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US Honorable Kills
1Isa AsunderNesingwary-US1039740
2Celceta  Sargeras-US1015902
3Barrym CathexisLightbringer-US1010859
4Prepared Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US907199
5Huntone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US905728
6Loctwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US905442
7Pallfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US899192
8Nishabusiwo  Tichondrius-US881362Not updated
9Prifour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US879733
10Magsix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US876974
11Drutwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US863825
12Paye  Onyxia-US854172
13Coledar The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US828767
14Rogone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US827049
15Spaarta Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US813268
16Deathkfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US806126
17Pritwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US799434
18Magthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US783938
19Magone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US779171
20Shafive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US772768
21Warrione Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US770857
22Shafour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US764695
23Pallthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US764012
24Deathktwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US763745
25Monterosato HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US756847Not updated
26Shatwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US755394
27Prifive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US751680
28Locthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US740377
29Warhunter Knights of the AbyssProudmoore-US733132
30Magtwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US724687
31Ironboxy War FrontFrostmane-US721094
32Yagamoth Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US695652
33Enigmå TBT AllianceKel'Thuzad-US691959
34Shasix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US689909
35Havenite Future SailorsThorium Brotherhood-US678736
36Zerocalz For The FaithNemesis-US663629
37Shirov Red TearMoonrunner-US650626
38Druthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US648128
39Vaporlock Hells LegionHydraxis-US633756
40Aronisith Touch of ChaosHyjal-US631211
41Elthor The Royal Lions BrigadeEarthen Ring-US630218
42Screamn RequiemKil'jaeden-US625471
43Weldog TBIVashj-US614164Not updated
44Sharcona The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US612990
45Entangled Vincere Aut MoriAman'Thul-US609361
46Locone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US601124
47Oseana  Grizzly Hills-US600567
48Akitus War FrontFrostmane-US600280
49Palltwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US579966
50Yrune Les anges DéchusZul'jin-US579873
51Dworf Sword and SorceryLothar-US576978
52Martencar Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US574221
53Prithree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US572262
54Eïd GenesisBurning Legion-US569530
55Pallone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US568262
56Rîv NEVER ROLLED ALLIArthas-US568257
57Eoldek ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US566549
58Huntfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US566130
59Prayer Master RaceBleeding Hollow-US564586
60Deathkthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US564223Not updated
61Lowceiling SuperwokKorgath-US563165
62Snizard Lords Of PandaraZuluhed-US561923
63Risen Morbid CuriosityMalygos-US556767Not updated
64Wizofozz Alliance VanguardBleeding Hollow-US556482
65Huntthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US552629
66Druone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US551102
67Hunttwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US548249Not updated
68Magfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US547139Not updated
69Lessy  Blackrock-US547002
70Jestak SinMoonrunner-US546219
71Zïk Defiant GamingSargeras-US538982
72Andilys FreebirdsProudmoore-US535072
73Potluck Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US530435
74Terrorheart OutcastsStormreaver-US529887
75Khendruk Knights of ThrallGorgonnash-US528428
76Rabblerouser HavenTichondrius-US528167
77Deathkfive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US527619
78Ddewdrop Likes it RoughGorgonnash-US527387
79Crexus Happiness isa Tight HordFrostwolf-US527093
80Kyter Super Smashed BrosKel'Thuzad-US525087
81Prione Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US524971
82Xwn PALS FOR LIFEKel'Thuzad-US524387
83Chakkaa MalevolenceMannoroth-US524163
84Fiöna  Illidan-US522716Not updated
85Kaylib AwkwardShadowmoon-US521650Not updated
86Dreyven Endless WaltzDragonmaw-US521009
87Uatemyshot PulseBleeding Hollow-US521001
88Drufour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US520695
89Besterk StrifeIllidan-US518331
90Warritwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US515735
91Magfive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US513085
92Baldwyn RIP in peaceFrostmourne-US509451
93Sleeve VendettaTichondrius-US507644
94Fyrehawk Manus IgnotaCenarion Circle-US506945
95Shaone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US503838
96Onjin Colorado Camping CompanyKel'Thuzad-US503123
97Quarantìne Rambo MØDETichondrius-US502373
98Deathmaker AccelerateTichondrius-US502349
99Conse FLESHnBONEZUldum-US501622
100Rezenite Armed and HammeredEmerald Dream-US501064

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