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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Honorable Kills
1Eelfyy Shots FiredArea 52-US422362Not updated
2Ddeaderthanu  Area 52-US338066Not updated
3Ghermah Sha HappensArea 52-US335771Not updated
4Smokinheal The SwornArea 52-US319011Not updated
5Demonicskull A Coterie Of CasualsArea 52-US302538Not updated
6Liiukang DecepticonsArea 52-US292938Not updated
7Roshil  Area 52-US285914Not updated
8Sìmayi We Quest in the NudeArea 52-US282700Not updated
9Lilgushy Casual AchievementArea 52-US276494Not updated
10Dielemma Access DeniedArea 52-US272914Not updated
11Fhrei Horde GodsArea 52-US270726Not updated
12Xiphian SynergyArea 52-US269811Not updated
13Dyes MindscapeArea 52-US265810Not updated
14Onebadmama Los MuertosArea 52-US261955Not updated
15Keepyalivin Water SleepsArea 52-US261043Not updated
16Idlethreat  Area 52-US254214Not updated
17Zhana LucidArea 52-US247968Not updated
18Sadist omnipresenceArea 52-US245181Not updated
19Rueyn That Was EasyArea 52-US239344Not updated
20Destroyd We Dont Believe In FCsArea 52-US236879Not updated
21Hashmallim  Area 52-US219646Not updated
22Paulito ApexArea 52-US217473Not updated
23Rhucca Roflcopter Rainbow UnitArea 52-US216848Not updated
24Kanoi MonolithArea 52-US215358Not updated
25Khaila GiggityArea 52-US212879Not updated
26Kaizenn Imminent ParadoxArea 52-US212704Not updated
27Dotømatic Get The CartArea 52-US211405Not updated
28Eülogy Lux AeternaArea 52-US210652Not updated
29Crimedog  Area 52-US210616Not updated
30Xemani ScornArea 52-US208701Not updated
31Rarh Some Buffing RequiredArea 52-US208578Not updated
32Qiangjianfan  Area 52-US205535Not updated
33Mahdii  Area 52-US204451Not updated
34Bloodhàmmer The PvP CompanyArea 52-US202121Not updated
35Hehatemee  Area 52-US200976Not updated
36Oddbitz YuenglingArea 52-US199617Not updated
37Chadbutler Ladies OnlyArea 52-US199015Not updated
38Sinaranian EpitaphArea 52-US198346Not updated
39Holowman ZOMBIE LANDArea 52-US197932Not updated
40Octuh ForteArea 52-US197629Not updated
41Mistresnicci Plan BArea 52-US192650Not updated
42Srewolf MonolithArea 52-US190620Not updated
43Tasadar  Area 52-US189544Not updated
44Vladthecruel Socially IneptArea 52-US188782Not updated
45Razajin Get The CartArea 52-US188460Not updated
46Tezel DreadLordsArea 52-US187436Not updated
47Zisix  Area 52-US185912Not updated
48Smokeghost Natural SelectionArea 52-US184955Not updated
49Twogun HellforgedArea 52-US184764Not updated
50Eunjulee PredominationArea 52-US184462Not updated
51Doomqt  Area 52-US183280Not updated
52Obsd Das KapitalArea 52-US183173Not updated
53Churaka RigorousArea 52-US181644Not updated
54Painsickle Star PowerArea 52-US178138Not updated
55Holydeathray Pure LunacyArea 52-US177952Not updated
56Arkoe No CommentArea 52-US177374Not updated
57Tokyomadness  Area 52-US176185Not updated
58Voog  Area 52-US176074Not updated
59Mackathora Sick SocietyArea 52-US175673Not updated
60Madjùju Intricate RealityArea 52-US175340Not updated
61Abednego Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US174899Not updated
62Rickrolle  Area 52-US173837Not updated
63Docsavaho EchoesArea 52-US173772Not updated
64Tullius L I F TArea 52-US173522Not updated
65Hazzer L I F TArea 52-US172549Not updated
66Gallaz Melon TraumaArea 52-US171061Not updated
67Lubu Something EpicArea 52-US170319Not updated
68Mapplethorpe Fifty One FiftyArea 52-US168252Not updated
69Jailagain The Royal TyrannyArea 52-US166044Not updated
70Zakara Adult Subject MatterArea 52-US165173Not updated
71Dietro Ratchet NagasArea 52-US164641Not updated
72Jayßull Vinco BellumArea 52-US163803Not updated
73Decksters  Area 52-US163393Not updated
74Tayzers MarvelousArea 52-US163000Not updated
75Fnfal Shots FiredArea 52-US162781Not updated
76Sacrotes Relentless PursuitArea 52-US160686Not updated
77Rhyokin  Area 52-US159832Not updated
78Zaxxbro  Area 52-US159277Not updated
79Stragah The Rusty GangArea 52-US158640Not updated
80Sanitariumx SemanticsArea 52-US158349Not updated
81Denghoul BDPArea 52-US157850Not updated
82Gougelolz InvictusArea 52-US156857Not updated
83Annakonda UnequivocalArea 52-US156759Not updated
84Startinglife Urban DecayArea 52-US155899Not updated
85Raeral  Area 52-US155574Not updated
86Crankenrum Twisted DynastyArea 52-US154973Not updated
87Isebel  Area 52-US154399Not updated
88Vïcïous SaberenceArea 52-US154393Not updated
89Tyrakel  Area 52-US154062Not updated
90Daûntless NoctivagantArea 52-US153968Not updated
91Intomesee  Area 52-US153507Not updated
92Nvnoone AtrocityArea 52-US153292Not updated
93Olgren Bellum AeternusArea 52-US153116Not updated
94Kathunk Get The CartArea 52-US152489Not updated
95Ougare Ice GladiatorArea 52-US152178Not updated
96Cinged ScornArea 52-US151983Not updated
97Camal Glorious DeathArea 52-US151976Not updated
98Azoozu Under AttackArea 52-US151733Not updated
99Papparoni  Area 52-US151504Not updated
100Enviously Fools Rush InArea 52-US150570Not updated

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