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Azralon-US Honorable Kills
1Drawor Shadow FateAzralon-US48495Not updated
2Boiwolf Shadow FateAzralon-US47502Not updated
3Twhchacal Shadow FateAzralon-US45318Not updated
4Freeloader Shadow FateAzralon-US38760Not updated
5Blainne Shadow FateAzralon-US37504Not updated
6Ivanir Shadow FateAzralon-US34258Not updated
7Zorrø Shadow FateAzralon-US33282Not updated
8Hecken Shadow FateAzralon-US31410Not updated
9Anabolic Shadow FateAzralon-US30274Not updated
10Palybane Shadow FateAzralon-US30075Not updated
11Cheba Shadow FateAzralon-US28188Not updated
12Jairorabecão Shadow FateAzralon-US26458Not updated
13Draconubis Shadow FateAzralon-US24704Not updated
14Zarabata Shadow FateAzralon-US24486Not updated
15Alpinestars Shadow FateAzralon-US24158Not updated
16Purunga Shadow FateAzralon-US23902Not updated
17Twhnelore Shadow FateAzralon-US23501Not updated
18Pirota Shadow FateAzralon-US22765Not updated
19Lexan Shadow FateAzralon-US21465Not updated
20Thundera Shadow FateAzralon-US21327Not updated
21Nullzin Shadow FateAzralon-US21236Not updated
22Ellefge Shadow FateAzralon-US20655Not updated
23Zoddus Shadow FateAzralon-US18727Not updated
24Zedaesquina Shadow FateAzralon-US18552Not updated
25Roguexanne Shadow FateAzralon-US17814Not updated
26Fenomenal Shadow FateAzralon-US17576Not updated
27Felpa Shadow FateAzralon-US17522Not updated
28Hutrah Shadow FateAzralon-US17276Not updated
29Encøstø Shadow FateAzralon-US17190Not updated
30Mousolino Shadow FateAzralon-US17035Not updated
31Morkol Shadow FateAzralon-US16948Not updated
32Vannhell Shadow FateAzralon-US16120Not updated
33Fatslim Shadow FateAzralon-US15141Not updated
34Ulttor Shadow FateAzralon-US15054Not updated
35Feiim Shadow FateAzralon-US14945Not updated
36Pretørian Shadow FateAzralon-US14726Not updated
37Haroak Shadow FateAzralon-US14659Not updated
38Lattinno Shadow FateAzralon-US14549
39Martiria Shadow FateAzralon-US14213Not updated
40Expeon Shadow FateAzralon-US14016Not updated
41Lockedo Shadow FateAzralon-US14009Not updated
42Chinaspec Shadow FateAzralon-US13971Not updated
43Nohaveskill Shadow FateAzralon-US13685Not updated
44Sennin Shadow FateAzralon-US13644Not updated
45Paixoxô Shadow FateAzralon-US13631Not updated
46Palatino Shadow FateAzralon-US13179Not updated
47Dhalilla Shadow FateAzralon-US13017Not updated
48Gnarkill Shadow FateAzralon-US12739Not updated
49Helornbr Shadow FateAzralon-US12668Not updated
50Rss Shadow FateAzralon-US12491Not updated
51Twhanubis Shadow FateAzralon-US12317Not updated
52Bulldruid Shadow FateAzralon-US12139Not updated
53Ololiuhqui Shadow FateAzralon-US11974
54Syllåbear Shadow FateAzralon-US11852Not updated
55Biglron Shadow FateAzralon-US11847Not updated
56Sabios Shadow FateAzralon-US11692Not updated
57Ecks Shadow FateAzralon-US11682Not updated
58Rakkgar Shadow FateAzralon-US11677Not updated
59Awk Shadow FateAzralon-US11583Not updated
60Matematico Shadow FateAzralon-US11422Not updated
61Gigra Shadow FateAzralon-US11365Not updated
62Lexxan Shadow FateAzralon-US11322Not updated
63Dreadloki Shadow FateAzralon-US11193Not updated
64Lockaosf Shadow FateAzralon-US10992Not updated
65Bizungao Shadow FateAzralon-US10860Not updated
66Mätagal Shadow FateAzralon-US10462Not updated
67Srshubert Shadow FateAzralon-US10226Not updated
68Bootikko Shadow FateAzralon-US10171
69Dobs Shadow FateAzralon-US10064Not updated
70Covardis Shadow FateAzralon-US9949Not updated
71Scorpionx Shadow FateAzralon-US9746Not updated
72Jøgåðør Shadow FateAzralon-US9350Not updated
73Zanggief Shadow FateAzralon-US9337Not updated
74Grulok Shadow FateAzralon-US9166Not updated
75Vanator Shadow FateAzralon-US9157Not updated
76Ozzur Shadow FateAzralon-US9132Not updated
77Ksosunstride Shadow FateAzralon-US9069Not updated
78Wëndy Shadow FateAzralon-US9025Not updated
79Rapzor Shadow FateAzralon-US8735Not updated
80Sukezoo Shadow FateAzralon-US8727Not updated
81Huntardd Shadow FateAzralon-US8645Not updated
82Chandler Shadow FateAzralon-US8635Not updated
83Kaledyn Shadow FateAzralon-US8233Not updated
84Undcross Shadow FateAzralon-US7978Not updated
85Atrevida Shadow FateAzralon-US7974
86Trevoürs Shadow FateAzralon-US7918Not updated
87Xion Shadow FateAzralon-US7917Not updated
88Tanatøs Shadow FateAzralon-US7494Not updated
89Haifisch Shadow FateAzralon-US7457Not updated
90Roçador Shadow FateAzralon-US7448Not updated
91Hisnightmare Shadow FateAzralon-US7149Not updated
92Fatshadow Shadow FateAzralon-US7008Not updated
93Galã Shadow FateAzralon-US6954Not updated
94Blackshirt Shadow FateAzralon-US6747Not updated
95Lamerths Shadow FateAzralon-US6739Not updated
96Naji Shadow FateAzralon-US6735Not updated
97Gearr Shadow FateAzralon-US6672Not updated
98Kerrah Shadow FateAzralon-US6517
99Kaldrenüm Shadow FateAzralon-US6467Not updated
100Blazro Shadow FateAzralon-US6376Not updated

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