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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-US Honorable Kills
1Rîv NEVER ROLLED ALLIArthas-US588966Not updated
2Ashly WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US338664Not updated
3Beefquake ProzacArthas-US311850Not updated
4Moongrime  Arthas-US301141Not updated
5Notx  Arthas-US291705Not updated
6Crissiz  Arthas-US288229Not updated
7Icecleaver ResurgeArthas-US285321Not updated
8Osstìnthax The Art of WarArthas-US279513Not updated
9Ajinfenix AdelanteArthas-US277087Not updated
10Whitetaure Blood TemplarsArthas-US266513Not updated
11Ssiard  Arthas-US253097Not updated
12Lentø PurityArthas-US252470Not updated
13Dewbs  Arthas-US250723Not updated
14Ennui MutationArthas-US243062Not updated
15Shamner Resilience Will Fix ItArthas-US238629Not updated
16Shadowkit RebelArthas-US236387Not updated
17Kwiksi Carpe JugulumArthas-US234424Not updated
18Gwarluk  Arthas-US231795Not updated
19Êleganza The Way of The WuArthas-US228655Not updated
20Targama Yuru YuriArthas-US227531Not updated
21Rawlee Face SmashersArthas-US227170Not updated
22Bloodyivan  Arthas-US226372Not updated
23Moskau ClarityArthas-US225458Not updated
24Drcnife Pull n PrayArthas-US222961Not updated
25Geyallday  Arthas-US221880Not updated
26Pineclone  Arthas-US219182Not updated
27Anser Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US212934Not updated
28Chipbunk ProzacArthas-US212454Not updated
29Arigis ABAPArthas-US212031Not updated
30Pok  Arthas-US211917Not updated
31Spinners STRENGTHArthas-US210037Not updated
32Drbananafist ApotheøsisArthas-US209326Not updated
33Waeyo  Arthas-US207914Not updated
34Moddex  Arthas-US207111Not updated
35Jaricho DUMPSTERArthas-US203007Not updated
36Masserah Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US202941Not updated
37Frozençandy Blood TemplarsArthas-US199385Not updated
38Xanderstruck The EternalsArthas-US199148Not updated
39Slipstream  Arthas-US196068Not updated
40Gankusone  Arthas-US194077Not updated
41Vésk  Arthas-US193428Not updated
42Vulgrad  Arthas-US192975Not updated
43Priesstess HiddenArthas-US192339Not updated
44Luxxinterior P A I NArthas-US189915Not updated
45Plâgue EvolutionArthas-US188387Not updated
46Shuffl  Arthas-US184338Not updated
47Kos Villains on VacationArthas-US184155Not updated
48Venðm Id Crit ThatArthas-US183372Not updated
49Fredburst Winter ls ComingArthas-US183335Not updated
50Xamuz The Fallen AngelsArthas-US181029Not updated
51Skeptic What a KevonArthas-US180902Not updated
52Paltarr Double GArthas-US178825Not updated
53Iz Knights of ShadowArthas-US178492Not updated
54Arori Greetings EarthlingsArthas-US177255Not updated
55Katsuodashi ReprieveArthas-US177122Not updated
56Aziroth War FrontArthas-US176809Not updated
57Garbog Disturbed PorchTrollzArthas-US175392Not updated
58Absoluto Central ScrutinizerArthas-US175360Not updated
59Highjusticez We Own The IsleArthas-US174500Not updated
60Oshamah  Arthas-US172881Not updated
61Men evil eyeArthas-US172753Not updated
62Yippiekiyay Eat Crit and DieArthas-US172443Not updated
63Kopav Positive EnergyArthas-US172111Not updated
64Kfchickenx ABAPArthas-US171260Not updated
65Ghostreaver  Arthas-US167820Not updated
66Qik Versus MeArthas-US167694Not updated
67Keychain NecessaryEvilArthas-US167596Not updated
68Maxipodz Positive EnergyArthas-US167278Not updated
69Drakheena Ardent WarDogsArthas-US164653Not updated
70Cabrà OK GamingArthas-US163708Not updated
71Mizzguided NevermoreArthas-US163301Not updated
72Girn AdelanteArthas-US163058Not updated
73Fnfal  Arthas-US161521Not updated
74Chomi Knights of ShadowArthas-US161004Not updated
75Xelay  Arthas-US160446Not updated
76Jdeco SINERGYArthas-US159513Not updated
77Blingzz  Arthas-US158703Not updated
78Glnger The Short BusArthas-US158134Not updated
79Remìx  Arthas-US157639Not updated
80Iggi Matt DamonArthas-US157254Not updated
81Pricee ProzacArthas-US156042Not updated
82Rhuudhum TheBlackWatchArthas-US154215Not updated
83Mesmart Insidious SoulsArthas-US153693Not updated
84Kaisunn SYArthas-US153632Not updated
85Ceus  Arthas-US153312Not updated
86Mad Matt DamonArthas-US153002Not updated
87Iconicus Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US152806Not updated
88Eliteshaman GUTRENDArthas-US152680Not updated
89Him WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US152616Not updated
90Lucreto Winter ls ComingArthas-US152578Not updated
91Zôd Rock Paper ShadowmourneArthas-US152152Not updated
92Iceicebabie Happily Ever AfterArthas-US151606Not updated
93Suloku The UnderdogsArthas-US151129Not updated
94Zorghen ProzacArthas-US150302Not updated
95Pepsoswift  Arthas-US149909Not updated
96Hellabandz NEVER ROLLED ALLIArthas-US149411Not updated
97Itolya  Arthas-US149311Not updated
98Drixlerizzle Together We Are TerrificArthas-US149110Not updated
99Kornflake Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US148840Not updated
100Gonemorbid  Arthas-US148401Not updated

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