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Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Bape Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU64415Not updated
2Nukeluke Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU33167Not updated
3Irrelevant Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU20737Not updated
4Kaqqen Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU19768Not updated
5Shannôx Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU16439Not updated
6Hexxila Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU14038Not updated
7Pieksche Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU13345Not updated
8Eremit Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU10670Not updated
9Delebrinia Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU10064Not updated
10Darkyoda Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU9777Not updated
11Voetdown Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU7918Not updated
12Cabòóse Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU7688Not updated
13Shacow Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU7058Not updated
14Flynt Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU6610Not updated
15Ainuria Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU6082Not updated
16Wacholder Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU5537Not updated
17Salomè Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU4388Not updated
18Keldrash Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU4350Not updated
19Swagger Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU4141Not updated
20Xarath Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU3599Not updated
21Nothgard Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU3528Not updated
22Âriêl Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU3268Not updated
23Ywt Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU3043Not updated
24Kaiba Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU2855Not updated
25Shiiro Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU2822Not updated
26Kaqqe Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU2228Not updated
27Wutank Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU2191Not updated
28Tazuna Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU2056Not updated
29Xenori Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU1861Not updated
30Adebha Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU1793Not updated
31Lokhard Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU1537Not updated
32Thrým Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU1415Not updated
33Løkiie Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU1287Not updated
34Shorein Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU1246Not updated
35Rômeô Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU928Not updated
36Donarshammer Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU676Not updated
37Lynka Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU643Not updated
38Absodom Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU563Not updated
39Mewto Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU477Not updated
40Beertits Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU382Not updated
41Totalbuiscui Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU360Not updated
42Mäyo Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU332Not updated
43Zumzaza Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU307Not updated
44Hélk Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU301Not updated
45Colonius Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU288
46Romgosch Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU283Not updated
47Jadefire Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU226Not updated
48Sigrblot Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU218Not updated
49Tháres Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU211Not updated
50Moraxus Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU109Not updated
51Celestraea Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU108Not updated
52Ullér Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU80Not updated
53Mithothyn Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU61Not updated
54Djingez Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU36Not updated
55Ithrón Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU25Not updated
56Meaphiran Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU15Not updated
57Puzzles Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU4Not updated
58Kriegsgott Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU3Not updated
59Nuffel Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU2Not updated
60Selnira Born ConfusedAnub'arak-EU0Not updated

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