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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anetheron-EU Honorable Kills
1Rudex Never to dieAnetheron-EU613451Not updated
2Hexenhaus Hard StuffAnetheron-EU342344Not updated
3Moriellâ organised confusionAnetheron-EU325157Not updated
4Elunhombre Mettbrötchen mit ZwiebelAnetheron-EU290559Not updated
5Buzzlemann xDAnetheron-EU287126Not updated
6Reasorine organised confusionAnetheron-EU280438Not updated
7Sentient Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU280174Not updated
8Tánatos  Anetheron-EU226859Not updated
9Legga xDAnetheron-EU223989Not updated
10Thebrucelee Hordentlich BrutalAnetheron-EU215788Not updated
11Râtzfatz HoffnessAnetheron-EU214482Not updated
12Veash ResistanceAnetheron-EU210054Not updated
13Kimey organised confusionAnetheron-EU208102Not updated
14Vélaya Pirates Of OrgrimmarAnetheron-EU207227Not updated
15Rîx No Choices LeftAnetheron-EU200411Not updated
16Tohrwash Twilight GuardianAnetheron-EU198213Not updated
17Carsôn Hard StuffAnetheron-EU193761Not updated
18Amaszune xDAnetheron-EU189126Not updated
19Giñ Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU183224Not updated
20Bakufun xDAnetheron-EU178926Not updated
21Grotgash InferiAnetheron-EU176513Not updated
22Treano Hammerfall ClanAnetheron-EU169976Not updated
23Séphiròth  Anetheron-EU169841Not updated
24Krs organised confusionAnetheron-EU169359Not updated
25Jolka xDAnetheron-EU167395Not updated
26Krsqt organised confusionAnetheron-EU166376Not updated
27Opelix Still AliveAnetheron-EU166330Not updated
28Acen No Choices LeftAnetheron-EU163316Not updated
29Arash aus der HölleAnetheron-EU163137Not updated
30Câs Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU163049Not updated
31Klínda  Anetheron-EU162528Not updated
32Eylin nerdish by natureAnetheron-EU161544Not updated
33Nostradamùss  Anetheron-EU160228Not updated
34Songshan Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU158532Not updated
35Nolimits NarbelethAnetheron-EU152346Not updated
36Bernadetchen spiritAnetheron-EU152039Not updated
37Nassi spürt das MojoAnetheron-EU151656Not updated
38Sylwyth Balls of SteelAnetheron-EU150146Not updated
39Scylâ  Anetheron-EU146964Not updated
40Skruios DieDunkleSeiteDerMilchAnetheron-EU144648Not updated
41Horyse  Anetheron-EU139035Not updated
42Femtuh Cross AddictionAnetheron-EU137987Not updated
43Sheepwithme  Anetheron-EU136354Not updated
44Chensit  Anetheron-EU135931Not updated
45Moomooland Yokohama Sushi ClubAnetheron-EU135780Not updated
46Isandja UltîmateAnetheron-EU134441Not updated
47Madboxx  Anetheron-EU133140Not updated
48Jodòk Certa amiciAnetheron-EU131674Not updated
49Locobawz organised confusionAnetheron-EU131330Not updated
50Døn  Anetheron-EU131322Not updated
51Vâlky organised confusionAnetheron-EU130538Not updated
52Lyriko  Anetheron-EU129335Not updated
53Irilde A L L S T A R SAnetheron-EU129226Not updated
54Atahualpa  Anetheron-EU129028Not updated
55Ironically organised confusionAnetheron-EU129005Not updated
56Kñut AldarionAnetheron-EU125783Not updated
57Bowie xDAnetheron-EU124188Not updated
58Corsal Hordentlich BrutalAnetheron-EU123166Not updated
59Deltex  Anetheron-EU122074Not updated
60Schworck xDAnetheron-EU121850Not updated
61Zeroxx organised confusionAnetheron-EU120190Not updated
62Shynè RevengeAnetheron-EU118909Not updated
63Moriangrauba A L L S T A R SAnetheron-EU118663Not updated
64Wuchérwurzel organised confusionAnetheron-EU118576Not updated
65Treffi VerminAnetheron-EU116478Not updated
66Grimdun  Anetheron-EU116015Not updated
67Leonídás ResistanceAnetheron-EU114620Not updated
68Zuljiam myogaAnetheron-EU114609Not updated
69Muffí  Anetheron-EU113930Not updated
70Renados A L L S T A R SAnetheron-EU113570Not updated
71Vinty organised confusionAnetheron-EU112996Not updated
72Aroki  Anetheron-EU112725Not updated
73Crâzý xDAnetheron-EU112327Not updated
74Tryce l Kritische Masse lAnetheron-EU111928Not updated
75Fosgate  Anetheron-EU111833Not updated
76Certus xDAnetheron-EU111441Not updated
77Dohak xDAnetheron-EU111349Not updated
78Marn stylishAnetheron-EU111316Not updated
79Vectavius hominis noctisAnetheron-EU111045Not updated
80Alcas BlooDWarSAnetheron-EU110091Not updated
81Höllensturm  Anetheron-EU109100Not updated
82Lalumba PlainCrazyAnetheron-EU108306Not updated
83Aban Hammerfall ClanAnetheron-EU107944Not updated
84Karash ist verwirrtAnetheron-EU107435Not updated
85Freaaks  Anetheron-EU106979Not updated
86Justbeast  Anetheron-EU106693Not updated
87Ðeathcôil Dark SocietyAnetheron-EU106604Not updated
88Jassim odiumAnetheron-EU105833Not updated
89Nôrjin  Anetheron-EU105137Not updated
90Starputzer Mettbrötchen mit ZwiebelAnetheron-EU105023Not updated
91Atemfrei Hard StuffAnetheron-EU104934Not updated
92Sherezada  Anetheron-EU104672Not updated
93Xirian aus der HölleAnetheron-EU104540Not updated
94Fronky xDAnetheron-EU104261Not updated
95Guguruguuguu organised confusionAnetheron-EU103901Not updated
96Theresa  Anetheron-EU102379Not updated
97Torades Knight of NightsAnetheron-EU101252Not updated
98Solomorasso Zero HourAnetheron-EU100920Not updated
99Tyriis  Anetheron-EU100636Not updated
100Castlil  Anetheron-EU100243Not updated

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