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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-US Honorable Kills
1Rheatta Cedo NulliArygos-US379201Not updated
2Tokenhunter The Eh TeamArygos-US269627Not updated
3Vials ImmortaIArygos-US251401Not updated
4Pamelina  Arygos-US246964Not updated
5Azarat Aggressive PerfectorArygos-US227084Not updated
6Bullethead NYTE SHADOWSArygos-US212699Not updated
7Bottless AmbivalenceArygos-US200058Not updated
8Whisalrune  Arygos-US199106Not updated
9Pallymcheal The MovementArygos-US195607Not updated
10Thylord Cedo NulliArygos-US192164Not updated
11Dairyn  Arygos-US189696Not updated
12Kayble The TemptationsArygos-US182183Not updated
13Kilimanjaro Knights TemplarArygos-US177540Not updated
14Nospirit EosArygos-US173458Not updated
15Cak Tauren Death SquadArygos-US169771Not updated
16Architectft XanijhArygos-US168875Not updated
17Turbine  Arygos-US159984Not updated
18Ezy Afflicted SoulsArygos-US158811Not updated
19Peänutbutter InvìctusArygos-US157976Not updated
20Olehyvva  Arygos-US156945Not updated
21Zereusheals Hates Your FaceArygos-US151064Not updated
22Firehammer Elitist JerksArygos-US148990Not updated
23Glôbal Afflicted SoulsArygos-US148683Not updated
24Thassit Afflicted SoulsArygos-US142405Not updated
25Prodigious Divine SerenityArygos-US138909Not updated
26Tigerspriest KatetArygos-US134619Not updated
27Kijim Legion of HeroesArygos-US134404Not updated
28Kaztel Gladiators HonorArygos-US133619Not updated
29Mauser Afflicted SoulsArygos-US133242Not updated
30Fathers Zingas GhostArygos-US131269Not updated
31Oshean MiseryArygos-US130203Not updated
32Screwdriver MasqueradeArygos-US128458Not updated
33Krakka Tertius ConciliumArygos-US127742Not updated
34Jayros GeneaArygos-US126424Not updated
35Cirnek InvìctusArygos-US124616Not updated
36Badboi Tauren Death SquadArygos-US123937Not updated
37Katarie The Mighty HandfulArygos-US123736Not updated
38Kaa Spirits of DurotanArygos-US122367Not updated
39Thattle TnTArygos-US121995Not updated
40Bansheep AwesomenessArygos-US121681Not updated
41Pierogi SuperfluousArygos-US120901Not updated
42Thessel Legion of HeroesArygos-US120295Not updated
43Zimal Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US119729Not updated
44Potguru The Red ZoneArygos-US116209Not updated
45Blender  Arygos-US115856Not updated
46Rumi ImmersiveArygos-US115617Not updated
47Taurenting Omens of WarArygos-US113521Not updated
48Milkncereal  Arygos-US113406Not updated
49Madis Tertius ConciliumArygos-US111942Not updated
50Grity  Arygos-US110757Not updated
51Quii  Arygos-US110752Not updated
52Quiksilvrfox PantheonArygos-US109470Not updated
53Wildlife Afflicted SoulsArygos-US109382Not updated
54Felnarl MorboArygos-US109275Not updated
55Hadoken  Arygos-US109002Not updated
56Negara  Arygos-US108635Not updated
57Rusenes  Arygos-US108371Not updated
58Ryanz  Arygos-US108101Not updated
59Melanoria MorboArygos-US107773Not updated
60Vedder Critical HitArygos-US107177Not updated
61Katrasle  Arygos-US106507Not updated
62Elastul Legendary SoldiersArygos-US106286Not updated
63Hippyton Reservoir DogsArygos-US105497Not updated
64Jasmane Dost Thou Even HoistArygos-US105273Not updated
65Rajis AmbivalenceArygos-US105261Not updated
66Ðawx LOL AM KAT DROODArygos-US104199Not updated
67Miadra Tertius ConciliumArygos-US104085Not updated
68Porthoss Agents of AnarchyArygos-US104021Not updated
69Seviathan  Arygos-US103256Not updated
70Ambermyst KatetArygos-US102136Not updated
71Metoma  Arygos-US101911Not updated
72Wolfetracker Guardians of AzerothArygos-US101907Not updated
73Iamshinobi  Arygos-US101257Not updated
74Dhamon AmbivalenceArygos-US100880Not updated
75Cazryn MasqueradeArygos-US100412Not updated
76Kassadee Odins ValhallaArygos-US99947Not updated
77Bacon  Arygos-US99840Not updated
78Jacksorbetta IlluminatiArygos-US99494Not updated
79Atomicsndbox Guardians of AzerothArygos-US99396Not updated
80Getsu  Arygos-US99027Not updated
81Enzytebob Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US99017Not updated
82Almia Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US98066Not updated
83Ocean VirusArygos-US97854Not updated
84Hates PvP AcademyArygos-US97844Not updated
85Thormail Noble AssemblyArygos-US97729Not updated
86Dzschain AwesomenessArygos-US97541Not updated
87Megaton MasqueradeArygos-US97196Not updated
88Bokee MorboArygos-US96505Not updated
89Jugernaught Old Dogs New TricksArygos-US96490Not updated
90Kkardon Honor RisingArygos-US96225Not updated
91Skittzzo We Hate WinningArygos-US95194Not updated
92Porcodio Afflicted SoulsArygos-US94852Not updated
93Fekmar The Bogeymans ClosetArygos-US94488Not updated
94Syljuberget MiseryArygos-US94293Not updated
95Picklepawn ImmortaIArygos-US92843Not updated
96Firesoutkast MasqueradeArygos-US92715Not updated
97Dianath  Arygos-US92615Not updated
98Saya AmbivalenceArygos-US92514Not updated
99Babyman  Arygos-US92220Not updated
100Prion ExistenceArygos-US91056Not updated

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