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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aman'Thul-EU Honorable Kills
1Aíyana rushAman'Thul-EU316887Not updated
2Duranox From Dusk Till DawnAman'Thul-EU293696Not updated
3Scroll  Aman'Thul-EU289659Not updated
4Tawoo  Aman'Thul-EU288146Not updated
5Bärnard EssentialAman'Thul-EU284316Not updated
6Farore SourceAman'Thul-EU271673Not updated
7Nour Armed and AngryAman'Thul-EU269705Not updated
8Skkari Bämm OidaaAman'Thul-EU210286Not updated
9Daliborr FireFighterAman'Thul-EU208853Not updated
10Nehoosa The Golden DawnAman'Thul-EU194864Not updated
11Homi selur edrohAman'Thul-EU177823Not updated
12Kachon Emerald DreamAman'Thul-EU174613Not updated
13Silverstár  Aman'Thul-EU174288Not updated
14Nerevar nYdeAman'Thul-EU164762Not updated
15Lullustoll EssentialAman'Thul-EU161824Not updated
16Ryan Armed and AngryAman'Thul-EU158462Not updated
17Tâlur stroke of geniusAman'Thul-EU155998Not updated
18Germos SourceAman'Thul-EU155044Not updated
19Terithea Armed and AngryAman'Thul-EU153040Not updated
20Nastydog Armed and AngryAman'Thul-EU150306Not updated
21Meskalina BlackEmpireAman'Thul-EU150068Not updated
22Aprovis From Dusk Till DawnAman'Thul-EU149367Not updated
23Dortmunda KrähenAman'Thul-EU144279Not updated
24Chavéz WitchlordsAman'Thul-EU142017Not updated
25Mascaren TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU140929Not updated
26Sorkon KrähenAman'Thul-EU140028Not updated
27Ghulak Hybrid TheoryAman'Thul-EU139798Not updated
28Flexxz  Aman'Thul-EU139552Not updated
29Hørkruxus HordlingeAman'Thul-EU137525Not updated
30Rhokz NovumAman'Thul-EU137171Not updated
31Falkja Böhse OrkelzAman'Thul-EU136969Not updated
32Ruffnax Einfach und EdelAman'Thul-EU133032Not updated
33Taík BashAman'Thul-EU132566Not updated
34Deevél  Aman'Thul-EU130554Not updated
35Nazrajor  Aman'Thul-EU130512Not updated
36Mektita Die BlutroseAman'Thul-EU130419Not updated
37Deterior Not Dead YetAman'Thul-EU129265Not updated
38Major BlackEmpireAman'Thul-EU127856Not updated
39Carajo CenaAman'Thul-EU126305Not updated
40Kendar EssentialAman'Thul-EU126209Not updated
41Gus  Aman'Thul-EU123328Not updated
42Naturalburn my mum is a gladiatorAman'Thul-EU121348Not updated
43Aggressiv Get OutAman'Thul-EU121312Not updated
44Dogz Armed and AngryAman'Thul-EU120648Not updated
45Innocencia  Aman'Thul-EU119932Not updated
46Hôldor Flames of Crystal DragonAman'Thul-EU119052Not updated
47Bushman IncomingAman'Thul-EU118421Not updated
48Rotauge The Rat PackAman'Thul-EU118237Not updated
49Matira Obnoxious LegendsAman'Thul-EU117983Not updated
50Excellent MellynAman'Thul-EU117540Not updated
51Smu IncomingAman'Thul-EU117068Not updated
52Hoelle Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU115390Not updated
53Senker Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU115233Not updated
54Cyrall rushAman'Thul-EU115229Not updated
55Neruban Nordic ThunderAman'Thul-EU115122Not updated
56Saintbriana LokTarAman'Thul-EU115025Not updated
57Eríon Celestial DawnAman'Thul-EU112076Not updated
58Aspexios  Aman'Thul-EU111999Not updated
59Soulsister The Golden DawnAman'Thul-EU111881Not updated
60Tauklin Der Dunkle PfadAman'Thul-EU111496Not updated
61Alenicka EssentialAman'Thul-EU110940Not updated
62Titi  Aman'Thul-EU110827Not updated
63Exigo nYdeAman'Thul-EU110677Not updated
64Bìlbo  Aman'Thul-EU110536Not updated
65Sharøx  Aman'Thul-EU110009Not updated
66Möpjin afkfestivalAman'Thul-EU109832Not updated
67Biotante Engel des SchicksalsAman'Thul-EU109481Not updated
68Sîmsalabums ImpulsiveAman'Thul-EU109376Not updated
69Nilmacar  Aman'Thul-EU108617Not updated
70Craîven Fortis AnimaAman'Thul-EU108294Not updated
71Highhead Böhse OrkelzAman'Thul-EU107956Not updated
72Gigamesh LokTarAman'Thul-EU107783Not updated
73Ripsta TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU106916Not updated
74Mabus BarbarenclanAman'Thul-EU106807Not updated
75Sanfterriese PandoraAman'Thul-EU105910Not updated
76Tiamât Dalton BrothersAman'Thul-EU105330Not updated
77Selathar The CoreAman'Thul-EU104243Not updated
78Aquantumork TeNTacles of DoomAman'Thul-EU103721Not updated
79Yuvinael  Aman'Thul-EU103366Not updated
80Shaikan Rolling ThunderAman'Thul-EU103241Not updated
81Amelié Thrulls ShadowhuntersAman'Thul-EU102968Not updated
82Omegagiu ImpulsiveAman'Thul-EU102716Not updated
83Ignora Rat der HordeAman'Thul-EU102499Not updated
84Stylezz Zum Glücklichen AnglerAman'Thul-EU102089Not updated
85 Pakt der FreundschaftAman'Thul-EU101154Not updated
86Acor  Aman'Thul-EU101119Not updated
87Manshoon  Aman'Thul-EU101099Not updated
88Fierst Schwert der VorsehungAman'Thul-EU99502Not updated
89Labyrinth From Dusk Till DawnAman'Thul-EU99381Not updated
90Remi H O R D EAman'Thul-EU99084Not updated
91Xanwa NoricumAman'Thul-EU98731Not updated
92Akuru selur edrohAman'Thul-EU97693Not updated
93Ribbl IncomingAman'Thul-EU97425Not updated
94Rebécca Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU97421Not updated
95Nucleus EssentialAman'Thul-EU97343Not updated
96Alieen  Aman'Thul-EU96924Not updated
97Kizu  Aman'Thul-EU96710Not updated
98Mungoes Schmiert dir eineAman'Thul-EU95356Not updated
99Trixxz Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU95269Not updated
100Wolkee DIE FREUNDEAman'Thul-EU94904Not updated

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