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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alexstrasza-US Honorable Kills
1Spaarta Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US813268Not updated
2Grimmkar  Alexstrasza-US288590Not updated
3Warthor DemiseAlexstrasza-US263609Not updated
4Galore welcome to the machineAlexstrasza-US259551Not updated
5Diamondboy Dark TideAlexstrasza-US249415Not updated
6Dejablu Hamster EliteAlexstrasza-US248347Not updated
7Dendarin Arisen PhoenixAlexstrasza-US243041Not updated
8Grendeel TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US235550Not updated
9Lykuonlybetr SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US234149Not updated
10Deerheart Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US221186Not updated
11Helf Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US212698Not updated
12Microburst High SoÇietyAlexstrasza-US211927Not updated
13Boxopain AscensionAlexstrasza-US208213Not updated
14Jalapeno  Alexstrasza-US202289Not updated
15Grovesvenor  Alexstrasza-US191917Not updated
16Aadeshwarz Laughing ReapersAlexstrasza-US189794Not updated
17Pirica KamuyAlexstrasza-US189456Not updated
18Tendervittle  Alexstrasza-US188193Not updated
19Scarcheek Hamster EliteAlexstrasza-US185739Not updated
20Necroshine Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US176772Not updated
21Craklek Fire Team AlphaAlexstrasza-US171705Not updated
22Cokerx  Alexstrasza-US171624Not updated
23Priestarms  Alexstrasza-US162143Not updated
24Hadøken Pretty Hate MachineAlexstrasza-US157237Not updated
25Aldimyde  Alexstrasza-US155623Not updated
26Mnitram IlluminatiAlexstrasza-US155515Not updated
27Kleitarxos PhoenixAlexstrasza-US155253Not updated
28Garbaldi KineticAlexstrasza-US147754Not updated
29Tabber WonderlandAlexstrasza-US147552Not updated
30Uwantsum RabiesAlexstrasza-US144244Not updated
31Kudlez Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US142841Not updated
32Goosfraba ImmortaI KnightsAlexstrasza-US142597Not updated
33Immørtal  Alexstrasza-US141480Not updated
34Stolielit idiocracyAlexstrasza-US141425Not updated
35Augeston The Mystik CircleAlexstrasza-US141252Not updated
36Drakan  Alexstrasza-US140441Not updated
37Implantz  Alexstrasza-US137427Not updated
38Tùrran Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US135928Not updated
39Deophage Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US135734Not updated
40Baltar ErrantryAlexstrasza-US133853Not updated
41Miim PhoenixAlexstrasza-US125645Not updated
42Hildegarde Mana And RageAlexstrasza-US124987Not updated
43Kadywompus Pretty Hate MachineAlexstrasza-US122383Not updated
44Darielee Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US121411Not updated
45Nîkademus  Alexstrasza-US119934Not updated
46Randalflag The Fall of DeLameAlexstrasza-US119890Not updated
47Ruther Cant Find The CritAlexstrasza-US119885Not updated
48Retrøsition KineticAlexstrasza-US118995Not updated
49Elgreezy Lords of AlexstraszaAlexstrasza-US116512Not updated
50Warmongerer Are We Not MercifulAlexstrasza-US116396Not updated
51Evilwalks  Alexstrasza-US116155Not updated
52Johnnybgoode Rage and ManaAlexstrasza-US116152Not updated
53Mybahamut  Alexstrasza-US115610Not updated
54Lewulf Lost But Not ForgottenAlexstrasza-US115188Not updated
55Silvercaster Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US114133Not updated
56Taurn Hordeland SecurityAlexstrasza-US114013Not updated
57Ðbg  Alexstrasza-US113903Not updated
58Dbgette  Alexstrasza-US113348Not updated
59Neryssa LegionnairesAlexstrasza-US113276Not updated
60Xpird AscensionAlexstrasza-US113039Not updated
61Runningaway DéfianceAlexstrasza-US112913Not updated
62Juduspriest InvíctusAlexstrasza-US112725Not updated
63Reijean XileAlexstrasza-US112095Not updated
64Tinklebelle Rise of the TriffidsAlexstrasza-US109647Not updated
65Foxs X VainGloryAlexstrasza-US107443Not updated
66Stannis Renewed HopeAlexstrasza-US107019Not updated
67Vardalos Lords of AlexstraszaAlexstrasza-US106913Not updated
68Zarius Peace KeepersAlexstrasza-US106809Not updated
69Seahutch LogicalAlexstrasza-US104577Not updated
70Juggêrnaut Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US102956Not updated
71Dooguid  Alexstrasza-US102351Not updated
72Lacritsa  Alexstrasza-US101918Not updated
73Lanthor Holy TheoryAlexstrasza-US101917Not updated
74Stakks Extacy and ChaosAlexstrasza-US100656Not updated
75Micromachine Death is ContagiousAlexstrasza-US100009Not updated
76Lollípop Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US99524Not updated
77Ciron PandemoniumAlexstrasza-US99236Not updated
78Necrowdoom Brothers in ÅrmsAlexstrasza-US98737Not updated
79Aleis  Alexstrasza-US98624Not updated
80Namahshaman ZAFIRAHAlexstrasza-US98168Not updated
81Sparkk DéfianceAlexstrasza-US97738Not updated
82Gades Is a Living LegendAlexstrasza-US97725Not updated
83Legionarius  Alexstrasza-US97705Not updated
84Jambavant PhoenixAlexstrasza-US96217Not updated
85Ursavus Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US95248Not updated
86Drakco X VainGloryAlexstrasza-US95242Not updated
87Greatgamblor Order of the BuffaloHeadAlexstrasza-US93372Not updated
88Abaddön  Alexstrasza-US92440Not updated
89Fearnot  Alexstrasza-US92123Not updated
90Elysìum  Alexstrasza-US91980Not updated
91Apocalipce  Alexstrasza-US91937Not updated
92Rentak Spawn More OverlordsAlexstrasza-US91408Not updated
93Unconscious PraxisAlexstrasza-US91141Not updated
94Slowshot Hordeland SecurityAlexstrasza-US90624Not updated
95Cuchullain Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US90171Not updated
96Grimjim  Alexstrasza-US90033Not updated
97Ïvy SOVEREIGNAlexstrasza-US89305Not updated
98Vashh Order of the BuffaloHeadAlexstrasza-US88466Not updated
99Coob LegionnairesAlexstrasza-US88308Not updated
100Alusia Renewed HopeAlexstrasza-US87526Not updated

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