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Antonidas-EU Honorable Kills
1Exxorzist Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU167387Not updated
2Siouxsie Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU115122Not updated
3Nialia Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU89197Not updated
4Scurra Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU86320
5Thetaker Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU84989
6Gumpf Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU82182
7Silg Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU76383
8Sensedez Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU73225Not updated
9Fiathore Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU56699
10Bfminiraki Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU56067Not updated
11Sinchota Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU55638Not updated
12Mónera Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU43057
13Avalo Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU42133Not updated
14Valestrys Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU37390
15Daar Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU36868Not updated
16Grymbard Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU33677Not updated
17Nahrira Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU28460Not updated
18Alathora Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU28033
19Lodaron Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU27498
20Precila Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU27217
21Mena Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU27043Not updated
22Sanador Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU26604
23Serry Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU25065
24Rhizz Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU24362
25Mügge Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU24278Not updated
26Bocadillo Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU23827Not updated
27Kongar Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU23026Not updated
28Kastor Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU20912
29Silk Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU20530
30Soulseeker Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU20141
31Wisky Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU19992
32Demonîgus Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU19807
33Macabrós Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU18518
34Xaphod Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU18171
35Bartolomeos Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU17894Not updated
35Catull Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU17894Not updated
37Potato Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU16440Not updated
38Karena Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU15769
39Kampfgnóm Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU15618Not updated
40Netsky Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU15232Not updated
41Viná Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU15007
42Çhïyøkø Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU14731Not updated
43Rovit Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU14210Not updated
44Caliss Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU13912
45Ryuji Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU13782Not updated
46Artamys Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU12736
47Karaben Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU12533
48Mumpfkopf Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU12473Not updated
49Dinado Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU11828Not updated
50Khalen Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU11494Not updated
51Shaygeon Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU11485Not updated
52Flitzpipe Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU11278Not updated
53Fhaliv Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU11001Not updated
54Vanskelm Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU10945Not updated
55Meinereiner Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU10872
56Nînjà Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU10299
57Varí Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU9671
58Celine Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU9486
59Gnobbi Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU9218
60Krilag Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU9141Not updated
61Nacor Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8780
62Fiathor Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8600
63Cinderelly Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8560Not updated
64Yvaine Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8454Not updated
65Hongar Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8086
66Pongar Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8036
67Truepówer Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU8035Not updated
68Sarathiel Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU7970Not updated
69Álexy Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU7764Not updated
70Ména Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU7151
71Tánja Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU7098Not updated
72Schrânzi Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU6975Not updated
73Zeto Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU6945Not updated
74Sunea Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU6695
75Vamarha Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU6184
76Tavernus Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU5838Not updated
77Aridivis Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU5801Not updated
78Caranna Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU5753
79Miron Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU5486
80Scossa Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU5384Not updated
81Lillyna Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU5018Not updated
82Scàr Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4981Not updated
83Huntery Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4842Not updated
84Toureji Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4732Not updated
85Borninhell Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4716
86Warisella Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4714Not updated
87Felgand Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4516Not updated
88Noél Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4241
89Arexy Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU4019
90Loary Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3838Not updated
91Paterbraun Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3821Not updated
92Lillyar Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3810Not updated
93Lînn Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3770
94Pompejus Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3642
95Bfraone Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3639Not updated
96Sturmbart Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3598
97Razzøk Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3570
98Maykô Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3541
99Bfrakimoone Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3366Not updated
100Plàcèbò Novus UnitasAntonidas-EU3326

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