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Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Môkkî The GuardsAnub'arak-EU36125Not updated
2Allakhazham The GuardsAnub'arak-EU32327Not updated
3Anelti The GuardsAnub'arak-EU24562Not updated
4Kenshura The GuardsAnub'arak-EU22600Not updated
5 The GuardsAnub'arak-EU17788Not updated
6Kushiel The GuardsAnub'arak-EU14856Not updated
7Snowwhíte The GuardsAnub'arak-EU13981Not updated
8Bêhîndyôu The GuardsAnub'arak-EU13164Not updated
9Snòòpy The GuardsAnub'arak-EU13019Not updated
10Svántje The GuardsAnub'arak-EU12301Not updated
11Tyrdrazul The GuardsAnub'arak-EU12194Not updated
12Melagga The GuardsAnub'arak-EU11763Not updated
13Schoggibär The GuardsAnub'arak-EU10630Not updated
14Platinos The GuardsAnub'arak-EU9843Not updated
15Cryptia The GuardsAnub'arak-EU9779Not updated
16Madbutcher The GuardsAnub'arak-EU9096Not updated
17Toviça The GuardsAnub'arak-EU8978Not updated
18Killersumse The GuardsAnub'arak-EU8563Not updated
19Lunnater The GuardsAnub'arak-EU7788Not updated
20Kashia The GuardsAnub'arak-EU7458Not updated
21Whîplash The GuardsAnub'arak-EU7197Not updated
22Darkserod The GuardsAnub'arak-EU6848Not updated
23Perci The GuardsAnub'arak-EU6792Not updated
24Grimlaw The GuardsAnub'arak-EU6727Not updated
25Rastok The GuardsAnub'arak-EU6600Not updated
26Sôilwôrk The GuardsAnub'arak-EU6357Not updated
27Asmordera The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5946Not updated
28Manakeks The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5767Not updated
29Kamak The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5693Not updated
30Katelynn The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5647Not updated
31Cypér The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5603Not updated
32Káté The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5585Not updated
33Cowabanga The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5372Not updated
34Irønmaiden The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5353Not updated
35Inflâmês The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5125Not updated
36Caio The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4850Not updated
37Risuion The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4768Not updated
38Seloex The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4695Not updated
39Tensylis The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4331Not updated
40Syntiâ The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4325Not updated
41Nácho The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4262Not updated
42Khazaam The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4216Not updated
43Norlén The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4178Not updated
44Zeiko The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4073Not updated
45Exxodus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3937Not updated
46Felarius The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3823Not updated
47Asmodera The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3713Not updated
48Azeon The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3646Not updated
49Rubyflame The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3624Not updated
50Netherwolf The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3545Not updated
51Terrorclaw The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3484Not updated
52Kanisha The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3481Not updated
53Tekytekek The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3441Not updated
54Graagh The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3428Not updated
55Derzerleger The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3333Not updated
56Frozenhéll The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3262Not updated
57Neutrontimmy The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3204Not updated
58Titanium The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3197Not updated
59Nichich The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3072Not updated
60Skywarri The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2996Not updated
61Chrisella The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2746Not updated
62Nâlâni The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2721Not updated
63Calypsø The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2632Not updated
64Melyîa The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2583Not updated
65Pnotic The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2513Not updated
66Castina The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2452Not updated
67Neopyhte The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2438Not updated
68Cybrîs The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2271Not updated
69Exumer The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2222Not updated
70Hammerfàll The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2198Not updated
71Caiona The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2192Not updated
72Todesente The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1994Not updated
73Zjk The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1974Not updated
74Netherdrûy The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1960Not updated
75Dirtyharold The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1887Not updated
76Mîsha The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1863Not updated
77Eccozeus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1771Not updated
78Clubfreak The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1590Not updated
79Ertâx The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1555Not updated
80Kamikatzé The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1545Not updated
81Despérado The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1534Not updated
82Alûmin The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1461Not updated
83Sentlock The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1442Not updated
84Mêgadeth The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1426Not updated
85Xertanus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1384Not updated
86Vancrox The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1346Not updated
87Crúsch The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1337Not updated
88Kenir The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1324Not updated
89Cilja The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1241Not updated
90Suffocation The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1234Not updated
91Daikiri The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1222Not updated
92Zamjin The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1177Not updated
93Horrorbash The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1117Not updated
94Akleptôn The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1032Not updated
95Dartok The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1030Not updated
96Limané The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1015Not updated
97Sologirl The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1014Not updated
98Selvirâ The GuardsAnub'arak-EU982Not updated
99Lapolo The GuardsAnub'arak-EU965Not updated
100Asmordena The GuardsAnub'arak-EU939Not updated

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