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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Azgalor-US Honorable Kills
1Dingo The EchoAzgalor-US337780
2Terrminus House SoleAzgalor-US291918Not updated
3Gzzo  Azgalor-US264755Not updated
4Tãmpon  Azgalor-US250097Not updated
5Liphar MESSIAHAzgalor-US233595
6Whohitme  Azgalor-US222911Not updated
7Monkk  Azgalor-US199475Not updated
8Sizzle Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US199018Not updated
9Castamir Aces and EightsAzgalor-US198026Not updated
10Strath Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US193170Not updated
11Runsy  Azgalor-US190279Not updated
12Holkan Dark Order of ChaosAzgalor-US185351Not updated
13Drecara  Azgalor-US181979Not updated
14Sxyy Four AcesAzgalor-US181304
15Sikwitit  Azgalor-US178343Not updated
16Chandrablaze Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US172732Not updated
17Umadbro  Azgalor-US172727Not updated
18Thunderhead  Azgalor-US171167Not updated
19Freshsteps GenericAzgalor-US166088Not updated
20Galadril Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US165904
21Darkvengeanc Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US163289Not updated
22Ploxkéalmehh Can I Get a RezAzgalor-US159894Not updated
23Shrék OmnipotentAzgalor-US158963
24Daxxi Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US158923Not updated
25Hummër Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US156885Not updated
26Firiel Aces and EightsAzgalor-US154743Not updated
27Capfrekiamaz RottenAzgalor-US152415Not updated
28Voltazek Hellscream RaidersAzgalor-US151425Not updated
29Elohelnic  Azgalor-US150402Not updated
30Painfelt Queen Annes RevengeAzgalor-US149061
31Stroth  Azgalor-US148791Not updated
32Fanatik  Azgalor-US143817Not updated
33Pkdrdoom BankerzAzgalor-US143798Not updated
34Kriptonic OmnipotentAzgalor-US143181Not updated
35Josette Four AcesAzgalor-US143080Not updated
36Izzahp Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US142048Not updated
37Duncan DeliriumAzgalor-US141052Not updated
38Ghrendal Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US140137
39Maze InfinitiAzgalor-US139619Not updated
40Nunyabiz  Azgalor-US139059Not updated
41Vredesbyrd Infinite Devil MachineAzgalor-US138624Not updated
42Hygrade  Azgalor-US137747Not updated
43Padlock AnimosityAzgalor-US137266
44Thorondor Resilience Will Fix ItAzgalor-US137165Not updated
45Riser  Azgalor-US135926Not updated
46Borginzorg Ordo SolarisAzgalor-US135610Not updated
47Eljeffe ThrustAzgalor-US135158Not updated
48Zarri DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US134571
49Psichotic ThrustAzgalor-US133423Not updated
50Windiesel  Azgalor-US133298Not updated
51Miztickow Clinically InsaneAzgalor-US132329Not updated
52Tukunoan Paradise LostAzgalor-US130783Not updated
53Boznatch Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US129732Not updated
54Slowmotion  Azgalor-US129434Not updated
55Shadecon OmnipotentAzgalor-US128664Not updated
56Krang InfinitiAzgalor-US126910
57Shinnoske WARLORDS of THE LEGENDAzgalor-US126540Not updated
58Nothoward OmnipotentAzgalor-US124913Not updated
59Artaxias  Azgalor-US121987Not updated
60Broragin Minions of MarsAzgalor-US121794Not updated
61Forne Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US120356Not updated
62Ualheb ThrustAzgalor-US119624Not updated
63Hamskixo Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US119500
64Artschool  Azgalor-US119400Not updated
65Csitaly  Azgalor-US118951Not updated
66Yzn SHOTGUN BUR BUDDYSAzgalor-US118945Not updated
67Sharkon Infinite Devil MachineAzgalor-US117076Not updated
68Unsalvation  Azgalor-US117026Not updated
69Luminey ScallywagsAzgalor-US116073Not updated
70Asdferty Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US115129
71Myriå  Azgalor-US114961Not updated
72Isoul DeliriumAzgalor-US114828Not updated
73Pestilynce Just Too EpicAzgalor-US113795Not updated
74Talbain Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US113756Not updated
75Capsules WARLORDS of THE LEGENDAzgalor-US112846Not updated
76Wookbeard  Azgalor-US112796Not updated
77Arklyte  Azgalor-US112366Not updated
78Paddidin TTPAzgalor-US111901Not updated
79Veregat DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US111645Not updated
80Baldric JUDGEAzgalor-US111370Not updated
81Maëlstrom The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US111034Not updated
82Wgotcha Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US110027Not updated
83Ssarop  Azgalor-US109485Not updated
84Dashriprock WORLD PVP JUST HAPPENEDAzgalor-US109392Not updated
85Enigmaticaly Resilience Will Fix ItAzgalor-US109127Not updated
86Cysko DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US108618Not updated
87Infidel Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US107840Not updated
88Foe  Azgalor-US107805Not updated
89Truegrave Fus Ro DahAzgalor-US106264Not updated
90Wedgies  Azgalor-US105476Not updated
91Ekarax Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US104133Not updated
92Awakaga EpochAzgalor-US103976Not updated
93Reredrum  Azgalor-US103779Not updated
94Hèctic  Azgalor-US103755Not updated
95Shivix Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US102901Not updated
96Speckiller WARLORDS of THE LEGENDAzgalor-US102900Not updated
97Specing Prime EvilAzgalor-US102389
98Pacapinchhit WARLORDS of THE LEGENDAzgalor-US102345Not updated
99Kaylid Resilience Will Fix ItAzgalor-US102245Not updated
100Rishima PersecutionAzgalor-US101924Not updated

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