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Andorhal-US Honorable Kills
1Holydefiance ATPAndorhal-US266635Not updated
2Mamashay Descendants of TitansAndorhal-US219195Not updated
3Jsb SCN SaultCosaNostraAndorhal-US173206Not updated
4Flickka  Andorhal-US167272Not updated
5Aikiroth OutshinedAndorhal-US164383
6Jearan Second HeavenAndorhal-US160080Not updated
7Johnzor Destroy the UnworthyAndorhal-US155461Not updated
8Duderette OutshinedAndorhal-US153110
9Panic Born To KillAndorhal-US151814Not updated
10Skínnay OutshinedAndorhal-US148046
11Rexi  Andorhal-US147022
12Thyman UnderpoweredAndorhal-US140411Not updated
13Kellythemage  Andorhal-US138322Not updated
14Psychhunter Swords and SorcerersAndorhal-US136287Not updated
15Crydeus Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US132827
16Merkal Simple MathAndorhal-US130766
17Murdian ResurrectionAndorhal-US129355Not updated
18Thebigk  Andorhal-US126398Not updated
19Grakos Critical ErrorAndorhal-US125182Not updated
20Crilton  Andorhal-US124761Not updated
21Wolven  Andorhal-US121034Not updated
22Raegar Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US119611Not updated
23Healies Murk SquadAndorhal-US116040Not updated
24Thunderhoove Swag SyndromeAndorhal-US115862Not updated
25Holydragoon Blood GodsAndorhal-US115194Not updated
26Atanaxia The Titan of SoulAndorhal-US114368Not updated
27Nehraxus Simple MathAndorhal-US113899Not updated
28Razburyburn Rise AgainstAndorhal-US113170Not updated
29Meanstreek  Andorhal-US112635Not updated
30Euphoric Simple MathAndorhal-US111997
31Silentdevil  Andorhal-US111088Not updated
32Mortius Orphan DonorsAndorhal-US109944Not updated
33Hennesy ATPAndorhal-US107771Not updated
34Miami SerenìtyAndorhal-US105742Not updated
35Keoni Simple MathAndorhal-US105320
36Tylana Flaming BunniesAndorhal-US102789Not updated
37Svefn Simple MathAndorhal-US99547
38Creepnfreak  Andorhal-US97778Not updated
39Andraves  Andorhal-US96970Not updated
40Sophocles The Silver HandAndorhal-US94604Not updated
41Soulex Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US94309Not updated
42Drelimar Nox NecisAndorhal-US93348Not updated
43Sidi  Andorhal-US92134Not updated
44Sillydk Called Out SickAndorhal-US90593
45Sovietlol Simple MathAndorhal-US90468Not updated
46Plagueas Wicked QuarantineAndorhal-US90442Not updated
47Blackorwhite Lords Of AgonyAndorhal-US90255Not updated
48Crith RiotAndorhal-US89585Not updated
49Orchion The Silver HandAndorhal-US89491Not updated
50Orchbank The Silver HandAndorhal-US88777
51Jessmaster  Andorhal-US87267Not updated
52Hóly Show Me HowAndorhal-US87213Not updated
53Jvb SCN SaultCosaNostraAndorhal-US87092Not updated
54Immortalcow Brutal KnightsAndorhal-US87032
55Domil Three Dolla HordeAndorhal-US86909Not updated
56Grymes Critical ErrorAndorhal-US86334Not updated
57Modernmith Dont Be Scared HomieAndorhal-US86302Not updated
58Kaimili  Andorhal-US86260Not updated
59Grouch Simple MathAndorhal-US85931
60Snufle Destroy the UnworthyAndorhal-US85878Not updated
61Cannibalsoul Violet TraganAndorhal-US85252Not updated
62Sundae OutshinedAndorhal-US84971
63Usulmoadib Ironwolf ClanAndorhal-US84958Not updated
64Arbolden  Andorhal-US84728Not updated
65Chompp Minions of the HordeAndorhal-US84687Not updated
66Notorious OutshinedAndorhal-US83980Not updated
67Bawlzz Pokemon Gym LeadersAndorhal-US83753Not updated
68Brewz  Andorhal-US83724Not updated
69Randori Minions of the HordeAndorhal-US83322Not updated
70Ghoneg Ironwolf ClanAndorhal-US82471Not updated
71Sheikaqtpi KaroshiAndorhal-US82316Not updated
72Katillyn Critical ErrorAndorhal-US81837Not updated
73Jwoow OutshinedAndorhal-US81579Not updated
74Shrop Show Me HowAndorhal-US81203Not updated
75Darenia Simple MathAndorhal-US80976
76Scriptures ATPAndorhal-US80926Not updated
77Teje OfflineAndorhal-US80612
78Xythrios Face MeltAndorhal-US80079Not updated
79Excedrinpm Pokemon Gym LeadersAndorhal-US80052Not updated
80Ironfaust Dont Be Scared HomieAndorhal-US79372Not updated
81Isengaard Simple MathAndorhal-US79255
82Rahba Simple MathAndorhal-US78809
83Gutruby Legendary SauceAndorhal-US78287Not updated
84Rayen Simple MathAndorhal-US78286
85Muloo Show Me HowAndorhal-US78057Not updated
86Patrön Show Me HowAndorhal-US78033Not updated
87Elite LegionAndorhal-US77771
88Gïsh  Andorhal-US77614Not updated
89Jettå  Andorhal-US77456Not updated
90Schoolbus Legion of AssassinsAndorhal-US76868Not updated
91Malåk Gank you very much LOLAndorhal-US75976Not updated
92Rpsuc Show Me HowAndorhal-US75730Not updated
93Ladifury Seriously CasualAndorhal-US74786Not updated
94Burstz SerenìtyAndorhal-US74525Not updated
95Qwikk New Enemy ConquestAndorhal-US74391Not updated
96Chanelle Show Me HowAndorhal-US73830Not updated
97Draenna Simple MathAndorhal-US73742
98Flanstoid WGBAndorhal-US73529Not updated
99Snuglsanhugs TranquilityAndorhal-US73090Not updated
100Ghast  Andorhal-US72633Not updated

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