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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anachronos-EU Honorable Kills
1Nettek ReckoningAnachronos-EU361528Not updated
2Redbeardd RuinedAnachronos-EU317437Not updated
3Bagwis The Everlasting RoseAnachronos-EU280422Not updated
4Jankees  Anachronos-EU239662Not updated
5Elerion The LegacyAnachronos-EU224630Not updated
6Ookidooki WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU217992Not updated
7Hammerheart Waiting for GamebalanceAnachronos-EU214196Not updated
8Slappzx SlaughterhouseAnachronos-EU205686Not updated
9Golgetozu Gece YürüyenlerAnachronos-EU203536Not updated
10Teddybjörnen WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU199101Not updated
11Patuljac  Anachronos-EU191637Not updated
12Smutty  Anachronos-EU178189Not updated
13Nicnh TraciaAnachronos-EU178082Not updated
14Crueltý  Anachronos-EU166950Not updated
15Zinc  Anachronos-EU166245Not updated
16Estipesti  Anachronos-EU165345Not updated
17Attacker  Anachronos-EU163774Not updated
18Jét  Anachronos-EU161001Not updated
19Biotox  Anachronos-EU160925Not updated
20Evisc Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU160201Not updated
21Minnorak EinherjarAnachronos-EU154347Not updated
22Septar SlaughterhouseAnachronos-EU150349Not updated
23Papsi NathorionAnachronos-EU150186Not updated
24Elogis Knights of NiAnachronos-EU148124Not updated
25Ozur The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU147725Not updated
26Jaychillz RuinedAnachronos-EU147401Not updated
27Kerber  Anachronos-EU147281Not updated
28Maciste Legio ItalicaAnachronos-EU140855Not updated
29Djqux  Anachronos-EU139159Not updated
30Iceoise Knights of NiAnachronos-EU138965Not updated
31Grím Curse IncAnachronos-EU136535Not updated
32Corallo The DominionAnachronos-EU135656Not updated
33Sturdessa WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU132817Not updated
34Crickey SlaughterhouseAnachronos-EU130771Not updated
35Paks YggdrasilAnachronos-EU130770Not updated
36Sparklers GriefAnachronos-EU130175Not updated
37Robroys To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU130040Not updated
38Furinkazan  Anachronos-EU129968Not updated
39Stormedge The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU129963Not updated
40Quunaax Wipe Test DummiesAnachronos-EU129157Not updated
41Verra Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU126166Not updated
42Jecht Only the strong surviveAnachronos-EU124206Not updated
43Estradnja  Anachronos-EU123928Not updated
44Kungur HostileAnachronos-EU123519Not updated
45Crumpet RebirthAnachronos-EU119081Not updated
46Ragingbeard PurpleReignAnachronos-EU117290Not updated
47Beomani Knights of NiAnachronos-EU116991Not updated
48Iséra The InfidelsAnachronos-EU115441Not updated
49Rakkaus The ButcherAnachronos-EU114513Not updated
50Chicheng DeftonesAnachronos-EU113380Not updated
51Henno  Anachronos-EU110954Not updated
52Darkcall Lucky OnesAnachronos-EU110419Not updated
53Kadani DutchTwilightAnachronos-EU110298Not updated
54ßrutal WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU110076Not updated
55Elprens True LegendsAnachronos-EU109622Not updated
56Wdforty ReunionAnachronos-EU107674Not updated
57Mmbob Dark StormAnachronos-EU107107Not updated
58Tatotakto Palatial AllianceAnachronos-EU106927Not updated
59Joaleen  Anachronos-EU106612Not updated
60Malthas  Anachronos-EU106435Not updated
61Hazim Knights of NiAnachronos-EU104442Not updated
62Luxian wild cats are not afkAnachronos-EU102772Not updated
63Ultralord  Anachronos-EU101988Not updated
64Heelflip OverkillAnachronos-EU101968Not updated
65Shinobidude  Anachronos-EU100518Not updated
66Zachi Knights of NiAnachronos-EU100079Not updated
67Janzeer Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU99339Not updated
68Fizbang The Circle Of PowerAnachronos-EU99239Not updated
69Fetarsle  Anachronos-EU98769Not updated
70Draksen Bank IncAnachronos-EU98726Not updated
71Gráyfox SlaughterhouseAnachronos-EU97094Not updated
72Frostfíngers JinxAnachronos-EU97038Not updated
73Tiera Terribly ConfusedAnachronos-EU96625Not updated
74Lingz  Anachronos-EU96052Not updated
75Hohoo YggdrasilAnachronos-EU95614Not updated
76Silentice We Cleared ElwynnAnachronos-EU95374Not updated
77Flambera TNTAnachronos-EU95117Not updated
78Littleboi RuinedAnachronos-EU94697Not updated
79Maduri RebirthAnachronos-EU94400Not updated
80Blackrider  Anachronos-EU93639Not updated
81Traxxo BURRAnachronos-EU93509Not updated
82Orizon MercénariesAnachronos-EU93472Not updated
83Scruffay Minions Of FateAnachronos-EU93419Not updated
84Sekhuu  Anachronos-EU92731Not updated
85Angrychair  Anachronos-EU92578Not updated
86Turox  Anachronos-EU92472Not updated
87Moutah NathorionAnachronos-EU91750Not updated
88Chila StormBladeAnachronos-EU88647Not updated
89Sloywcer  Anachronos-EU88561Not updated
90Shóckbox JinxAnachronos-EU88440Not updated
91Agis Messy but EffectiveAnachronos-EU88092Not updated
92Korov MirrorAnachronos-EU87943Not updated
93Cashïs RebirthAnachronos-EU86526Not updated
94Iamcrazyt Tears In HeavenAnachronos-EU86252Not updated
95Drmarlernphd SlaughterhouseAnachronos-EU85027Not updated
96Shadowbleed The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU84838Not updated
97Odranoel  Anachronos-EU84631Not updated
98Delerium The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU84492Not updated
99Krucio Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU84409Not updated
100Yxina BURRAnachronos-EU84294Not updated

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