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Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Foxfeuer Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU102865Not updated
2Xalys Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU43576Not updated
3Voudran Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU39033Not updated
4Flabbes Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU35554Not updated
5Magicsoldier Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU23274Not updated
6Janica Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU21582Not updated
7Ruhl Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU19927Not updated
8Bambamdumm Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU19655Not updated
9Difettoso Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU18879Not updated
10Lumena Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU12724
11Valeriana Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU11949Not updated
12Teqila Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU11124Not updated
13Shao Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU10324Not updated
14Êragon Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU9589Not updated
15Valysia Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU8765Not updated
16Brutzel Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU7846Not updated
17Wulfsige Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU7835Not updated
18Cathrin Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU7828Not updated
19Zerdas Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU6747Not updated
20Blucore Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU6691Not updated
21Misty Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU6685Not updated
22Jetté Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU6626Not updated
23Gambrinus Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU5899Not updated
24Rosty Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU5745Not updated
25Kathalyn Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU5189Not updated
26Khantrell Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4835Not updated
27Dory Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4819Not updated
28Ektoplasma Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4702Not updated
29Dilema Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4590Not updated
30Gottfried Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4571Not updated
31Vesco Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4520Not updated
32Elemid Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4357Not updated
33Forrix Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU3569Not updated
34Eleonora Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU2541Not updated
35Sorano Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU1260Not updated
36Heiligeralex Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU889Not updated
37Nanjia Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU800Not updated
38Schnallchen Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU757Not updated
39Olithia Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU749Not updated
40Milkafleck Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU186Not updated
41Whitey Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU150Not updated
42Donni Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU98Not updated
43Orome Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU85Not updated
44Seladora Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU77Not updated
45Rechnung Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU58Not updated
46Rakäthe Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU48Not updated
47Justlol Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU45Not updated
47Ziniminis Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU45Not updated
49Helmfried Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU29Not updated
50Nôstradamus Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU21Not updated
51Carinthia Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU17Not updated
52Vandebolle Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU13Not updated
53Amirei Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU5Not updated
54Jeröllheimer Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU4Not updated
55Hansek Acies CruentaAnub'arak-EU1Not updated

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