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Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Lisa Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU41729Not updated
2Chillischurk Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU38086Not updated
3Jabberwocky Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU27560Not updated
4Klog Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU23603Not updated
5Wonderwóman Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU22360Not updated
6Shyara Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU16881Not updated
7Naxxun Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU15224Not updated
8Nijdig Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU14600Not updated
9Zenku Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU12400Not updated
10Storas Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU11583Not updated
11Nolvlercy Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU11111Not updated
12Pörnöbär Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU10194Not updated
13Devilon Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU8585Not updated
14Myriah Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU6869Not updated
15Rînora Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU5939Not updated
16Growlen Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU5357Not updated
17Drio Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU4954Not updated
18Aenai Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU4707Not updated
19Lavona Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU4700Not updated
20Nepenthe Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3966Not updated
21Akilah Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3659Not updated
22Mergon Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3548Not updated
23Dinî Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3531Not updated
24Ommlet Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3511Not updated
25Loockie Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3352Not updated
26Malaky Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3240Not updated
27Sooulfly Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3138Not updated
28Norzok Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2817Not updated
29Aerìs Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2685Not updated
30Golfi Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2684Not updated
31Alrona Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2536Not updated
32Eleutheria Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2293Not updated
33Kenzu Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2291Not updated
34Franzbrannt Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2220Not updated
35Venenûm Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2182Not updated
36Perilla Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1820Not updated
37Hammlet Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1805Not updated
38Abity Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1537Not updated
39Frekî Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1244Not updated
40Lucutius Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1218Not updated
41Ricardio Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1209Not updated
42Frostritter Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU1127Not updated
43Katok Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU828Not updated
44Terentia Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU546Not updated
45Telrenya Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU481Not updated
46Thalîa Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU335Not updated
47Schwindsucht Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU334Not updated
48Atinuell Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU292Not updated
49Scarekrow Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU165Not updated
50Arntor Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU161Not updated
51Lahzu Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU141Not updated
52Rangol Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU101Not updated
53Actius Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU83Not updated
54Babbawumms Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU69Not updated
55Grümpl Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU56Not updated
56Halna Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU7Not updated
57Ilyhia Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU3Not updated
58Pélagius Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU2Not updated
59Ágamemnon Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU0Not updated
59Thyreon Blood and ThunderAnub'arak-EU0Not updated

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