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Arathor-US Honorable Kills
1Plum TreasonArathor-US308749
2Jelal Mors Omnia SolvitArathor-US301796Not updated
3Irondog Lords of OblivionArathor-US282929Not updated
4Dmcraw Cerca TrovaArathor-US243091
5Dessie  Arathor-US225834Not updated
6Eiriel MoonShadowArathor-US220278Not updated
7Aviary Midnight MaraudersArathor-US203286
8Fasha Arathor NomadsArathor-US203010Not updated
9Acanarina WrathArathor-US175544
10Lugnuts Special EducationArathor-US170314Not updated
11Velourea HalcyonArathor-US162873Not updated
12Fastrack CUDLEYArathor-US161222
13Pryzner Savage DarknessArathor-US155781Not updated
14Gaiakai My Friend of MiseryArathor-US154547Not updated
15Rowennara Lords of VengeanceArathor-US147366
16Shrunk  Arathor-US146788Not updated
17Clovis The Short Bus CrewArathor-US144143
18Funyun Epic Holdings IncArathor-US142952
19Welldun We Kick Your DarnassusArathor-US141227
20Tyrent TreasonArathor-US141152
21Cosmose CrisisArathor-US137764Not updated
22Wrathlol  Arathor-US137261Not updated
23Ceridwenkai Royal House of AzerothArathor-US136859Not updated
24Deflock  Arathor-US136285Not updated
25Toetagz CrisisArathor-US135470Not updated
26Jackablades Sha of HappinessArathor-US135244Not updated
27Mhopt  Arathor-US134826Not updated
28Youwillburn HalcyonArathor-US130064Not updated
29Holymaster VäloRArathor-US126049
30Joeber Fairy TailArathor-US125498Not updated
31Jezabehl Satanik Ninja ßunniesArathor-US123128Not updated
32Angalee Lambda Lambda LambdaArathor-US122907
33Dromen LogicalArathor-US122608Not updated
34Krota MischiefArathor-US120566Not updated
35Domini VäloRArathor-US116334Not updated
36Wolle Royal House of AzerothArathor-US112173Not updated
37Flanel Lords of Middle EarthArathor-US107686Not updated
38Greydirk ChillbladesArathor-US106841
39Legolàs The UndergroundArathor-US106351
40Ryuonato HalcyonArathor-US106000
41Careful Soldiers of the HordeArathor-US104166Not updated
42Melkier Out of RangeArathor-US102000Not updated
43Veeks Baddies IncArathor-US101760
44Nassato  Arathor-US101695Not updated
45Towhee  Arathor-US101148Not updated
46Loonietoon Inner SanctumArathor-US101096Not updated
47Skyedem VäloRArathor-US100967Not updated
48Jetty  Arathor-US100932
49Sinystra AnimosityArathor-US99027Not updated
50Mignus  Arathor-US98686Not updated
51Smackdaddy HalcyonArathor-US98551Not updated
52Fattywhompus Suffer in SilenceArathor-US97870
53Leunitis  Arathor-US97469Not updated
54Todarrexis CrisisArathor-US97314
55Chadivarious Guild of the Fire DragonArathor-US95674
56Managua Best In SlotArathor-US93946
57Goophed  Arathor-US93754Not updated
58Libbina Avant GuardArathor-US92069Not updated
59Zalothus DeathSweetEmbraceArathor-US90942Not updated
60Nokster NocuousArathor-US88920
61Deldrich  Arathor-US88062
62Daroleth Order Of The New DawnArathor-US87088
63Scaro Based FreestylerzArathor-US86341
64Creed Special EducationArathor-US86118Not updated
65Lycansraze Cerca TrovaArathor-US85925Not updated
66Yousermaul  Arathor-US85381Not updated
67Reddragoness FateArathor-US85076
68Shadowskar TreasonArathor-US85075Not updated
69Dizzlenator NocuousArathor-US84903Not updated
70Charlenechoi Titans Of AzerothArathor-US83993Not updated
71Akkira One hundred proofArathor-US83847Not updated
72Scarp MikiArathor-US83664Not updated
73Hazê Savage DarknessArathor-US83591Not updated
74Goumba The Short Bus CrewArathor-US82716
75Treszie  Arathor-US82308Not updated
76Jageres EliteArathor-US81853Not updated
77Ràyn LFRArathor-US81280
78Thlaeson  Arathor-US81252Not updated
79Hunthor Baddies IncArathor-US81240
80Brakam Bad Moon RisingArathor-US80854Not updated
81Furball One hundred proofArathor-US80173Not updated
82Phisti  Arathor-US79970Not updated
83Phos  Arathor-US79773Not updated
84Cheron  Arathor-US79758Not updated
85Slâyer apocolypsArathor-US78134Not updated
86Lynchomancer Shattered SkullsArathor-US77962Not updated
87Denclar DominanceArathor-US77828
88Azurath NaWArathor-US77758Not updated
89Stevezilla The Short Bus CrewArathor-US77480Not updated
90Seyodbeast VälhallaArathor-US76980Not updated
91Bloodwinde NocuousArathor-US76895Not updated
92Devout  Arathor-US76303Not updated
93Éeny NocuousArathor-US75886Not updated
94Kfarea Lords of VengeanceArathor-US75839
95Boro One hundred proofArathor-US75682Not updated
96Battletoads  Arathor-US75553Not updated
97Leatherneck Baddies IncArathor-US75233
98Njtrash NocuousArathor-US74921Not updated
99Hugeballer  Arathor-US74838Not updated
100Moée NocuousArathor-US74358Not updated

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