not updated
78Bloome HêroesAzshara-EU148280Not updated
79Gumbi Forever LoveAzshara-EU148200Not updated
80Powerjim  Azshara-EU147840Not updated
81Lara push it to the limitAzshara-EU147631Not updated
82Elninô SignAzshara-EU145942Not updated
83Wandha UnraidbarAzshara-EU145562Not updated
84Mâddow FluxusAzshara-EU145473Not updated
85Graendal Just kiddingAzshara-EU145121Not updated
86Futter  Azshara-EU145052Not updated
87Chetokh Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU144815Not updated
88Gradâsh  Azshara-EU144400Not updated
89Brêzl Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU143973Not updated
90Shyzzle Grand PubahsAzshara-EU143803Not updated
91Anntasha Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU143794Not updated
92Reinchaos Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU142895Not updated
93Lysaria The TempleknightsAzshara-EU142663Not updated
94Lollita EasyGoingAzshara-EU141342Not updated
95Wickedclown  Azshara-EU140838Not updated
96Barata T A N T R U MAzshara-EU139739Not updated
97Payload lockedAzshara-EU139459Not updated
98Soulstice  Azshara-EU139313Not updated
99Casio  Azshara-EU138797Not updated
100Rajaat UnraidbarAzshara-EU138757Not updated

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