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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-EU Honorable Kills
1Rênôvâtîo Independent GamingArthas-EU197363Not updated
2Kurza Independent GamingArthas-EU65533Not updated
3Sorceress Independent GamingArthas-EU62192Not updated
4Ðaria Independent GamingArthas-EU62165Not updated
5Kurzá Independent GamingArthas-EU61035Not updated
6Holysoldier Independent GamingArthas-EU58759Not updated
7Kurzè Independent GamingArthas-EU44510Not updated
8Darkspawn Independent GamingArthas-EU39423Not updated
9Wanology Independent GamingArthas-EU37588Not updated
10Gîzmo Independent GamingArthas-EU34308Not updated
11Holymallet Independent GamingArthas-EU29413Not updated
12Ârya Independent GamingArthas-EU26857Not updated
13Qubilay Independent GamingArthas-EU26578Not updated
14Pyrolinchen Independent GamingArthas-EU26504Not updated
15Bowser Independent GamingArthas-EU23639Not updated
16Xinetic Independent GamingArthas-EU22295Not updated
17Tekila Independent GamingArthas-EU22186Not updated
18Bregalad Independent GamingArthas-EU22034Not updated
19Zoterò Independent GamingArthas-EU21965Not updated
20Tilon Independent GamingArthas-EU20645Not updated
21Krashmorr Independent GamingArthas-EU17125Not updated
22Bakuryu Independent GamingArthas-EU16993Not updated
23Marybeth Independent GamingArthas-EU16841Not updated
24Callísta Independent GamingArthas-EU16349Not updated
25Sorehead Independent GamingArthas-EU16332Not updated
26Selidía Independent GamingArthas-EU15491Not updated
27Krattos Independent GamingArthas-EU15050Not updated
28Shavia Independent GamingArthas-EU15022Not updated
29Qlike Independent GamingArthas-EU14904Not updated
30Dârkspawn Independent GamingArthas-EU14320Not updated
31Raahl Independent GamingArthas-EU13705Not updated
32Zarock Independent GamingArthas-EU13595Not updated
33Itchì Independent GamingArthas-EU13161Not updated
34Suika Independent GamingArthas-EU12562Not updated
35Sâgâ Independent GamingArthas-EU11968Not updated
36Amrod Independent GamingArthas-EU11566Not updated
37Mârybeth Independent GamingArthas-EU11222Not updated
38Váncha Independent GamingArthas-EU11152Not updated
39Rátchet Independent GamingArthas-EU10263Not updated
40Theokrat Independent GamingArthas-EU10178Not updated
41Boiorix Independent GamingArthas-EU10131Not updated
42Frâzer Independent GamingArthas-EU10068Not updated
43Rubior Independent GamingArthas-EU9479Not updated
44Stressfaktor Independent GamingArthas-EU9125Not updated
45Athrun Independent GamingArthas-EU8377Not updated
46Lavos Independent GamingArthas-EU8363Not updated
47Jersey Independent GamingArthas-EU8329Not updated
48Selidia Independent GamingArthas-EU8238Not updated
49Malferion Independent GamingArthas-EU8210Not updated
50Selidialol Independent GamingArthas-EU7849Not updated
51Angêlofdeâth Independent GamingArthas-EU7419Not updated
52Earandil Independent GamingArthas-EU6600Not updated
53Alcatra Independent GamingArthas-EU6273Not updated
54Harlequin Independent GamingArthas-EU6098Not updated
55Rýhcokxnal Independent GamingArthas-EU5833Not updated
56Péggy Independent GamingArthas-EU5482Not updated
57Sibra Independent GamingArthas-EU5224Not updated
58Shèéna Independent GamingArthas-EU5087Not updated
59Kürsche Independent GamingArthas-EU5003Not updated
60Zòltan Independent GamingArthas-EU4947Not updated
61Golddigger Independent GamingArthas-EU4683Not updated
62Paragraph Independent GamingArthas-EU4539Not updated
63Sumara Independent GamingArthas-EU4000Not updated
64Haix Independent GamingArthas-EU3502Not updated
65Còóp Independent GamingArthas-EU3189Not updated
66Akalie Independent GamingArthas-EU3121Not updated
67Shipon Independent GamingArthas-EU2639Not updated
68Harvesta Independent GamingArthas-EU2593Not updated
69Fantastiq Independent GamingArthas-EU2539Not updated
70Lacus Independent GamingArthas-EU2380Not updated
71Alexija Independent GamingArthas-EU2214Not updated
72Dámè Independent GamingArthas-EU1920Not updated
73Lâdydeâth Independent GamingArthas-EU1871Not updated
74Erdbääre Independent GamingArthas-EU1752Not updated
75Kiezo Independent GamingArthas-EU1704Not updated
76Gàndálf Independent GamingArthas-EU1575Not updated
77Rraffael Independent GamingArthas-EU1554Not updated
78Miyano Independent GamingArthas-EU1482Not updated
79Sherie Independent GamingArthas-EU1202Not updated
80Killerbiene Independent GamingArthas-EU1190Not updated
81Okêanos Independent GamingArthas-EU1137Not updated
82Wano Independent GamingArthas-EU979Not updated
83Praeferox Independent GamingArthas-EU930Not updated
84Mahju Independent GamingArthas-EU824Not updated
85Kaithin Independent GamingArthas-EU631Not updated
86Oukami Independent GamingArthas-EU610Not updated
87Dêvilin Independent GamingArthas-EU434Not updated
88Qubislock Independent GamingArthas-EU409Not updated
89Incrêdible Independent GamingArthas-EU406Not updated
90Sumpfkraut Independent GamingArthas-EU403Not updated
91Sakumo Independent GamingArthas-EU393Not updated
92Shengmìng Independent GamingArthas-EU337Not updated
93Nokturnal Independent GamingArthas-EU298Not updated
94Firnoma Independent GamingArthas-EU283Not updated
95Nareida Independent GamingArthas-EU267Not updated
96Pornflakez Independent GamingArthas-EU240Not updated
97Chuto Independent GamingArthas-EU184Not updated
98Girly Independent GamingArthas-EU153Not updated
99Xtç Independent GamingArthas-EU139Not updated
100Shisha Independent GamingArthas-EU120Not updated

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