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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-EU Honorable Kills
1Prilé EndArthas-EU401234Not updated
2Excalitas Alliance of TarsonisArthas-EU321323Not updated
3Mozzka KfCArthas-EU319144Not updated
4Neckattac NoxiousArthas-EU287938Not updated
5Sneakblade  Arthas-EU281529Not updated
6Jôve Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU274370Not updated
7Boonur I Soylent Green IArthas-EU273754Not updated
8Dârkar StyxArthas-EU268538Not updated
9Kruschpak and the TotemwallArthas-EU263547Not updated
10Roflcat  Arthas-EU260147Not updated
11Mageburn EndArthas-EU237207Not updated
12Edoratim Immortal DukesArthas-EU235276Not updated
13Salvatoré xPLoreArthas-EU232211Not updated
14Gottfriedlol Shh just let it happenArthas-EU228091Not updated
15Angharradh NoxiousArthas-EU226769Not updated
16Kruschpav and the TotemwallArthas-EU217544Not updated
17Kruschpax and the TotemwallArthas-EU214928Not updated
18Kruschpaw and the TotemwallArthas-EU214237Not updated
19Blazing Shh just let it happenArthas-EU213236Not updated
20Aszasel  Arthas-EU211291Not updated
21Drageven Girl ScoutsArthas-EU202997Not updated
22Geromino Die Elite der XøreArthas-EU199804Not updated
23Rênôvâtîo Independent GamingArthas-EU197363Not updated
24Groucho GankStarsArthas-EU192373Not updated
25Loggen The Last HopeArthas-EU191248Not updated
26Draculalol  Arthas-EU188126Not updated
27Blimblum UNDISPUTEDArthas-EU186734Not updated
28Mésterium Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU186071Not updated
29Psylo NoramiArthas-EU185066Not updated
30Donjonny  Arthas-EU184150Not updated
31Enoch Sieg oder SargArthas-EU183795Not updated
32Mariayoana Guardians of UnderworldArthas-EU183780Not updated
33Platinumhero NoFearArthas-EU183400Not updated
34Asisterion DefianceArthas-EU179348Not updated
35Zuluz  Arthas-EU178584Not updated
36Birdie ShariaduneArthas-EU178428Not updated
37Excalitan Alliance of TarsonisArthas-EU175240Not updated
38Tzaeb  Arthas-EU174978Not updated
39Kaluum  Arthas-EU172834Not updated
40Magnu Silent to HellArthas-EU167148Not updated
41Undertaker SvinstianArthas-EU165065Not updated
42Abadon ToXic GamingArthas-EU164703Not updated
43Armadaa AmityArthas-EU164366Not updated
44Maresa  Arthas-EU163977Not updated
45Wolfsoul  Arthas-EU163733Not updated
46Lafinia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU163418Not updated
47Mikagua  Arthas-EU162980Not updated
48Niaron AntikörperArthas-EU162691Not updated
49Biobauer Angels ForceArthas-EU159269Not updated
50Giswald GlennfiddichArthas-EU158735Not updated
51Dws  Arthas-EU158003Not updated
52Ogotak We arr PiratesArthas-EU156182Not updated
53Haffelpaff  Arthas-EU155871Not updated
54Critlol ÐunkelheitArthas-EU155044Not updated
55Jazard ImpactArthas-EU153947Not updated
56Patrickstar IncinerateArthas-EU153934Not updated
57Aryha AntikörperArthas-EU152027Not updated
58Rodon WaldwölfeArthas-EU150204Not updated
59Sakury Im WC brennt noch LichtArthas-EU147943Not updated
60Luckie THGArthas-EU146230Not updated
61Galdran THGArthas-EU146175Not updated
62Çrouch Icelance Pew PewArthas-EU145688Not updated
63Arodt Reign of ChaosArthas-EU144288Not updated
64Lokisam Shade ImpactArthas-EU140092Not updated
65Costadamos Waidur da NerullArthas-EU139747Not updated
66Zarina THGArthas-EU138692Not updated
67Sanody NoxiousArthas-EU138041Not updated
68Ismeralda NoFearArthas-EU137730Not updated
69Ligenia Crusade incArthas-EU137012Not updated
70Gitterbein Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU136765Not updated
71Sisslyn dependenceArthas-EU136695Not updated
72Dadojugo We arr PiratesArthas-EU136536Not updated
73Munz NoxiousArthas-EU136486Not updated
74Xarvas Im WC brennt noch LichtArthas-EU135105Not updated
75Kampfpizza We arr PiratesArthas-EU134870Not updated
76Dreamnemesis  Arthas-EU134114Not updated
77Mogiliana  Arthas-EU133664Not updated
78Sturmilol Rebell ohne GrundArthas-EU133336Not updated
79Bakayaro ViatorisArthas-EU133296Not updated
80Kurazz SonnenfinsternisArthas-EU133054Not updated
81Poseidonios DarkTemptationArthas-EU132271Not updated
82Zwerghauer Alea îacta estArthas-EU131191Not updated
83Rasark Alpin GladiatorsArthas-EU131016Not updated
84Stryde  Arthas-EU130525Not updated
85Nýlzz I Soylent Green IArthas-EU130266Not updated
86Bloodfíst Play Lame Get FameArthas-EU130148Not updated
87Yoman xPLoreArthas-EU129230Not updated
88Ekills THGArthas-EU127552Not updated
89Isika  Arthas-EU127354Not updated
90Nemji THGArthas-EU126696Not updated
91Ayellah NoFearArthas-EU126657Not updated
92Aeris  Arthas-EU126245Not updated
93Baunzer InfinitumArthas-EU125456Not updated
94Nameran StyxArthas-EU125285Not updated
95Evopriester Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU124606Not updated
96Pixelchen THGArthas-EU124554Not updated
97Ryker CONVICTIOArthas-EU124227Not updated
98Pinkpanda NoFearArthas-EU123069Not updated
99Flessorx  Arthas-EU122047Not updated
100Tre  Arthas-EU121588Not updated

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