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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-EU Honorable Kills
1Shadox  Arygos-EU464009Not updated
2Aenschel The Dark DevilArygos-EU390138Not updated
3Ichwarsnet Accept your FateArygos-EU341096Not updated
4Coarts nakamaArygos-EU328213Not updated
5Genesis SingularityArygos-EU282533Not updated
6Urmet Terra NovaArygos-EU277816Not updated
7Hêxê Accept your FateArygos-EU276693Not updated
8Gnouf Forsaken ForcesArygos-EU274226Not updated
9Noce CônfidencéArygos-EU267690Not updated
10Ironlord Arygos GoldstückeArygos-EU260349Not updated
11Lifeforce GesangsvereinArygos-EU260333Not updated
12Fockewulf Bataillon der FinsternisArygos-EU254404Not updated
13Wórzzag harder CritZArygos-EU236515Not updated
14Falmarel The ManiacsArygos-EU233434Not updated
15Elofanjun Gemeinschaft der DrachenArygos-EU223117Not updated
16Platinangel  Arygos-EU201158Not updated
17Amosina Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU200578Not updated
18Haegger  Arygos-EU199744Not updated
19Kolossum  Arygos-EU197784Not updated
20Syadra  Arygos-EU191796Not updated
21Bathalomeoss  Arygos-EU190029Not updated
22Jerycho Warriors of honourArygos-EU184632Not updated
23Clinxxz MUM SAID IM SPECIALArygos-EU179626Not updated
24Mérkur in EnrageArygos-EU179043Not updated
25Grotzog  Arygos-EU175871Not updated
26Möhn FrontlineArygos-EU172707Not updated
27Stunt Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU171012Not updated
28Sànchez  Arygos-EU164448Not updated
29Lîon Bataillon der FinsternisArygos-EU156464Not updated
30Elaisa RisingArygos-EU150992Not updated
31Luiscypher Die SchattenkriegerArygos-EU149125Not updated
32Hoomaar  Arygos-EU149101Not updated
33Êkel nakamaArygos-EU147023Not updated
34Muerte Nicht die schon wiederArygos-EU146485Not updated
35Schimon Fiamma della MorteArygos-EU142216Not updated
36Ironpunk Wächter der HordeArygos-EU141950Not updated
37Anduîn RisingArygos-EU141744Not updated
38Ansi FrostwölfeArygos-EU141128Not updated
39Hasí no averageArygos-EU139493Not updated
40Lùmy FrontlineArygos-EU137496Not updated
41Weine CortexArygos-EU137044Not updated
42Naggles  Arygos-EU136853Not updated
43Hitzeblitz Quyl IshaArygos-EU136764Not updated
44Hellhunter  Arygos-EU136296Not updated
45Checkerjoe  Arygos-EU134751Not updated
46Skaraba nakamaArygos-EU126871Not updated
47Vørtøx MUM SAID IM SPECIALArygos-EU126826Not updated
48Helthor  Arygos-EU124029Not updated
49Dharmon Gemeinschaft der DrachenArygos-EU123794Not updated
50Fredegunde Warriors of honourArygos-EU121174Not updated
51Arondight  Arygos-EU119696Not updated
52Belthasar  Arygos-EU119435Not updated
53Tierparktoni Nex et OdiumArygos-EU118832Not updated
54Jayjoe  Arygos-EU118767Not updated
55Amalaswintha Warriors of honourArygos-EU116747Not updated
56Mysliwy Fröhliche ChaotenArygos-EU116145Not updated
57Dompet  Arygos-EU115919Not updated
58Russlan síx feet underArygos-EU115894Not updated
59Grag BerserkerArygos-EU115562Not updated
60Odo  Arygos-EU115170Not updated
61Xrat Lion WarriorArygos-EU115140Not updated
62Elunion  Arygos-EU114297Not updated
63Najarah  Arygos-EU114036Not updated
64Splentor Graue PantherArygos-EU113484Not updated
65Dylara EmbassyArygos-EU112941Not updated
66Laurin Band of BrothersArygos-EU112079Not updated
67Yasila WirArygos-EU111694Not updated
68Doomdemon mYstixHeRosArygos-EU111521Not updated
69Darkstalker Final JudgementArygos-EU110997Not updated
70Jugg  Arygos-EU110931Not updated
71Devona  Arygos-EU110820Not updated
72Osmanenhexer  Arygos-EU110369Not updated
73Délaja  Arygos-EU107720Not updated
74Haaegaar  Arygos-EU106807Not updated
75Yenia CônfidencéArygos-EU106182Not updated
76Sorayama CorazonArygos-EU105984Not updated
77Tarok Invictus XVArygos-EU105918Not updated
78Zarcata RisingArygos-EU103578Not updated
79Rasorae Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU99713Not updated
80Achamian The ManiacsArygos-EU99421Not updated
81Kharom noxaArygos-EU98210Not updated
82Xra eXitiumArygos-EU98003Not updated
83Molko DruckwelleArygos-EU97352Not updated
84Miena DruckwelleArygos-EU94734Not updated
85Feniá Schwarze BrigadeArygos-EU93376Not updated
86Sejanus Die coolen RentnerArygos-EU92819Not updated
87Batory Die ÄlterenArygos-EU91588Not updated
88Elire MorgenrotArygos-EU91311Not updated
89Viankari Dark MinistryArygos-EU90855Not updated
90Jircy Fighter of DarknessArygos-EU90139Not updated
91Blizzo  Arygos-EU90103Not updated
92Cynox Divine InsanityArygos-EU89596Not updated
93Stubsii  Arygos-EU89002Not updated
94Crankys  Arygos-EU88680Not updated
95Redbullseroo  Arygos-EU88469Not updated
96Kyooshoo  Arygos-EU88091Not updated
97Demonfear Graue PantherArygos-EU87821Not updated
98Aaria provenArygos-EU86987Not updated
99Immerich EmbassyArygos-EU86663Not updated
100Schwelle Sulphur SoulsArygos-EU85775Not updated

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