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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Papareos Lord der EhreAnub'arak-EU493229Not updated
2Dabrifa Ally Baba Pwnd my LifeAnub'arak-EU344661Not updated
3Ellibys Der alte OrdenAnub'arak-EU281903Not updated
4Malgorr RedhandsAnub'arak-EU263755Not updated
5Kerên CARNAGEAnub'arak-EU254592Not updated
6Farfan HypeAnub'arak-EU246387Not updated
7Boston Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU235881Not updated
8Zarkan  Anub'arak-EU232584Not updated
9Jomtien Twist of FateAnub'arak-EU225621Not updated
10Hótté OblivionAnub'arak-EU224027Not updated
11Atropa Amazing RandomsAnub'arak-EU222506Not updated
12Chichii Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU215713Not updated
13Golschrack Die NiveaulosenAnub'arak-EU212942Not updated
14Bochakawa RedhandsAnub'arak-EU212234Not updated
15Jillin BluttäuferAnub'arak-EU212155Not updated
16Blässe The WarriorsAnub'arak-EU209561Not updated
17Skull Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU197479Not updated
18Drmotte STIERNACKENKOMMANDOAnub'arak-EU192603Not updated
19Brainingno untalentedAnub'arak-EU190726Not updated
20Paterpîmp Die Glorreichen HalunkenAnub'arak-EU184456Not updated
21Shôgun WO SIND DIE GEGNAZAnub'arak-EU182862Not updated
22Wibmar Der alte OrdenAnub'arak-EU179579Not updated
23Sheyreen Betrunken und BewaffnetAnub'arak-EU177097Not updated
24Aveena OblivionAnub'arak-EU177079Not updated
25Wrondis Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU171710Not updated
26Mortifah I Wächter der Horde IAnub'arak-EU171590Not updated
27Tîbor OblivionAnub'arak-EU170440Not updated
28Mysteriya Just for the showAnub'arak-EU164904Not updated
29Braza Just for the showAnub'arak-EU163040Not updated
30Sámo inter paresAnub'arak-EU148143Not updated
31Liquidgreen Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU145353Not updated
32Liebmichdoch AidenAnub'arak-EU144973Not updated
33Møø  Anub'arak-EU144007Not updated
34Lyora OblivionAnub'arak-EU139347Not updated
35Planetearth  Anub'arak-EU138880Not updated
36Adrius InfinitumAnub'arak-EU138612Not updated
37Harvey Empty TankardAnub'arak-EU137953Not updated
38Artmos ArmagedonAnub'arak-EU137214Not updated
39Knipfing RL kills the Online StarAnub'arak-EU136922Not updated
40Slotar  Anub'arak-EU136911Not updated
41Iarias For The SheepAnub'arak-EU136275Not updated
42Fúma  Anub'arak-EU136251Not updated
43Nasì no entryAnub'arak-EU136200Not updated
44Noctura For The SheepAnub'arak-EU135466Not updated
45Aamond RedhandsAnub'arak-EU135190Not updated
46Pofu FightCircleAnub'arak-EU131753Not updated
47Flamingmoe Jetzt im KinoAnub'arak-EU131295Not updated
48Mojocore FFAnub'arak-EU130699Not updated
49Erwintetzlav  Anub'arak-EU129663Not updated
50Nayls AstraeaAnub'arak-EU129328Not updated
51Mypriestrule OblivionAnub'arak-EU128676Not updated
52Szb HypeAnub'arak-EU127240Not updated
53Zkara Blackwolf ClanAnub'arak-EU125215Not updated
54Jokad Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU123206Not updated
55Homeless Get Geared or Wipe TryinAnub'arak-EU123156Not updated
56Glenquagmire Corpse GrindersAnub'arak-EU121922Not updated
57Grendâl  Anub'arak-EU121688Not updated
58Jabôr  Anub'arak-EU121344Not updated
59Frý  Anub'arak-EU121132Not updated
60Zureetha OblivionAnub'arak-EU120731Not updated
61Hobbyhoe SchmoblivionAnub'arak-EU120210Not updated
62Randolph ANGAnub'arak-EU120102Not updated
63Eltupi GlitterboysAnub'arak-EU118489Not updated
64Orospu  Anub'arak-EU118099Not updated
65Thyreus choke on thisAnub'arak-EU118096Not updated
66Cyberdyne HypeAnub'arak-EU116816Not updated
67Aerain  Anub'arak-EU116112Not updated
68Flírtý FightCircleAnub'arak-EU115436Not updated
69Nopidopi  Anub'arak-EU115017Not updated
70Nicolina BluttäuferAnub'arak-EU114296Not updated
71Nikidez  Anub'arak-EU114150Not updated
72Ruhestein GlitterboysAnub'arak-EU113237Not updated
73Rayne AidenAnub'arak-EU113151Not updated
74Ostaro HypeAnub'arak-EU112917Not updated
75Blaik  Anub'arak-EU112665Not updated
76Gsus  Anub'arak-EU112083Not updated
77Theskulker NordendAnub'arak-EU112060Not updated
78Tsamani  Anub'arak-EU111909Not updated
79Necros Goettlicher PaktAnub'arak-EU111715Not updated
80Artemera Novus Ordo MundiAnub'arak-EU111656Not updated
81Heilbix StormcatcherAnub'arak-EU111320Not updated
82Got  Anub'arak-EU109259Not updated
83Damîen DiamondsAnub'arak-EU108853Not updated
84Fior RedhandsAnub'arak-EU108746Not updated
85Endemion SODOMAnub'arak-EU108736Not updated
86Elsy enLightensAnub'arak-EU108461Not updated
87Delon Rache der HordeAnub'arak-EU107401Not updated
88Carla Ritter der TafelrundeAnub'arak-EU106592Not updated
89Shalâ School of RevengeAnub'arak-EU106496Not updated
90Shafeya Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU106381Not updated
91Ostara  Anub'arak-EU106360Not updated
92Mánú Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU106148Not updated
93Ashamy RedhandsAnub'arak-EU105780Not updated
94Shalimandra Novus Ordo MundiAnub'arak-EU105589Not updated
95Käoz  Anub'arak-EU105285Not updated
96Wintubanana POKEMONAnub'arak-EU105019Not updated
97Flashlíght Elite GardeAnub'arak-EU104688Not updated
98Enachenn For The SheepAnub'arak-EU104165Not updated
99Ranon AcumenAnub'arak-EU103602Not updated
100Seyori Jetzt im KinoAnub'arak-EU103256Not updated

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