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Argent Dawn-EU Honorable Kills
1Lendaer Order of QuelDanasArgent Dawn-EU503330Not updated
2Pinka VerdictArgent Dawn-EU423436
3Ðhex GirlscoutArgent Dawn-EU361060
4Ixnay VerdictArgent Dawn-EU332457
5Eeb Wave of MutilationArgent Dawn-EU325089
6Queteron  Argent Dawn-EU294477Not updated
7Dawnwriter Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU276403Not updated
8Nagual The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU272364
9Taeron StormguardArgent Dawn-EU270205
10Nicks Bloodfire LegacyArgent Dawn-EU269725Not updated
11Sylaria RejectsArgent Dawn-EU261186
12Barthes Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU255160
13Zeohn  Argent Dawn-EU252878Not updated
14Nimtak DominionArgent Dawn-EU249447
15Gabbart  Argent Dawn-EU237540Not updated
16Njang VerdictArgent Dawn-EU230740
17Aion  Argent Dawn-EU224934Not updated
18Tya The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU217976
19Xirynna  Argent Dawn-EU216921Not updated
20Varri Valar MorghulisArgent Dawn-EU214503Not updated
21Furybane  Argent Dawn-EU211305Not updated
22Maximillius The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU210059
23Thenext  Argent Dawn-EU200591Not updated
24Doombringer Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU199049Not updated
25Crimal Path of DestructionArgent Dawn-EU198451Not updated
26Abyssinie Blade and SoulArgent Dawn-EU197374
27Dúlcis The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU191424Not updated
28Darocka  Argent Dawn-EU190236Not updated
29Ðalthul Psychotic PvPArgent Dawn-EU188712Not updated
30Zilitaz Cursed VisionArgent Dawn-EU188476Not updated
31Grommash  Argent Dawn-EU188029Not updated
32Fatalismx  Argent Dawn-EU187042Not updated
33Elendienn Only for the WeakArgent Dawn-EU185861
34Impact VerdictArgent Dawn-EU184888Not updated
35Yonny LEGITArgent Dawn-EU184117
36Xantis The Flaming RubyArgent Dawn-EU179159Not updated
37Elirancohen The Light BreakerArgent Dawn-EU179021Not updated
38Alori Path of DestructionArgent Dawn-EU171116Not updated
39Kristie WANTEDArgent Dawn-EU168240Not updated
40Wesrin  Argent Dawn-EU167349Not updated
41Daemoniacus DominionArgent Dawn-EU166099
42Nasica NukezArgent Dawn-EU164167
43Vazago Suffocate EliteArgent Dawn-EU163140Not updated
44Boretus ValiojoukkoArgent Dawn-EU162173Not updated
45Raewen  Argent Dawn-EU161318Not updated
46Sharrina ProminenceArgent Dawn-EU160225Not updated
47Amberlé Audacious AngelsArgent Dawn-EU159933
48Sulaco The Angels of LightArgent Dawn-EU158472Not updated
49Helion The AristocracyArgent Dawn-EU157428
50Torghrim Blackrock Diving SchoolArgent Dawn-EU157023Not updated
51Kaylia RequíemArgent Dawn-EU156137Not updated
52Nímzana Path of DestructionArgent Dawn-EU155607Not updated
53Anjica  Argent Dawn-EU154335Not updated
54Kossie Bad MannerArgent Dawn-EU154290Not updated
55Ind  Argent Dawn-EU153064Not updated
56Wheez Faulty SwitchArgent Dawn-EU150323Not updated
57Waldo Heroes of OldArgent Dawn-EU149604Not updated
58Galdar DetoxArgent Dawn-EU148962
59Dioza  Argent Dawn-EU148096Not updated
60Alnie Valar MorghulisArgent Dawn-EU147932
61Molandril Inner CircleArgent Dawn-EU147255Not updated
62Quwen ZhanaiArgent Dawn-EU145409
63Pascoe Blackbird CompanyArgent Dawn-EU145242Not updated
64Dourd The Golden OldiesArgent Dawn-EU144197Not updated
65Calisto IllusionArgent Dawn-EU144180
66Zìnx  Argent Dawn-EU144075Not updated
67Postmaster LiquicityArgent Dawn-EU143418Not updated
68Shonn Bayerleyn RetinueArgent Dawn-EU143022
69Vixxie DominionArgent Dawn-EU142758Not updated
70Epicmarnat Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU141841Not updated
71Nailithria  Argent Dawn-EU141455Not updated
72Meric The Flaming RubyArgent Dawn-EU139963Not updated
73Katyüsha Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU139443
74Azúmi SunrainArgent Dawn-EU139402
75Fanerion VerdictArgent Dawn-EU138872
76Annastara Ex InfernaeArgent Dawn-EU137612Not updated
77Quedric MoonlightArgent Dawn-EU136435Not updated
78Bossferatu  Argent Dawn-EU135970Not updated
79Cloudius The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU135951
80Sylvester The New AllianceArgent Dawn-EU135412Not updated
81Xihira  Argent Dawn-EU134855Not updated
82Annalyâ The Club HouseArgent Dawn-EU134133Not updated
83Perpo Salty TearsArgent Dawn-EU133912
84Yslana CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU133258
85Rabbít  Argent Dawn-EU133210Not updated
86Judicator spartansArgent Dawn-EU132409
87Rirt  Argent Dawn-EU132125Not updated
88Kuta  Argent Dawn-EU132110Not updated
89Arlièn Moonrise HermitageArgent Dawn-EU131449
90Trekz HeliosArgent Dawn-EU130187
91Drathna Seventh FlightArgent Dawn-EU129965Not updated
92Happyend AncientArgent Dawn-EU129651Not updated
93Arilix The Noble HouseArgent Dawn-EU128789
94Vendraxul DominionArgent Dawn-EU128575
95Zaill Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU128063
96Montu RelentlessArgent Dawn-EU126790Not updated
97Zuqurzorg League of the dawnArgent Dawn-EU126665Not updated
98Nodzz State of the ArtArgent Dawn-EU126414
99Mulkosilmä The SavagesArgent Dawn-EU126301
100Sabreclaw The Blood Of HeroesArgent Dawn-EU126108Not updated

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