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Aerie Peak-US Honorable Kills
1Staladrian Blades of the AllianceAerie Peak-US375426
2Flaxxen Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US354699Not updated
3Sesxysadie Bacon Lovers UnitedAerie Peak-US329897Not updated
4Vileslicer Mall SecurityAerie Peak-US310542
5Zensifuliren Nice CritzAerie Peak-US309698
6Krakatit Fire In The HoleAerie Peak-US293247
7Sïngularïty My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US282005
8Lobotomico  Aerie Peak-US260986Not updated
9Shoocha  Aerie Peak-US251175Not updated
10Rattious Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US247744Not updated
11Beamkiter  Aerie Peak-US218267Not updated
12Nagah Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US217432Not updated
13Faiboy OutlandersAerie Peak-US216097
14Boneripper UnRestrainableAerie Peak-US215934Not updated
15Nocgoblin  Aerie Peak-US213886Not updated
16Druidtitan Heroes of AzerothAerie Peak-US209681Not updated
17Jupago Bind by FateAerie Peak-US204521Not updated
18Catspurr  Aerie Peak-US194976
19Tobie DarkNightmareAerie Peak-US191991
20Leothan  Aerie Peak-US186483Not updated
21Bbrraatt  Aerie Peak-US181562Not updated
22Thesis  Aerie Peak-US179369
23Canmage Stock UIAerie Peak-US175178Not updated
24Multini UprisingAerie Peak-US172854Not updated
25Landous Realm FirstAerie Peak-US171243
26Vêx AloneAerie Peak-US169206Not updated
27Mekai Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US167854Not updated
28Hiricine AloneAerie Peak-US167680
29Channah EndureAerie Peak-US167320
30Mannorth PUG BrutalityAerie Peak-US164112Not updated
31Chiasi The Legion of ShadowsAerie Peak-US158719
32Jlmorris The Army of DarknessAerie Peak-US157598Not updated
33Beastcromm Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US157216
34Aardvark InsanityAerie Peak-US155399
35Spazmatic Uniqueness To GoAerie Peak-US153739
36Mööky Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US151921
37Sequoya  Aerie Peak-US149476Not updated
38Jaedee Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US146954
39Advo AloneAerie Peak-US146273
40Carlgangsta Nine DragonsAerie Peak-US144990
41Melthery My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US143156
42Bigalbundy Uniqueness To GoAerie Peak-US140550
43Silverz My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US140365
44Slayhoof Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US139457
45Chårst Uniqueness To GoAerie Peak-US138869
46Glick Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US138704
47Monstroso  Aerie Peak-US138156Not updated
48Cybeloras ParagønAerie Peak-US135516Not updated
49Commissionér InsanityAerie Peak-US135451Not updated
50Kinson AltarAerie Peak-US134533
51Ricmcasual Moms Basement GamingAerie Peak-US133223
52Vanclore Realm FirstAerie Peak-US132237
53Ababba Grumpy Old DwarvesAerie Peak-US131078Not updated
54Luvly CupcakeAerie Peak-US129667Not updated
55Sciatika  Aerie Peak-US128413Not updated
56Priviti AloneAerie Peak-US128028
57Baltocles My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US126479Not updated
58Dtransam MOSTLY deadAerie Peak-US125095
59Gilanthanis  Aerie Peak-US124722Not updated
60Stantastic  Aerie Peak-US123162Not updated
61Murdersteín AdelphiaAerie Peak-US122799Not updated
62Alliess  Aerie Peak-US122666Not updated
63Mïkê HolyFriggenCapAerie Peak-US121855
64Tázáró Unknown InfluenceAerie Peak-US121447Not updated
65Riou TribeAerie Peak-US120610Not updated
66Brotherbubba Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US120602Not updated
67Reighton InvictusAerie Peak-US120360Not updated
68Fenixpitlord Big Buff Big TanAerie Peak-US120265Not updated
69Hachete  Aerie Peak-US119885Not updated
70Asymmetrick Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US119709Not updated
71Moccacoa MOSTLY deadAerie Peak-US119300
72Gulfstream  Aerie Peak-US118002Not updated
73Milalicious Convert to Raid OrdosAerie Peak-US117280
74Kahd AloneAerie Peak-US115203
75Ashleyashley PUG BrutalityAerie Peak-US114881Not updated
76Jonboywalton Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US114406Not updated
77Thunthegreat OdinsArmyAerie Peak-US114348
78Thenasty UnrivaledAerie Peak-US110940Not updated
79Darabus PrincipleAerie Peak-US110542Not updated
80Holychet Toy BoxAerie Peak-US109255
81Mure Stock UIAerie Peak-US108867Not updated
82Vokey Fraternity of AssassinsAerie Peak-US107815Not updated
83Ciao FrostwolfAerie Peak-US107379Not updated
84Muneco Lux AeternaAerie Peak-US107209Not updated
85Lardeñ Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US106951
86Icnivad Never AloneAerie Peak-US106853
87Punisha PhaiLAerie Peak-US106525Not updated
87Dcbigtime Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US106525Not updated
89Goodfoot Dragons HeartAerie Peak-US106424
90Subtrax AloneAerie Peak-US105608
91Jackrigsby The Alliance NationAerie Peak-US105161Not updated
92Ademas  Aerie Peak-US104999Not updated
93Eyehunter Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US104692
94Yukiduki Knights of the LostAerie Peak-US104087Not updated
95Sèven Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US103693
96Usha Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US102898
97Mangeycroket AloneAerie Peak-US102606
98Zinfandele  Aerie Peak-US101223Not updated
99Jackbowerr Uniqueness To GoAerie Peak-US101181
100Kevmech  Aerie Peak-US100664Not updated

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