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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alterac Mountains-US Honorable Kills
1Wotansvolk We Bring HellAlterac Mountains-US422838Not updated
2Everkillz ArmadaAlterac Mountains-US368626Not updated
3Lucasalis AscensionAlterac Mountains-US301028Not updated
4Aramur  Alterac Mountains-US289837Not updated
5Lovulongtime We Bring HellAlterac Mountains-US266789Not updated
6Viceverza  Alterac Mountains-US228027Not updated
7Briannan Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US200563Not updated
8Lokust MensaAlterac Mountains-US179014Not updated
9Wampastomp Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US168149Not updated
10Atôr  Alterac Mountains-US167131Not updated
11Supacasper  Alterac Mountains-US166961Not updated
12Aruka ScàndalousAlterac Mountains-US162990Not updated
13Adini Vi Et ArmisAlterac Mountains-US155068Not updated
14Eyereaper Wendigo Brewing CoAlterac Mountains-US149627Not updated
15Starvnmarvn Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US149608Not updated
16Roksteady Thân Diêu Dåi Hièp DämAlterac Mountains-US149388Not updated
17Chukarhunter  Alterac Mountains-US148318Not updated
18Emmoria  Alterac Mountains-US148305Not updated
19Fletch TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US147395Not updated
20Devilsknight PuppiesAlterac Mountains-US145872Not updated
21Maverìk REIGN of KAOSAlterac Mountains-US145428Not updated
22Tamtotem Thân Diêu Dåi Hièp DämAlterac Mountains-US142877Not updated
23Adminir  Alterac Mountains-US141428Not updated
24Sophistry TemplarusAlterac Mountains-US137891Not updated
25Alaw Virtue of ViseAlterac Mountains-US136460Not updated
26Mavrekk  Alterac Mountains-US136046Not updated
27Mercedy  Alterac Mountains-US134418Not updated
28Astrus Sànctuary of WanderhomeAlterac Mountains-US133997Not updated
29Onhunlo TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US133808Not updated
30Dåmage  Alterac Mountains-US133354Not updated
31Matuse The Slum LordsAlterac Mountains-US131927Not updated
32Mavrîs  Alterac Mountains-US131614Not updated
33Icelancealot Midnight MafiaAlterac Mountains-US131098Not updated
34Bshot  Alterac Mountains-US130776Not updated
35Shokz of Calamitous IntentAlterac Mountains-US129734Not updated
36Agnos Massacre SceneAlterac Mountains-US128922Not updated
37Zamendithas EpidemicAlterac Mountains-US127137Not updated
38Whysokrai Wendigo Brewing CoAlterac Mountains-US126720Not updated
39Talamasca  Alterac Mountains-US126391Not updated
40Antibiotics MalevolentAlterac Mountains-US122546Not updated
41Dicdirkler Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US119883Not updated
42Strongbull Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US119825Not updated
43Evenfall  Alterac Mountains-US119412Not updated
44Schmoogler Archaic WarlordsAlterac Mountains-US118648Not updated
45Nokturne Forgotten FateAlterac Mountains-US117808Not updated
46Vozz  Alterac Mountains-US117731Not updated
47Brotosaurus COOL STORY BROAlterac Mountains-US117398Not updated
48Sinaloense  Alterac Mountains-US117034Not updated
49Trollzreturn Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US116722Not updated
50Fatalmind MutinyAlterac Mountains-US116641Not updated
51Smot  Alterac Mountains-US116229Not updated
52Jebadíah Serious BusinessAlterac Mountains-US116189Not updated
53Waterlilly  Alterac Mountains-US116125Not updated
54Gevrion  Alterac Mountains-US115221Not updated
55Naladin Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US114992Not updated
56Syrul  Alterac Mountains-US114426Not updated
57Phaaze  Alterac Mountains-US114348Not updated
58Kittles  Alterac Mountains-US114318Not updated
59Búñçh  Alterac Mountains-US114006Not updated
60Roadapple MensaAlterac Mountains-US113293Not updated
61Surreal Chris Hansen with MSNBCAlterac Mountains-US112547Not updated
62Alkalíne SerenîtyAlterac Mountains-US112475Not updated
63Prhealz The BrewMastersAlterac Mountains-US112116Not updated
64Sunfyr Honorable MentionAlterac Mountains-US111061Not updated
65Blackvalor Honorable MentionAlterac Mountains-US110738Not updated
66Lockmeat We Bring HellAlterac Mountains-US110583Not updated
67Aistine ShadowGuardAlterac Mountains-US110444Not updated
68Wubaili SilverbacksAlterac Mountains-US110217Not updated
69Probello  Alterac Mountains-US109248Not updated
70Catastrophy  Alterac Mountains-US108415Not updated
71Umbramortis  Alterac Mountains-US108036Not updated
72Omnic TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US107906Not updated
73Averwin AscensionAlterac Mountains-US107754Not updated
74Vagrend The UndecidedAlterac Mountains-US106468Not updated
75Bramhall CawkadoodledooAlterac Mountains-US106005Not updated
76Menelduri GearsAlterac Mountains-US105530Not updated
77Icefoxx vodkaAlterac Mountains-US105050Not updated
78Moriganna Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US104730Not updated
79Igotit  Alterac Mountains-US104564Not updated
80Xronvale Broken ArrowAlterac Mountains-US104216Not updated
81Bludro Holy ThunderforceAlterac Mountains-US103966Not updated
82Dotx  Alterac Mountains-US102691Not updated
83Malkazik  Alterac Mountains-US101990Not updated
84Funkystuff Massacre SceneAlterac Mountains-US101347Not updated
85Nyque VillainsAlterac Mountains-US101264Not updated
86Misar  Alterac Mountains-US100563Not updated
87Ltdarkjuice ResurrectedAlterac Mountains-US99936Not updated
88Fêric Afk in exileAlterac Mountains-US99547Not updated
89Renegado Afk in exileAlterac Mountains-US98376Not updated
90Orphyus A Brewski for YouskiAlterac Mountains-US97911Not updated
91Sinslord TemptationAlterac Mountains-US96983Not updated
92Jasekyll ShÅdes Øf ÇhÅoSAlterac Mountains-US96972Not updated
93Xexez ÆSIRAlterac Mountains-US96917Not updated
94Intolerant MediocreAlterac Mountains-US96856Not updated
95Krenx ÆSIRAlterac Mountains-US96815Not updated
96Nerflos  Alterac Mountains-US96562Not updated
97Abishah  Alterac Mountains-US96335Not updated
98Ingold Rode a Pale HorseAlterac Mountains-US96268Not updated
99Mienhaust  Alterac Mountains-US96184Not updated
100Daprof TØXXÎC CHÂØSAlterac Mountains-US96176Not updated

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