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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Al'Akir-EU Honorable Kills
1Mondo VeteransAl'Akir-EU509846Not updated
2Køngør Taste of InsanityAl'Akir-EU351910Not updated
3Nodgey Orgrimmar IdlesquadAl'Akir-EU329808Not updated
4Uzarg Durotar Fitness ClubAl'Akir-EU325123Not updated
5Korzu GifuAl'Akir-EU312567Not updated
6Eternalx Banan TVAl'Akir-EU302110Not updated
7Inig TBGAl'Akir-EU293666Not updated
8Magrim DerealizationAl'Akir-EU287517Not updated
9Iri ApexAl'Akir-EU275567Not updated
10Himera FaithlessAl'Akir-EU273790Not updated
11Takuu  Al'Akir-EU270433Not updated
12Death Selective WarfareAl'Akir-EU268880Not updated
13Metsatöll KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU264438Not updated
14Shingar Selective WarfareAl'Akir-EU257989Not updated
15Wahjul My PVPness Honour FaceAl'Akir-EU257617Not updated
16Zechey AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU257421Not updated
17Nile  Al'Akir-EU253670Not updated
18Zngya  Al'Akir-EU252451Not updated
19Chillton  Al'Akir-EU251647Not updated
20Alba Nerd BasherAl'Akir-EU248876Not updated
21Shazbats  Al'Akir-EU243170Not updated
22Znakedog Durotar Fitness ClubAl'Akir-EU231281Not updated
23Lidocaine FaithlessAl'Akir-EU225659Not updated
24Reinicke Clearly BoostedAl'Akir-EU222747Not updated
25Nwo KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU220139Not updated
26Zinfully  Al'Akir-EU214392Not updated
27Amrad  Al'Akir-EU214297Not updated
28Flytothesky FlytotheskyAl'Akir-EU209568Not updated
29Tjom  Al'Akir-EU206690Not updated
30Hornéé AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU201880Not updated
31Larrana FlytotheskyAl'Akir-EU201047Not updated
32Kenjiro R O M AAl'Akir-EU199829Not updated
33Nóex  Al'Akir-EU199211Not updated
34Psatzihs Dogfare SelectiveAl'Akir-EU197355Not updated
35Rockefeller  Al'Akir-EU194909Not updated
36Dreadful Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU191794Not updated
37Sofiepigen  Al'Akir-EU190896Not updated
38Jokie Vipinää tötteröönAl'Akir-EU189512Not updated
39Pistolpuma Durotar Fitness ClubAl'Akir-EU188270Not updated
40Thalassemic DemergedAl'Akir-EU185665Not updated
41Brainbeater AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU184415Not updated
42Samhein  Al'Akir-EU182044Not updated
43Niightwalker Fallin AngelsAl'Akir-EU180727Not updated
44Zookwinkle Im no MVPAl'Akir-EU179226Not updated
45Selinde Bad MagicAl'Akir-EU177821Not updated
46Mkmm Monkey BusinessAl'Akir-EU174428Not updated
47Efekentlill ShadowlessAl'Akir-EU173933Not updated
48Warførge Golden OldiesAl'Akir-EU169331Not updated
49Windstalker Warlords of DraenorAl'Akir-EU168413Not updated
50Demetraa Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU167529Not updated
51Promethia Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU166245Not updated
52Brada The BrucesAl'Akir-EU165814Not updated
53Chaosbeast AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU165525Not updated
54Cele Dunder MifflinAl'Akir-EU165367Not updated
55Wilfire InvidusAl'Akir-EU162975Not updated
56Kidgenius The Flying CircusAl'Akir-EU162112Not updated
57Isius Im no MVPAl'Akir-EU161014Not updated
58Biiffi  Al'Akir-EU160582Not updated
59Kenjit Sleep Eat WoWAl'Akir-EU160575Not updated
60Hardsteel Moo gank clanAl'Akir-EU159176Not updated
61Sozi Orgrimmar IdlesquadAl'Akir-EU158907Not updated
62Dirtylilgirl  Al'Akir-EU158038Not updated
63Obelodalìx ApexAl'Akir-EU157345Not updated
64Zarod CrimsonAl'Akir-EU156468Not updated
65Morbidangel  Al'Akir-EU154029Not updated
66Moonzie BRBAl'Akir-EU151339Not updated
67Infierno FaithlessAl'Akir-EU151012Not updated
68Zepon Ellis DeeAl'Akir-EU150223Not updated
69Azummi ZergModeAl'Akir-EU146650Not updated
70Unitedstates TBGAl'Akir-EU146255Not updated
71Haaviken EuphoriaAl'Akir-EU146152Not updated
72Grappler wMwAl'Akir-EU145183Not updated
73Undeaddan  Al'Akir-EU143754Not updated
74Eyma MultiforeAl'Akir-EU143476Not updated
75Spinekeeper AztecsAl'Akir-EU142962Not updated
76Sleép Orgrimmar IdlesquadAl'Akir-EU140426Not updated
77Beluril Local TalentAl'Akir-EU139918Not updated
78Lenis AbnormalAl'Akir-EU139531Not updated
79Erilyn CrimsonAl'Akir-EU139199Not updated
80Sadnéss  Al'Akir-EU139175Not updated
81Jules ApexAl'Akir-EU138491Not updated
82Alyantis Wild ThingsAl'Akir-EU138419Not updated
83Vørtex Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU137665Not updated
84Magnas  Al'Akir-EU137626Not updated
85Angryhorn  Al'Akir-EU137456Not updated
86Pyrene  Al'Akir-EU136655Not updated
87Ezkomrko GifuAl'Akir-EU136091Not updated
88Mentosa  Al'Akir-EU133053Not updated
89Shaurus RequiemAl'Akir-EU132705Not updated
90Gavins CrimsonAl'Akir-EU132450Not updated
91Herèsy GifuAl'Akir-EU132292Not updated
92Botoxx DerealizationAl'Akir-EU130868Not updated
93Xilentra Banan TVAl'Akir-EU130130Not updated
94Turboface RustyAl'Akir-EU130013Not updated
95Molson DefianceAl'Akir-EU129860Not updated
96Illest Dunder MifflinAl'Akir-EU129663Not updated
97Vr EndGameAl'Akir-EU129359Not updated
98Hrk Winter is ComingAl'Akir-EU128748Not updated
99Darkméat ShadowlessAl'Akir-EU128201Not updated
100Chupacabrahz CrimsonAl'Akir-EU127613Not updated

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