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Alterac Mountains-US Honorable Kills
1Everkillz GrimmAlterac Mountains-US362292
2Wotansvolk Golden CrusadersAlterac Mountains-US313975Not updated
3Dorthie Off in the WoodsAlterac Mountains-US303736Not updated
4Lucasalis AscensionAlterac Mountains-US297754
5Aramur Blood CrownAlterac Mountains-US289837Not updated
6Lovulongtime We Bring HellAlterac Mountains-US262068
7Viceverza  Alterac Mountains-US228027Not updated
8Squatindog  Alterac Mountains-US204417Not updated
9Briannan Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US199743Not updated
10Lokust MensaAlterac Mountains-US179014Not updated
11Zaps Off in the WoodsAlterac Mountains-US178341Not updated
12Atôr  Alterac Mountains-US167131Not updated
13Supacasper  Alterac Mountains-US166961Not updated
14Aruka ScàndalousAlterac Mountains-US161284
15Wampastomp Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US158944
16Adini Vi Et ArmisAlterac Mountains-US154691Not updated
17Eyereaper Wendigo Brewing CoAlterac Mountains-US149627Not updated
18Roksteady Thân Diêu Dåi Hièp DämAlterac Mountains-US149388Not updated
19Chukarhunter  Alterac Mountains-US148318Not updated
20Emmoria  Alterac Mountains-US148305Not updated
21Starvnmarvn Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US147188Not updated
22Devilsknight PuppiesAlterac Mountains-US145872Not updated
23Maverìk REIGN of KAOSAlterac Mountains-US142031Not updated
24Adminir  Alterac Mountains-US141428Not updated
25Tamtotem Thân Diêu Dåi Hièp DämAlterac Mountains-US141199Not updated
26Fletch  Alterac Mountains-US139340Not updated
27Sophistry TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US137807
28Holybeatrix BoomStickAlterac Mountains-US137481Not updated
29Alaw Virtue of ViseAlterac Mountains-US136460Not updated
30Mavrekk  Alterac Mountains-US136046Not updated
31Mercedy  Alterac Mountains-US134418Not updated
32Dåmage  Alterac Mountains-US133354Not updated
33Mavrîs  Alterac Mountains-US131614Not updated
34Icelancealot Midnight MafiaAlterac Mountains-US131098Not updated
35Bshot  Alterac Mountains-US130776Not updated
36Zamendithas EpidemicAlterac Mountains-US126945Not updated
37Matuse AdelphiaAlterac Mountains-US126788Not updated
38Whysokrai Wendigo Brewing CoAlterac Mountains-US126720Not updated
39Agnos Massacre SceneAlterac Mountains-US126513
40Shokz of Calamitous IntentAlterac Mountains-US124249Not updated
41Astrus Sànctuary of WanderhomeAlterac Mountains-US123758Not updated
42Cptdrake Trumpet TimeAlterac Mountains-US123286Not updated
43Onhunlo TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US121376
44Antibiotics MalevolentAlterac Mountains-US121040
45Strongbull Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US119825Not updated
46Evenfall VillainsAlterac Mountains-US119412Not updated
47Schmoogler  Alterac Mountains-US118646Not updated
48Keiena Honorable MentionAlterac Mountains-US118354Not updated
49Evängelical Ardent SoulsAlterac Mountains-US118004Not updated
50Nokturne Forgotten FateAlterac Mountains-US117808Not updated
51Vozz  Alterac Mountains-US117731Not updated
52Inconcevable WinterAlterac Mountains-US117608Not updated
53Brotosaurus COOL STORY BROAlterac Mountains-US117398Not updated
54Trollzreturn Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US116718
55Fatalmind MutinyAlterac Mountains-US116641Not updated
56Smot DurioAlterac Mountains-US116229Not updated
57Waterlilly  Alterac Mountains-US116125Not updated
58Jebadíah Serious BusinessAlterac Mountains-US115362
59Gevrion  Alterac Mountains-US115221Not updated
60Naladin Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US114989Not updated
61Sinaloense  Alterac Mountains-US114471
62Syrul  Alterac Mountains-US114426Not updated
63Kittles  Alterac Mountains-US114318Not updated
64Búñçh  Alterac Mountains-US114006Not updated
65Dicdirkler Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US113841
66Beasthart  Alterac Mountains-US112880Not updated
67Surreal Chris Hansen with MSNBCAlterac Mountains-US112547Not updated
68Choderius  Alterac Mountains-US112103Not updated
69Alkalíne SerenîtyAlterac Mountains-US112088Not updated
70Roadapple MensaAlterac Mountains-US111758
71Sunfyr Honorable MentionAlterac Mountains-US110758
72Blackvalor Honorable MentionAlterac Mountains-US110737
73Prhealz The BrewMastersAlterac Mountains-US110443
74Wubaili SilverbacksAlterac Mountains-US110217Not updated
75Aistine ShadowGuardAlterac Mountains-US110157
76Probello AdelphiaAlterac Mountains-US109248Not updated
77Catastrophy  Alterac Mountains-US108415Not updated
78Umbramortis  Alterac Mountains-US108036Not updated
79Skillmedown  Alterac Mountains-US107875Not updated
80Averwin AscensionAlterac Mountains-US107754Not updated
81Omnic TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US106685
82Vagrend The UndecidedAlterac Mountains-US106468Not updated
83Icefoxx vodkaAlterac Mountains-US105050Not updated
84Igotit  Alterac Mountains-US104564Not updated
85Xronvale Broken ArrowAlterac Mountains-US104216Not updated
86Bludro Holy ThunderforceAlterac Mountains-US103966Not updated
87Phaaze  Alterac Mountains-US103959
88Virtuosity Wendigo Brewing CoAlterac Mountains-US103957Not updated
89Dotx  Alterac Mountains-US102691Not updated
90Bramhall CawkadoodledooAlterac Mountains-US102387
91Moriganna Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US102216
92Malkazik  Alterac Mountains-US101990Not updated
93Menelduri GearsAlterac Mountains-US100609Not updated
94Misar  Alterac Mountains-US100563Not updated
95Ltdarkjuice ResurrectedAlterac Mountains-US99855
96Fêric Afk in exileAlterac Mountains-US99547Not updated
97Funkystuff Epic FlailAlterac Mountains-US99077Not updated
98Nyque CatastrophicAlterac Mountains-US98949
99Renegado Afk in exileAlterac Mountains-US98376Not updated
100Orphyus A Brewski for YouskiAlterac Mountains-US97911Not updated

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