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Akama-US Honorable Kills
1Angstreaper Crimson WolvesAkama-US315131
2Shnooky Rep Farmers IncAkama-US287261Not updated
3Spriggan  Akama-US258629Not updated
4Kosmos  Akama-US258366Not updated
5Dobarantu The AkatsukiAkama-US229116
6Morrowwind Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US213593
7Terigor Slightly TwistedAkama-US205245Not updated
8Coldkilla HúbrisAkama-US189534
9Rheece  Akama-US182580Not updated
10Iriemember Acquired TasteAkama-US178117
11Simpleton PVPnutsAkama-US177368
12Uurukaitwo JudgmentAkama-US169893Not updated
13Ganesh Bow DownAkama-US169761Not updated
14Maruta  Akama-US160308Not updated
15Teardropp Epic DropsAkama-US158421Not updated
16Milander  Akama-US158019Not updated
17Akhmet OmnipresentAkama-US157464Not updated
18Lolwrath Out of PrideAkama-US156880Not updated
19Kottonbud Simple MechanicsAkama-US156089
20Kenpàchi Caballeros DoradosAkama-US155658
21Bloodshinobi Ruthless RecordsAkama-US155150
22Kkronuss  Akama-US151462Not updated
23Mekaara PhenomAkama-US147537
24Shoots ChupathingyAkama-US146312Not updated
25Dudeupstairs HúbrisAkama-US142834Not updated
26Demois  Akama-US142768Not updated
27Mx ChupathingyAkama-US140542
28Gorgrako  Akama-US140460Not updated
29Tenequin  Akama-US135468Not updated
30Sónny SanityAkama-US134745
31Bobmarleymon DysfunctionalAkama-US134072Not updated
32Krizzone Main ContendersAkama-US133822Not updated
33Novîus EulogyAkama-US133226Not updated
34Bull Simple MechanicsAkama-US132363Not updated
35Frögger  Akama-US132250Not updated
36Darkmarezn averagejoesAkama-US131808Not updated
37Esyron TerribleAkama-US130577Not updated
38Gens  Akama-US130531Not updated
39Polemos WarpathAkama-US127368Not updated
40Madelane UncivilizedAkama-US127292Not updated
41Darasingh HúbrisAkama-US126819Not updated
42Magallo PhenomAkama-US124927
43Cooroo Lone StarAkama-US123922Not updated
44Spÿs  Akama-US123503Not updated
45Zlay RecoilAkama-US121620Not updated
46Venenoso  Akama-US121219Not updated
47Korloth WarpathAkama-US120308
48Undo Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US120303
49Teestria ReleaseYour Inner KungFuAkama-US119066Not updated
50Naturem eLementAkama-US118702Not updated
51Masherkillu  Akama-US118171Not updated
52Devilmancer  Akama-US117225Not updated
53Terrorkill  Akama-US116777Not updated
54Suyay  Akama-US115897Not updated
55Smacklepuffs WorldEaterAkama-US115788
56Comengetit IfyoucanreadthisyourdeadAkama-US115360Not updated
57Slavor RecoilAkama-US114808Not updated
58Wholphe SubwayEatFleshAkama-US114131Not updated
59Bangusait WarpathAkama-US113838Not updated
60Thrallsmom The Walkìng DeadAkama-US112695Not updated
61Bulgar XicAkama-US111544
62Kaelik PhenomAkama-US110472
63Ohbee World PoliceAkama-US107952Not updated
64Eacarr  Akama-US107874Not updated
65Sumlayen Rainbow Team AlphaAkama-US107873Not updated
66Arcols The Knights of Sha tarAkama-US105568
67Burlis Rage QuitAkama-US105349
68Granuju PhenomAkama-US105184
69Mku  Akama-US104889Not updated
70Dantebian PhenomAkama-US104827
71Shialak Big MojoAkama-US104512Not updated
72Disolve  Akama-US104426Not updated
73Tipit  Akama-US104244Not updated
74Xaser WarpathAkama-US103544Not updated
75Crzy  Akama-US103195Not updated
76Cùzìcann Out of PrideAkama-US103116Not updated
77Menosapahota  Akama-US102956Not updated
78Arbitre Its a TarpAkama-US101597Not updated
79Spryciula  Akama-US101371Not updated
80Allisonkyle  Akama-US100760Not updated
81Sacredsteel  Akama-US100685Not updated
82Lonestar Crimson WolvesAkama-US100638Not updated
83Zelphin Renatus Ex FavillaAkama-US100268Not updated
84Frumples Awesome PossumAkama-US99653Not updated
85Festor WarpathAkama-US98062Not updated
86Cuuru Lone StarAkama-US97864Not updated
87Hoklord  Akama-US97440Not updated
88Lonstar  Akama-US97266Not updated
89Hideandseek LibérationAkama-US96623Not updated
90Grimswrithe DeathstalkersAkama-US94503
91Shockmeplz Cyanide and HappinessAkama-US94399Not updated
92Dôn  Akama-US94258Not updated
93Henlo TerribleAkama-US94215Not updated
94Hatredd IllumnatiAkama-US93426Not updated
95Hubavec Life SentenceAkama-US93310
96Sosicklol ExhaustiveAkama-US92989Not updated
97Merïlon Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US92798
98Maggnagx RebirthsAkama-US92678Not updated
99Dta  Akama-US92363Not updated
100Zike  Akama-US92339Not updated

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