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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aggramar-EU Honorable Kills
1Patricier BlackmoonzAggramar-EU345622Not updated
2Drdredd Shizz Just Got RealAggramar-EU331574Not updated
3Sellda The Danish CrusaderAggramar-EU303432Not updated
4Assassia  Aggramar-EU281946Not updated
5Sangor The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU274167Not updated
6Ðæßåçîðñøÿ Le French FamilyAggramar-EU245738Not updated
7Jigsaw E X O D U SAggramar-EU214574Not updated
8Talandar RisingAggramar-EU192293Not updated
9Anethy The Emerald KnightsAggramar-EU189150Not updated
10Legato The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU188405Not updated
11Hoodoo SabreAggramar-EU180089Not updated
12Minsex  Aggramar-EU178749Not updated
13Sinalot Demons RunAggramar-EU172437Not updated
14Clea PvP UnlimitedAggramar-EU171017Not updated
15Avulsed PvP UnlimitedAggramar-EU168975Not updated
16Alka Le French FamilyAggramar-EU168090Not updated
17Lecowcatbear Le French FamilyAggramar-EU164456Not updated
18Qberty PvP UnlimitedAggramar-EU162110Not updated
19Tarleton UK Border ForceAggramar-EU158052Not updated
20Quero One Man WolfpackAggramar-EU157368Not updated
21Tomalas The MyrmidonsAggramar-EU156306Not updated
22Beraksek The DominionAggramar-EU155999Not updated
23Digger The Emerald KnightsAggramar-EU153760Not updated
24Asphodel Continental DriftAggramar-EU153227Not updated
25Rubinia TDETAggramar-EU150698Not updated
26Minion  Aggramar-EU149230Not updated
27Baldin BjörnbröderAggramar-EU149136Not updated
28Jandrina The Emerald KnightsAggramar-EU148486Not updated
29Svarté The GarrisonAggramar-EU148062Not updated
30Kor CasualAggramar-EU147139Not updated
31Fallen ZenithAggramar-EU147048Not updated
32Redflash  Aggramar-EU146630Not updated
33Tzyrr RisingAggramar-EU144280Not updated
34Voltij RisingAggramar-EU142769Not updated
35Milfi  Aggramar-EU141912Not updated
36Grevance  Aggramar-EU141773Not updated
37Fenor VIS HONORAggramar-EU141519Not updated
38Gragnar ToyzAggramar-EU140913Not updated
39Anyoni Death WardensAggramar-EU139883Not updated
40Vizo  Aggramar-EU139613Not updated
41Shom The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU139606Not updated
42Reechani Prophetia NocturnaAggramar-EU139395Not updated
43Skinrip  Aggramar-EU139114Not updated
44Denison Shizz Just Got RealAggramar-EU136882Not updated
45Fear Vita LunaAggramar-EU136363Not updated
46Personae  Aggramar-EU135534Not updated
47Kreed The ExodusAggramar-EU134921Not updated
48Taikanen Final ReckoningAggramar-EU134044Not updated
49Urna No PressureAggramar-EU133277Not updated
50Síríon Okay time for plan BAggramar-EU133265Not updated
51Chevion Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU131377Not updated
52Floppydog Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU130268Not updated
53Tacotime New DivideAggramar-EU130199Not updated
54Stufur The GarrisonAggramar-EU127182Not updated
55Cerberos  Aggramar-EU127027Not updated
56Anetala  Aggramar-EU126919Not updated
57Legendarius The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU125718Not updated
58Dædra Total NuttersAggramar-EU125314Not updated
59Crisun PhoenixAggramar-EU125019Not updated
60Bambilong Blizzard All StarsAggramar-EU124885Not updated
61Aim Fallen SoldiersAggramar-EU123296Not updated
62Brood  Aggramar-EU121547Not updated
63Ammeg The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU120954Not updated
64Fuel  Aggramar-EU120624Not updated
65Cystematic No PressureAggramar-EU119959Not updated
66Svarthe  Aggramar-EU119436Not updated
67Ghroth NevermindAggramar-EU118371Not updated
68Savalon Shizz Just Got RealAggramar-EU117761Not updated
69Xpekt Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU117749Not updated
70Dieseldon  Aggramar-EU117668Not updated
71Gobaj The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU117580Not updated
72Moofiretje ProximityAggramar-EU115415Not updated
73Xypha Pandaren BrewedAggramar-EU114701Not updated
74Pakkanen Final ReckoningAggramar-EU114533Not updated
75Askaa BlackmoonzAggramar-EU112834Not updated
76Ericmage F R E DAggramar-EU112178Not updated
77Cornholios AnathemasAggramar-EU111301Not updated
78Melanéth Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU110937Not updated
79Horrogue The Shadow KidsAggramar-EU110218Not updated
80Damarrus The GarrisonAggramar-EU109838Not updated
81Pewpeller PvP UnlimitedAggramar-EU109821Not updated
82Thak Wipe In ProgressAggramar-EU108986Not updated
83Achaios  Aggramar-EU107987Not updated
84Grumpygit AnathemasAggramar-EU107574Not updated
85Whatsup Same Score Different DayAggramar-EU106710Not updated
86Beecees Deeprun Pest ControlAggramar-EU105700Not updated
87Aaltan Portatori di LuceAggramar-EU104960Not updated
88Shejmsoe The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU104244Not updated
89Easytargetix The Shadow KidsAggramar-EU104104Not updated
90Bloodezyx  Aggramar-EU103598Not updated
91Mesimumm An FiannaAggramar-EU103382Not updated
92Nachobull Final StepAggramar-EU103380Not updated
93Kershew The Emerald KnightsAggramar-EU103091Not updated
94Lleona  Aggramar-EU102911Not updated
95Morc Bludgeoned to DeathAggramar-EU102884Not updated
96Arly MergedAggramar-EU102860Not updated
97Roflycopter Anger ManagementAggramar-EU101572Not updated
98Kimril  Aggramar-EU101446Not updated
99Thjal  Aggramar-EU101362Not updated
100Tykn  Aggramar-EU101018Not updated

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