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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alonsus-EU Honorable Kills
1Thirana DreamCatchersAlonsus-EU501241Not updated
2Churchmonkey VersusAlonsus-EU442351Not updated
3Mapitom Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU297201Not updated
4Harei FrequencyAlonsus-EU264295Not updated
5Gazze Knights Who Say NiAlonsus-EU222392Not updated
6Nemèsìs RenownAlonsus-EU208194Not updated
7Sammv NomadsAlonsus-EU195856Not updated
8Beefsteak Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU187000Not updated
9Offi TenacityAlonsus-EU184977Not updated
10Tengu Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU183970Not updated
11Theugly Royal Teldrassil RangersAlonsus-EU172639Not updated
12Tytyson VengeanceAlonsus-EU170289Not updated
13Nathyrra  Alonsus-EU164091Not updated
14Insedius SuperheroesAlonsus-EU162016Not updated
15Nestah  Alonsus-EU158852Not updated
16Wiken SísterhoodAlonsus-EU156307Not updated
17Kersch RazeAlonsus-EU153985Not updated
18Ghettofabx  Alonsus-EU147485Not updated
19Semn  Alonsus-EU139025Not updated
20Neogen  Alonsus-EU139007Not updated
21Nórion  Alonsus-EU138109Not updated
22Xelph  Alonsus-EU136328Not updated
23Sluggo The GuardiansAlonsus-EU135448Not updated
24Atlanticao WoWaholics AnonymousAlonsus-EU134686Not updated
25Swt DreamCatchersAlonsus-EU133978Not updated
26Nube Knights Of The FreeAlonsus-EU131272Not updated
27Lfsrubennl VengeanceAlonsus-EU129770Not updated
28Grushlash SpawnAlonsus-EU129378Not updated
29Peachmelba Dogs of WarAlonsus-EU128657Not updated
30Moritus Outlaws of the HordeAlonsus-EU128319Not updated
31Pex Keepers Of ChaosAlonsus-EU126880Not updated
32Aurifex  Alonsus-EU126657Not updated
33Fanesadin OriginAlonsus-EU124351Not updated
34Saygon Awesome SauceAlonsus-EU124251Not updated
35Silvestina FamousAlonsus-EU124192Not updated
36Jlegu  Alonsus-EU123914Not updated
37Pretorian TenacityAlonsus-EU121511Not updated
38Witz Awesome SauceAlonsus-EU121463Not updated
39Dpurple  Alonsus-EU120146Not updated
40Apolka Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU119744Not updated
41Churchofxenu FamousAlonsus-EU117478Not updated
42Dullahan PSYCHOSISAlonsus-EU117149Not updated
43Shario Creamy PowerAlonsus-EU115960Not updated
44Dejahthoris  Alonsus-EU114859Not updated
45Ksxx  Alonsus-EU112754Not updated
46Presbuteros DreamCatchersAlonsus-EU111726Not updated
47Slayde  Alonsus-EU111567Not updated
48Shaker Royal Teldrassil RangersAlonsus-EU109428Not updated
49Devestasia TenacityAlonsus-EU107757Not updated
50Firuze ImpulseAlonsus-EU106132Not updated
51Sayed Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU104866Not updated
52Yberioon RNGamingAlonsus-EU104601Not updated
53Enthropia EragonAlonsus-EU104190Not updated
54Darkflight  Alonsus-EU103747Not updated
55Tyskén RazeAlonsus-EU103479Not updated
56Acquiesce  Alonsus-EU102772Not updated
57Symbian Army of ImmortalsAlonsus-EU102706Not updated
58Daxfex  Alonsus-EU101904Not updated
59Matey véndettaAlonsus-EU101697Not updated
60Dumdee ZenithAlonsus-EU100568Not updated
61Penpiddin The Elysian TemplarsAlonsus-EU99881Not updated
62Angelias DreamCatchersAlonsus-EU99851Not updated
63Kaaelyn LunacyAlonsus-EU99788Not updated
64Caller EclipseAlonsus-EU98614Not updated
65Sibs Acid TripAlonsus-EU96625Not updated
66Erabelle Awesome SauceAlonsus-EU95640Not updated
67Zamteng  Alonsus-EU95201Not updated
68Moxylolx  Alonsus-EU95085Not updated
69Cuddlebuns FamousAlonsus-EU94754Not updated
70Lazyshaman IgnoranceAlonsus-EU93892Not updated
71Brutalnitram ArmagéddonAlonsus-EU93693Not updated
72Torquemada The InquisitionAlonsus-EU92074Not updated
73Shamatto  Alonsus-EU92034Not updated
74Strikehunter freakywillyAlonsus-EU91662Not updated
75Agnatha pandion knightsAlonsus-EU91057Not updated
76Julianx Zero ToleranceAlonsus-EU91052Not updated
77Cassil EclipseAlonsus-EU90721Not updated
78Hóvirág ArmagéddonAlonsus-EU90213Not updated
79Farrago FamousAlonsus-EU90080Not updated
80Samiv NomadsAlonsus-EU89452Not updated
81Bagratio Crazy TacticsAlonsus-EU88899Not updated
82Whitneflex Divided We FallAlonsus-EU88885Not updated
83Sneezzy TenacityAlonsus-EU87824Not updated
84Falling  Alonsus-EU87509Not updated
85Jaayme Divine RetributionAlonsus-EU86616Not updated
86Manticor TenacityAlonsus-EU86398Not updated
87Zoreba TranquilityAlonsus-EU85683Not updated
88Rawhead Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU84862Not updated
89Joheone Drunken FuryAlonsus-EU84627Not updated
90Tifon UniqueAlonsus-EU84338Not updated
91Mikelolx  Alonsus-EU84307Not updated
92Ðj  Alonsus-EU83367Not updated
93Darkfossil TenacityAlonsus-EU83060Not updated
94Eunomia  Alonsus-EU82717Not updated
95Steady Knights Of The FreeAlonsus-EU81324Not updated
96Melkhior RoutaAlonsus-EU81071Not updated
97Mwiracle RazeAlonsus-EU80970Not updated
98Meiga Knights Of The FreeAlonsus-EU80575Not updated
99Frightfull Stygian KeepersAlonsus-EU80425Not updated
100Inge  Alonsus-EU80061Not updated

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