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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arathi-EU Honorable Kills
1Immersioñ justiciersArathi-EU1015207Not updated
2Débri BACKPEDAL WORLD CHAMPIONArathi-EU279724Not updated
3Killingzoé wipe is funArathi-EU200282Not updated
4Toxigreen  Arathi-EU198442Not updated
5Narda HasTinGArathi-EU194150Not updated
6Corgh Broyeurs De GnômesArathi-EU193388Not updated
7Nohile  Arathi-EU191340Not updated
8Strîpes The gamer allianceArathi-EU189168Not updated
9Alexialapuce the shadow angelArathi-EU184878Not updated
10Hurukail ØxÿgënArathi-EU184723Not updated
11Koroth HordofwarArathi-EU174426Not updated
12Mesabstar Trÿ AgainArathi-EU172967Not updated
13Lofftar Skill LoadingArathi-EU172481Not updated
14Eiseneyd The Dark MafiaArathi-EU161320Not updated
15Jinxaran  Arathi-EU149084Not updated
16Feederpro  Arathi-EU148809Not updated
17Haïne  Arathi-EU147905Not updated
18Ténorre  Arathi-EU141970Not updated
19Aùrôrä  Arathi-EU139010Not updated
20Sudowoodo  Arathi-EU138240Not updated
21Droodox  Arathi-EU137528Not updated
22Wombocombo ElitistzArathi-EU125887Not updated
23Kirã HordofwarArathi-EU122230Not updated
24Histugawa  Arathi-EU119272Not updated
25Yùme  Arathi-EU115760Not updated
26Brouff HordofwarArathi-EU115751Not updated
27Izøka  Arathi-EU115700Not updated
28Rask  Arathi-EU115256Not updated
29Danwar  Arathi-EU114108Not updated
30Løüløü HasTinGArathi-EU113892Not updated
31Demonatitus les méphistophéliquesArathi-EU113794Not updated
32Nãmãch HordofwarArathi-EU113566Not updated
33Posorus SurikkenArathi-EU113302Not updated
34Dullmoon  Arathi-EU112876Not updated
35Geõrge Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU111170Not updated
36Jaÿz  Arathi-EU108711Not updated
37Aîølia  Arathi-EU107907Not updated
38Kamalari PhoeniXiaArathi-EU107889Not updated
39Chamig  Arathi-EU107701Not updated
40Harrès BlackBrigadeArathi-EU107543Not updated
41Nanocat  Arathi-EU105525Not updated
42Exces  Arathi-EU103983Not updated
43Sìlent Team ZArathi-EU103842Not updated
44Dragonia NodeadArathi-EU103383Not updated
45Mexou  Arathi-EU102756Not updated
46Frex  Arathi-EU101030Not updated
47Elpî  Arathi-EU98848Not updated
48Morgen  Arathi-EU97294Not updated
49Sonnic  Arathi-EU97163Not updated
50Ronbekku  Arathi-EU94351Not updated
51Aurïon NaheulbandArathi-EU92656Not updated
52Kalyzen Nain de JardinArathi-EU92293Not updated
53Mokko lol attitudeArathi-EU91783Not updated
54Devilwarior The New GeneratiønArathi-EU91305Not updated
55Gorex Angæls Of DæthArathi-EU90996Not updated
56Lefaya Trÿ AgainArathi-EU90017Not updated
57Vexen Ultima RatioArathi-EU89859Not updated
58Shabadoo  Arathi-EU88151Not updated
59Tigersoul Do Not DisturbArathi-EU87789Not updated
60Prîson Le ClanArathi-EU87448Not updated
61Meawyn Soa GamingArathi-EU86344Not updated
62Jäzh HasTinGArathi-EU86290Not updated
63Kratoune  Arathi-EU85131Not updated
64Themen guilde de sangArathi-EU84761Not updated
65Slovos DUROSTARArathi-EU84040Not updated
66Hyzard Le Clan Des RastasArathi-EU83893Not updated
67Chadoo Les mercenairs de sangArathi-EU83464Not updated
68Auquouer  Arathi-EU83374Not updated
69Citronsama  Arathi-EU82973Not updated
70Brooklyne ØxÿgënArathi-EU81858Not updated
71Helblood  Arathi-EU81690Not updated
72Macroce  Arathi-EU81547Not updated
73Sogekïng  Arathi-EU81438Not updated
74Juliuscesar Le Clan Des RastasArathi-EU80548Not updated
75Niuniucute  Arathi-EU79959Not updated
76Dàrig SpartiàtesArathi-EU79940Not updated
77Lamage ZenAttitudeArathi-EU78027Not updated
78Lunesse  Arathi-EU76879Not updated
79Féhälia HordofwarArathi-EU76860Not updated
80Hèla BlackBrigadeArathi-EU76311Not updated
81Dandani les titans d ulduarArathi-EU75936Not updated
82Nyllya les affreuxArathi-EU75849Not updated
83Shinyt MOAR ENERGYArathi-EU75746Not updated
84Elfendrik DawnArathi-EU74642Not updated
85Aemaeth PhoeniXiaArathi-EU74564Not updated
86Xaiden ValhällArathi-EU74494Not updated
87Bleumonster PTDArathi-EU74465Not updated
88Zertyop Bro ArmyArathi-EU74322Not updated
89Lebalaffré les héritiers d UtopiaArathi-EU73850Not updated
90Degla Le Cercle de DionysosArathi-EU73483Not updated
91Djàngo InsomniaArathi-EU73422Not updated
92Dracki  Arathi-EU72990Not updated
93Huntor guilde de sangArathi-EU72663Not updated
94Seeyoulater les méphistophéliquesArathi-EU72424Not updated
95Glådiator  Arathi-EU72281Not updated
96Køgan  Arathi-EU72049Not updated
97Raïkin Swag Bøss PvpArathi-EU71675Not updated
98Crakor  Arathi-EU71581Not updated
99Ségura InsomniaArathi-EU71480Not updated
100Kalt BlackBrigadeArathi-EU71473Not updated

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