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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aggramar-US Honorable Kills
1Sadisto Ðelusiøns Øf GrandêurAggramar-US375197Not updated
2Raile Nothing FancyAggramar-US294416Not updated
3Scumage KillingTimeAggramar-US272717Not updated
4Honeybunny Trigger Happy BunniesAggramar-US260241Not updated
5Dusen Nothing FancyAggramar-US249482Not updated
6Ugnome  Aggramar-US246500Not updated
7Devalkyrie Iron Cross KnightsAggramar-US240292Not updated
8Axellas WhackDonaldsAggramar-US215254Not updated
9Classic Nothing FancyAggramar-US210757Not updated
10Maelificus Silent but DeadlyAggramar-US208735Not updated
11Nyxx The ScornedAggramar-US196712Not updated
12Veganpriest  Aggramar-US195742Not updated
13Omau The EnclaveAggramar-US188559Not updated
14Tobia The Stick GangAggramar-US187962Not updated
15Kamah CovetousAggramar-US187942Not updated
16Bitis Nothing FancyAggramar-US182594Not updated
17Priestnub Calamity PvPAggramar-US181148Not updated
18Mithfir ExpiationAggramar-US178989Not updated
19Bigslam Silent but DeadlyAggramar-US177681Not updated
20Azztear Cuddle BunniesAggramar-US175853Not updated
21Pharez  Aggramar-US174191Not updated
22Option Hey Im PilotAggramar-US172938Not updated
23Slinkk Anduins LegacyAggramar-US172630Not updated
24Bloodraven The RemnantAggramar-US171244Not updated
25Cei Calamity PvPAggramar-US170131Not updated
26Aganor Exalted OrderAggramar-US168081Not updated
27Joshuak Paradise LostAggramar-US167691Not updated
28Danzir Iron Cross KnightsAggramar-US166371Not updated
29Juruslol UnbrokenAggramar-US165646Not updated
30Balthamel The TribeAggramar-US165390Not updated
31Zidius Qualinesti Blood GuardAggramar-US165040Not updated
32Optymus  Aggramar-US164761Not updated
33Madamzen Rage QuitAggramar-US164284Not updated
34Ashwalker CovetousAggramar-US164161Not updated
35Fognîtê Nothing FancyAggramar-US162317Not updated
36Neojenova ButterAggramar-US159478Not updated
37Deelit ExpiationAggramar-US158586Not updated
38Deathvaders ATKFFaAggramar-US157344Not updated
39Xenzull Nothing FancyAggramar-US156854Not updated
40Roguetr Dust of the FallenAggramar-US155770Not updated
41Hërö The Final HourAggramar-US155225Not updated
42Dzd  Aggramar-US151399Not updated
43Cholmaila Order of Absolute ChaosAggramar-US150027Not updated
44Cheetos ExpiationAggramar-US148880Not updated
45Psylo Emerald KnightsAggramar-US147075Not updated
46Miseration Iron Cross KnightsAggramar-US146604Not updated
47Deblois RoyaltyAggramar-US143635Not updated
48Darawen Nothing FancyAggramar-US142096Not updated
49Imenand DemonStreetHeadHuntersAggramar-US141778Not updated
50Artheus The CommittedAggramar-US141762Not updated
51Nuklshamwich The ProphecyAggramar-US141578Not updated
52Demortilize  Aggramar-US140764Not updated
53Freezerbern Silent but DeadlyAggramar-US140689Not updated
54Noobstick UnbrokenAggramar-US140324Not updated
55Omphalo The KindredAggramar-US139989Not updated
56Moonthorn Seekers of TruthAggramar-US139827Not updated
57Lastpally ApexAggramar-US139125Not updated
58Phixion WhackDonaldsAggramar-US137937Not updated
59Genáro Exalted OrderAggramar-US137903Not updated
60Honeyotah Nothing FancyAggramar-US136925Not updated
61Nalyn AscendenceAggramar-US135316Not updated
62Kinkade  Aggramar-US135068Not updated
63Mootikus UrsusAggramar-US134291Not updated
64Loreas  Aggramar-US133995Not updated
65Macbrimstone Forgotten OnesAggramar-US133481Not updated
66Mightywid CovetousAggramar-US133398Not updated
67Shintorg ExpiationAggramar-US131515Not updated
68Furrypants  Aggramar-US128148Not updated
69Flawpy Methodical InsanityAggramar-US128048Not updated
70Timstroll Horde JudgesAggramar-US127704Not updated
71Lololdead Nothing FancyAggramar-US125695Not updated
72Agaric ProdigyAggramar-US124993Not updated
73Spellbinder The TribeAggramar-US123262Not updated
74Yondee Qualinesti Blood GuardAggramar-US122963Not updated
75Corruptioner Circle of Dark ScholarsAggramar-US122811Not updated
76Ulquiórra  Aggramar-US122465Not updated
77Windrush  Aggramar-US122276Not updated
78Deathmyztare  Aggramar-US121945Not updated
79Mudhoney  Aggramar-US120529Not updated
80Superhorsey  Aggramar-US119619Not updated
81Alimack Lightning LordsAggramar-US119430Not updated
82Notwerb UnchartedAggramar-US119317Not updated
83Spacejam Chànnel Four News TeamAggramar-US119148Not updated
84Sessnishi Honorable MentionsAggramar-US118313Not updated
85Kiowadude FoederatiAggramar-US118297Not updated
86Toeguard  Aggramar-US117507Not updated
87Retgar WhackDonaldsAggramar-US117054Not updated
88Stormshadow Exiled IncAggramar-US115895Not updated
89Zaniel Exalted OrderAggramar-US115045Not updated
90Thelemus Seekers of TruthAggramar-US114567Not updated
91Namas Back in BusinessAggramar-US112312Not updated
92Myttwo The RemnantAggramar-US111641Not updated
93Desin ButterAggramar-US111543Not updated
94Missiles Cataclysmic AggressorsAggramar-US111358Not updated
95Gamirek Calamity PvPAggramar-US111164Not updated
96Healfordays  Aggramar-US111101Not updated
97Ryøu Harena DominisAggramar-US110492Not updated
98Xyral  Aggramar-US110267Not updated
99Seasons Nothing FancyAggramar-US110208Not updated
100Shamous CovetousAggramar-US109955Not updated

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