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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Auchindoun-EU Honorable Kills
1Teî The Moving Fast MenAuchindoun-EU369707Not updated
2Inflame Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU357287Not updated
3Radovanox Revolution WorldAuchindoun-EU323317Not updated
4Xannadu The Moving Fast MenAuchindoun-EU308573Not updated
5Quâckerjâck The House Of VeteransAuchindoun-EU294612Not updated
6Fionn Lycen FélAuchindoun-EU289683Not updated
7Vandroug  Auchindoun-EU275140Not updated
8Aîantas GravityAuchindoun-EU271050Not updated
9Neverweak  Auchindoun-EU266274Not updated
10Thebaddy  Auchindoun-EU264274Not updated
11Bataca Fierce CreaturesAuchindoun-EU260951Not updated
12Zel WhateverAuchindoun-EU260681Not updated
13Redknapp HandpickedAuchindoun-EU254428Not updated
14Zalgradís ImmersionAuchindoun-EU246449Not updated
15Chikie Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU231993Not updated
16Remipl Rage AddictionAuchindoun-EU231724Not updated
17Røberthson IM HUGE IN JAPANAuchindoun-EU231439Not updated
18Tutam Fierce CreaturesAuchindoun-EU231416Not updated
19Yirchkiller Just a Flesh WoundAuchindoun-EU230814Not updated
20Spacebaby ParanoyaAuchindoun-EU223348Not updated
21Jînxx GobbleAuchindoun-EU211659Not updated
22Nitroja CorruptedAuchindoun-EU205791Not updated
23Tepe icecreamAuchindoun-EU199642Not updated
24Chofni PureAuchindoun-EU197265Not updated
25Formless  Auchindoun-EU194056Not updated
26Delthic Stoned pvpAuchindoun-EU192527Not updated
27Ffritzi  Auchindoun-EU190998Not updated
28Hðly  Auchindoun-EU190019Not updated
29Lopov Devine BeingsAuchindoun-EU189511Not updated
30Cziki Access DeniedAuchindoun-EU186343Not updated
31Jonquil The Blessed soulsAuchindoun-EU185465Not updated
32Darkwork ParanoyaAuchindoun-EU185205Not updated
33Tyriela COME GET SOMEAuchindoun-EU181409Not updated
34Ellzia  Auchindoun-EU180781Not updated
35Elannon  Auchindoun-EU180646Not updated
36Auran WarcryAuchindoun-EU178184Not updated
37Orkoo RecapAuchindoun-EU177440Not updated
38Vanzy  Auchindoun-EU177344Not updated
38Xpo How do I even look likeAuchindoun-EU177344Not updated
40Europ CorruptedAuchindoun-EU176168Not updated
41Deamsqt Krav MagaAuchindoun-EU174686Not updated
42Junglîst The Moving Fast MenAuchindoun-EU174274Not updated
43Theundertaka Red DawnAuchindoun-EU173847Not updated
44Markillius  Auchindoun-EU173801Not updated
45Henké LotionTVAuchindoun-EU170744Not updated
46Magmacore DeterminationAuchindoun-EU169241Not updated
47Saneot  Auchindoun-EU168779Not updated
48Tzuzanna  Auchindoun-EU166177Not updated
49Filoviridae T J P FAuchindoun-EU165649Not updated
50Ondaman  Auchindoun-EU165452Not updated
51Shankil Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU165429Not updated
52Demonlael dödaAuchindoun-EU165213Not updated
53Micromage SWAGETTI YOLOGNESEAuchindoun-EU163699Not updated
54Tørukmaktø Zylos HandAuchindoun-EU163475Not updated
55Kurei  Auchindoun-EU163216Not updated
56Calippo  Auchindoun-EU162986Not updated
57Elektraz A Final HopeAuchindoun-EU162900Not updated
58Malickz HubbaBubbaAuchindoun-EU162394Not updated
59Zist Sun GamingAuchindoun-EU160593Not updated
60Rothna  Auchindoun-EU159842Not updated
61Zdev Hesanti Predator TeamAuchindoun-EU159804Not updated
62Kededian DishonoredAuchindoun-EU159223Not updated
63Sachì Warlords of DraenorAuchindoun-EU158003Not updated
64Péachy Woah Shiny CharizardAuchindoun-EU157735Not updated
65Furiouslol  Auchindoun-EU156930Not updated
66Brutis  Auchindoun-EU156754Not updated
67Volay Hesanti Predator TeamAuchindoun-EU154751Not updated
68Denidenise Stoned pvpAuchindoun-EU154403Not updated
69Muffinsmusa Perfect EnemyAuchindoun-EU153984Not updated
70Côllines Lucky SevenAuchindoun-EU151810Not updated
71Sainthist DominiumAuchindoun-EU151444Not updated
72Rawrpaws T J P FAuchindoun-EU150778Not updated
73Nekonabe WhateverAuchindoun-EU150296Not updated
74Wõx Agents of demiseAuchindoun-EU149881Not updated
75Rasjarr Parks and RecreationAuchindoun-EU147947Not updated
76Springster Dark InceptionAuchindoun-EU147945Not updated
77Donvir The Cake is a LieAuchindoun-EU147910Not updated
78Brutpwn Unforgettable HeroesAuchindoun-EU147509Not updated
79Tranquiltr  Auchindoun-EU147444Not updated
80Úrath Canus MaxímusAuchindoun-EU146694Not updated
81Narubm  Auchindoun-EU145681Not updated
82Andrzej Access DeniedAuchindoun-EU144848Not updated
83Plamena  Auchindoun-EU144583Not updated
84Corrupter Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU144372Not updated
85Guevvara  Auchindoun-EU143239Not updated
86Prínsen NaviAuchindoun-EU142624Not updated
87Steli  Auchindoun-EU141604Not updated
88Dragg Revolution WorldAuchindoun-EU141365Not updated
89Iridi CageFightersAuchindoun-EU140729Not updated
90Crinuta UnionAuchindoun-EU139538Not updated
91Madbad LimitLessNessAuchindoun-EU138544Not updated
92Taninn Red DawnAuchindoun-EU138334Not updated
93Scryghst RecapAuchindoun-EU138268Not updated
94Dumboseeker CageFightersAuchindoun-EU137743Not updated
95Vaiola The Moving Fast MenAuchindoun-EU137358Not updated
96Ragman Warlords of DraenorAuchindoun-EU136745Not updated
97Xeedy Living highAuchindoun-EU136674Not updated
98Roflycopter Worgen Nine to FiveAuchindoun-EU135878Not updated
99Dantria U N I T YAuchindoun-EU135591Not updated
100Toymaker Violent MeatAuchindoun-EU135525Not updated

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